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GOY retrospective. Spritz, Irish and Hywel sitting at the bar.


I’m celebrating my first half year in GOY. Winter in the garden was a bit bleak, but now, with spring I’m finding this old lady’s fancy lightly turning to thoughts of… well, seeds, buds ’n stuff.

Someone must have dropped a conker here a few years ago, there isn’t a chestnut tree anywhere nearby. I doubt if I’ll still be in this house to see it make its own conkers.

I’m sorry not to have had time to participate actively since the guttering got fixed in the autumn, although I have visited the site from time to time and add an odd comment (and I do mean “odd”!).

GOY has made me think more about my garden, although I will never be an ‘enthusiast’. This year, for the first time for ages, I’ve planted some seeds, and am delighted with the tiny specks of green which will, one day, with luck, be trailing violas.

When, last September, I posted my question, thinking GOY was a panel of gardening experts (which, in a way it is) it never ocurred to me that I was embarking on “social networking”. I’ve subsequently tried Facebook, but it can’t compete.

GOY is remarkable. Returning after a few weeks or months, there’s a comforting familiarity, similar to returning to a favourite pub. All the regulars are still by the bar. You don’t necessarily know them well enough to speak to, but you feel “part of it” because you once both commented on the same picture, or answered the same question.

I love “exploring” on GOY. I’ll start with someone who’s commented or ‘liked’ a photo of mine. I’ll look at their photos, read a blog, or look to see who their ‘favourites’ are, then look at their pictures, blogs. Endless hours of fun. I’ve visited gardens all over the world, and heard about very different lives. I’ve even acquired an email pen-pal!

Lets keep it to ourselves, though. I quietly dread one day hearing about GOY in the mass media, then all is lost.

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I agree wholeheartedly Readejahn!! don't want it to get too big or it might stop being so friendly!! Nice blog,

5 Apr, 2009


It's got bigger since I joined nearly a year ago but still as friendly. Lots of others have joined and left during that year. Well that's up to them. I'm still at the bar and will be until closing time :o) But I hope there isn't one of those for GoY.

5 Apr, 2009


I agree too Readjahn. The more people there are, there more chance of getting not so nice people posting. Nice blog. I love your little chestnut tree. :o)

7 Apr, 2009


You have summed GoY up perfectly, readejahn. Like Hywel, I joined about a year ago and it seems to have more than doubled in size since then. It isn't easy to see everything that is posted or to keep up to date with the comings and goings. Nevertheless it is a great place to talk gardening with like minded people. I expect we all spend more time here than we realize, it really is addictive!

7 Apr, 2009


There's something very comforting about seeing familiar names cropping up, as well as marvelling at the variety of new exotic members (and their plants!)

Considering people's attitude to their plants and gardens is quite an interesting exercise in psychology. I'm sure my weedy patch speaks volumes.......

7 Apr, 2009


I'm not as good writting blogs due to my lack of language,
and short time.
You put in words all my feelings about GOY.
Thank you Readjahn!

9 Apr, 2009


Excellent blog. You have got it spot on. This is the best site ever. Happy blogging.

15 Apr, 2009


A litle phallic RJ! Your chestnut seedling. But then that's what it's all about. Sex, life, death. Finally I have got photos up and written something - so come visit. But the photo uploading - do you have problems? Keeps saying mine are too big MBwise.

6 May, 2009


I was hoping to post regular updates of the chestnut, but my camera is out of action again - spit!!

7 May, 2009


Just wanted to say hola/hi. I think your best photo (not technically) was the one of the tiny seedlings. That's what it's all about. Am sitting here in the heat of a Spanish afternoon where all seedlings look at the sky and die. But the big, bright plants give a metaphorical finger to the sun and plough on. But those seedlings - so brave, so English, so basic...

30 May, 2009


About thirty years ago, shortly after he moved into his house, my partner found a seedling ash tree in the garden. Although the woods hereabouts are beech our village's named features an Ash so he repositioned it in the front garden and gave it pride of place. It grew ... and grew ... and must now be fully grown. Every year it seems to thank Paul by producing thousands of seeds. It is imperative to weed the seedlings out as soon as they sprout because they root very securely ..... if left they are as devilish as bindweed and ground ivy to remove.
Like you, I delight in seeing the promise in most seedlings, but I have reservations about one or two :-)

31 May, 2009


The chestnut is away from the house in the woods. Xela, so not a problem in my lifetime! But we suffer from ash seedlings too, and sycamores.
PS - you should see my seedlings now! must get some pictures posted now my camera is back in action.

31 May, 2009


Ah yes, I had forgotten about the sycamore. When I moved here I swopped sycamore for ash; I think of the two I would prefer to live with sycamore, their seedlings are not quite as tenacious!

1 Jun, 2009


True, but they drop sticky stuff instead in hot weather. Just noticed spots on a recently planted skimmia.

1 Jun, 2009


No news recently - so how's the gardening going?! And the chestnut? Need to see a bit of greenery .... R

12 Jul, 2009

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