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Novice gardner, only became interested last summer after I was given a rose by my mother-in-law, up until then I'd had no interest in it, now can't get enough of it!
The recent addition of a Rottie pup is proving to be a challenge as he has a very inquisitive nose! Hes learning though and manages to keep out of the pots and off the beds.
I also have a large tabby cat who patrols the garden.
I've been married for almost 5yrs, my hubby has little interest in the garden but is happy to help out if I need some construction doing!
As yet we don't have children, maybe one day.
I work in London as a Paramedic so spend 3 days a week away from home so love getting back and seeing whats changed in the garden. How easy it is to get hooked!

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Joined in Aug 2008

Country: United Kingdom

County: Northanmptonshire

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