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Due over 10 years ago:


anual choclate and/or perennial pink?
under Blush Noisette

Due almost 10 years ago:

Albizia julibrissin Silk Tree. .

find spot for and replant silk tree baby.

Due over 9 years ago:

Pruning Olive tree.

prune in spring, never winter

Cut back hard in spring Salvia 'La Siesta'.

Prune lilacs in hedge imm. after flowering lilac.

Pruning Salvia 'La Siesta'.

1.Tall or leggy plants may be cut or pinched back to stimulate strong new growth
2.Cut or pinch stems of flowering or foliage plants just above leaves or old leaf joints
3.Thin excess growth so remaining growth will be more vigorous

Deadheading Rose Archiduc Joseph.

resents hard pruning, deadhead just under spend flowers