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Well not so new but since I cannot add plants on my old account under ‘resi’ without getting confused with my previous garden plants, I decided to start again since things are actually happening here now.
It’s nearly 3 years ago since we moved here but we spent ages taking the house to bits and doing it up, it was full on 70s style and not touched since that last makeover in 71!
Last year we tackled the front garden, this year I can get creative and have started on the back
This is what it used to be. It certainly wasn’t awful but just boring

These 2 borders next to the house were full of mostly ladies mantle and yellow poppies plus weeds

Last year lots of this stuff went on

A little surprise I found buried in the border in front of the kitchen back window. An old bath but not anything antique, I decided to leave it in for now and maybe make it into a pond sometime later.
B very kindly filled it with stones and made the area into a bird feeding station
Not sure if I’m ever going to be able to take them out again, they’re blimming heavy, when I suggested to him I had changed my mind he just looked at me and walked away, must say he’s got a point!

B enjoys projects, although after his herculean efforts in france, anything he does here will be in very minor key!
I wanted a tiny terrace just for me as he doesn’t do ‘sitting on terrace’!
On the earlier photos you can see the back hedge with the birch in the middle, that’s the terrace spot.

Last year I got carried away growing seeds and did so much I decided not to put any perennials in till I sussed out in my head how I wanted the overal garden to be. So this is what last year looked like

This year I knew I was getting rid of my lawn, dug out sections, buried the grass sods back in place, fairly deep and upside down to provide nutrients. This strategy has proved very successful, almost no grass has regrown.
Down the lane from us was the most enormous old compost heap in the verge. This was done by a lady down the lane who enjoyed doing friend’s gardens, she was only 85! and put most of the stuff people didn’t want anymore into this area, she created a really lovely wild laneside/verge garden, always full of insects and humming with life. She however had a stroke, recovered but now lives in retirement accommodation in town. She gave me permission to use what I wanted from there. Unfortunately before I cld tackle the compost heap, one of the local farmers decided to flatten the lot and plant young trees over most of it. So now I have to take of the crust of rapidly growing weeds and dig out the scattered remaining compost. But it is fantastic stuff, to date I have carted getting on for 100 barrow loads back to my garden, about 300m and mostly slightly uphill ? I am fairly fit at the moment!

This is a birds eye view of a very empty garden, more has been dug out now and I have started to plant and and am planning a wildlife pond in the middle.

Rain stopped, so I’ll get back to do some more planting.
This is the lovely bit where most of the hard slog has been done and I can get creative.
Thanks for staying with me so far, I’ll post updates.

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Comments will have really pepped it up and given the garden a lot more interest Resi.
I love the mixed paving/cobbles and planting.
Ha made me laugh thinking of your house having had a makeover in 1971....... Perhaps you should've just grown your hair and donned a tank top and flairs and gone with it ......just think of all the work it would've saved!

10 Jun, 2016


Been there Paul and lived it, wasn't into gardening then apart from maybe the odd tall weed ?

10 Jun, 2016


It looks brill!

10 Jun, 2016


looking good already, keep up the good work! :O)

10 Jun, 2016


Ha was mid/late 70's when my first early interest in gardening developed Resi....although I didn't realise at that time how much it would grow.

10 Jun, 2016


I really didn't like gardening when I was younger, might have something to do with me having to rake endless garden paths and cut the edges every saturday, which I hated! It's just so important to give our kids a chance to discover the joys of growing and creating beauty and finding out the pleasure of it as young as possible.

11 Jun, 2016


You've got the begginings of a great new garden Resi. I love what you've done so far. It was quite similar to mine when we moved here...lots of boring and overgrown things that all had to ome out. Love your situation too...lovely open views. :)

11 Jun, 2016


Thanks paul, Olive oil and Karen, I really need a bit of encouragement now. Everybody's garden seems to be breaking out in colour, but here it's still lots of bare earth and most of the colour still in my head! But it's encouraging to see most things taking of and putting down roots..

11 Jun, 2016


If only I can make the magic like you did in yours Karen, I'll be well happy. Wide open views are the only magic so far!

11 Jun, 2016


keep working on those head plans Resi, you will get there in the end and the feeling of oh so good when it is all done (if a garden is ever all done) is well worth the wait. Patience and little jobs done each day will get you there. :O)

11 Jun, 2016


Thanks oliveoil, you're so right. My strategy is to look back at what I've already achieved and not forward to all the jobs still needing doing. Saved my sanity when I made that large french garden (that's in my 'resi' account), now that was hard, so why am I moaning. I love it really

12 Jun, 2016


Found that the temptation to want it, all too common when starting out in a new place. I admire your control. You started at the top of the priority list (the house) and worked your way through to the main event in very organized fashion. Can't wait to see the pond you'll make and see your blogs about all the wildlife you've attracted. Wasn't it Mary Poppins who said: "Well begun is half done!" ??? All that sod turned... and the barrow loads of compost; this garden is going to be GREAT! can't wait.

14 Jun, 2016


Well I really couldn't face living in a 70s style decorated house, been there..done that and never liked it! Always hated orange and big flowery patterns. So I had no choice and we got on with it. I'm pleased we did it that way round, it meant I can now spend however long I like getting my garden as I want it and potter without pressure to get on. But definitely (hopefully) the last time I do up a house, life's getting too short now!

14 Jun, 2016


The old "mortality" thing bites me occasionally too, M. BUT...if we can keep on going full throttle, as long as possible, who knows what we'll accomplish? Tally-ho!

15 Jun, 2016


That's the spirit girl ?

16 Jun, 2016


It's looking great already !, can't wait to see what else you do ,exciting !
Made me laugh you finding a bath I thought back to all we found in ours a bike was the best I think , being old allotment land think everything was buried , I found an old boot the other day didn't dig any deeper!! ;-)

19 Jun, 2016



19 Jun, 2016


Views to die for! I'm very jealous and looking forward to seeing developments :)
(I have a weeks holiday in North Yorkshire (Newtondale) every year and absolutely love the place - even though I live across the border in Lancs . . . shhhh!).

7 Jul, 2016


I hope to do another blog soon muddy. I've just come back last night from a week's travelling round Northumberland in my little van, looking at gardens, Herterton Gardens being my alltime favourite, and old churches and doing quite a bit of walking on the moors. Oh and I visited Housesteads fort on Hadrians Wall, talking of views to die for....those romans knew where to build for their views!! Magnificent and some good archeology too.

9 Jul, 2016


any Roman coins? I'd love to go to Italy someday and visit the hill towns and see the Roman Roads and viaducts. I read about Schliemann when I was 10 and Caernarvon and Egypt, I'm a self-professed nut about the ancient civilisations and archeology so I'm with you there! Will have to load up Google Earth again and take a walk on the Won't get there any other way!
With all this inspiration you'll be good for another month at least! :-))

11 Jul, 2016


Wow someone's been busy....your 'new' garden is shaping up well.

8 Aug, 2016


Thanks sandra, small as it is, it keeps me busy. So many plants broken off and looking most unhappy after the storms of the last few days. Your big day must be soon...?

8 Aug, 2016


Can't see any damage here but I have been watching a gazebo flapping in the wind today but it survived. Big event in two and a half weeks but everything is surprisingly on track and I am blown away by the amount of help being received after recent events!

8 Aug, 2016


And most likely well deserved sandra. As you sow, so you'll reap! Or something like that...

9 Aug, 2016


They are all getting their fair share of tomatoes and runner

9 Aug, 2016


Sounds like a good exchange to me.

9 Aug, 2016


There is a lot of exchange of goods and services here in's amazing what you can get in exchange for a dozen eggs!

9 Aug, 2016


We should all get back to that, much healthier than all that money oriented living. Btw what sort of things do you exchange for a dozen eggs? I water my neighbours baskets en tubs when she's away, and get a tray of eggs, otherwise not much bartering here.

9 Aug, 2016


We keep our neighbour supplied with eggs as he has a tractor that comes in handy. I recently swapped tomatoes for elderflower's lovely having nice neighbours

9 Aug, 2016


Elderflower champagne! Good deal there! Tractors are great as long as your garden has access and is big enough, it wouldn't buy very much on my little patch here ? in the past though our neighbour helped with laying our baby hedge with his tractor and with more than a hundred and fifty to plant that was fantastic. Yes good neighbours are very important, worth their weight in gold often. Specially in a rural community.

10 Aug, 2016

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