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I found one this morning and it duly got the chop.
However just now doing a bit of research on these beasties, found that they are actually beneficial in our gardens, because they are so large they eat other slugs plus fungi and rotting plant material. Could kick myself now!
This is a short but very interesting bit of info:

They are much larger than the usual garden varieties and easily recognized as being ‘different’

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aww...that's sad. Hopefully he has relatives that don't carry a grudge? 16 centimeters! Wow. Hard to miss, aye?

19 Jun, 2016


Lol Lori! great info Resi, thanks!

19 Jun, 2016


Not when they're still little lori, and I now realize that I've done for a few of those too! Just never realized they occur in the uk, as I'd only ever seen them in france. Hope the rest of the family is in blissful ignorance somewhere in my garden still ...?

19 Jun, 2016


Can't say as I can remember seeing one before but I will keep my eyes peeled.

19 Jun, 2016


It can chase after another slug for a meal at a blazing 6 inches a minute but it is still a threat to garden plants so don't feel too bad.

19 Jun, 2016


Acording to what I read they are classified as pest in America but not in Britain and it seems to be agricultural crops they go for. I will still give them the benefit of the doubt though.

19 Jun, 2016


Yuk, it wouldn't occur to me to hang on to a slug of any type!

19 Jun, 2016


Fascinating bit of info. I had a look at the website you gave which gives more fascinating info about this and other slugs. Not my favourite creatures but someone obviously loves them! Not keen on the info about the invasion of Spanish slugs (illegal immigrants?), where they say the eggs may have been imported on potted plants or salad leaves - the last doesn't bear thinking about!

20 Jun, 2016


Oh Yuck! Washed a batch of parsley (from the market) and the grit that was in it was amazing! it was either from the bottom of the barrel or it was washed with polluted water! ...but slugs? makes a person shudder!?
Thankful that my own parsley and lettuce is growing at last!

22 Jun, 2016


Apparently slugs have a homing instinct up to 20 meters, so if you can lob them or take them further than 20m away they won't come back. Really???
Lori at least they'll be your own slugs lol!

9 Jul, 2016


We are receiving some much needed rain...I'm sure the slugs are rejoicing and planning a feeding sally. just hope they are living 20 meters, or more, away! 20 meters would be a three day march for them, would it not? That's a lot of slime too!

9 Jul, 2016


They must like humidity too then. No idea how fast a slug travels, hang on...googling...yep acc to the bbc ! they move at 1meter per hour, but like to travel in other slugs slipstream, I.e using their slime trail. Canny beasties eh

9 Jul, 2016

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