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SLUG TRAP, not pretty!


Sofar I found this the best way of dealing with slugs. I had upturned flowerpot saucers everywhere with bits of pineapple and melon peel to attract them, which works well but this is much better. I put 3 plastic small waterbottles with a hole either side, and a twig stuck through to let out any insects which crawled in, a third full of T…o’s cheapest beer. Put the lid on to keep out the rain and bury partly into the soil for stability. Replace or fill up as needed.
The slugs apparently are too euphoric to make any attempt to escape! So a happy end for them! In one night I caught around 20 and it said on the website that leaving the slugs in to ferment! will make it even more attractive to new ones…
The bottle info is right at the bottom of the article.

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thank you for the tip, have used beer traps which I bought in the past but the rain dilutes the beer in those sorts of traps. Will most definitely try this method. Thanks again for the heads up :O)

3 Aug, 2016


Great..thats a really good idea. Thanks for letting us know re. The fermenting slugs, as I thought you had to empty them every day...which is far too much like work for me! I will definitely try this method! :)

3 Aug, 2016


What a marvellous link! Thank you for a very interesting and useful read.

3 Aug, 2016


I was rather sceptical but it so works, saving up the waterbottles now. Don't know how long it'll be before the fermenting slug smell will overpower the sweet peas but with this wind I don't smell anything anyway. Good luck ladies.

3 Aug, 2016


Well I intend to try this.....need some small water bottles first. Thanks!

3 Aug, 2016


What a great where did I put the beer ?

4 Aug, 2016


What a great idea, I will certainly try that. My last attempt involved using up a bottle of Silver Jubilee Moet (1977?)which a friend found in his cupboard - undrinkable needless to say. Poured it into saucers but even the slugs gave it a wide berth.

5 Aug, 2016

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