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I did a blog a couple of years ago on my preferred way of dealing with slugs. Rather than writing another blog I’ll try and put the link in. Hope it works…the link I mean, the method certainly does and in my opinion is better than endless pellets, salt, coffee grains etc or various beer traps. Good luck
The method is the winner of the various trials by the UK perma culture site and at the bottom of the article

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Just read your blog, Resinone, I've heard of beer traps before.
A patient of mine has been using unravelled steel wire cleaning sponges, very effectively too.

27 May, 2024


I've never heard of permaculture but it's a good thing if it can be done.
The link on your other page took me to website that has been deleted now.

I don't drink beer, I don't like the stuff, but I suppose there are other ways of getting rid of slugs. I throw them into the field at the bottom of my garden :)
I can never catch them all but I don't mind a few nibbles on my plants.

28 May, 2024


This is the new link that takes you straight to the article Hywel

28 May, 2024


Hi Kate, this is a different approach to the other beer traps as it just has the holes in the sides for the slugs to get in and insects to get out. The rain can't dilute the mix as it's got a lid on and the accumulation of slugs in there seems to tempt them even more, it's that lovely slug decaying aroma! . It doesn't need the constant renewing either.
I exp

28 May, 2024


It certainly sounds an efficient way to get rid of the slugs, Resinone, plus insects can escape freely. Plus, the slugs appear to have a 'happy' ending as such!

28 May, 2024


Thanks for the link :)

2 Jun, 2024

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