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Buying a Cultivator

Cultivators are used to churn up soil and are used to save time and labour as it is quicker to use a cultivator than it is to dig.

This guide helps you choose a garden cultivator

In this guide we take you through the options when buying a cultivator and reviews of websites where you can buy garden cultivators.

Where to buy garden cultivators?

Websites selling garden cultivators online
What we think
Mow Direct

Mow direct offer some of the lowest prices we've seen on the internet and have a very easy to use website.

As a specialist retailer they have a good range. They offer free delivery.

Visit Mow direct

What can a cultivator be used for?

The right sized cultivator can make short work of preparing soil ready for new plantings and for the mixing in of compost, manure and fertilisers. They are also great for getting the soil in shape in between your trees and perennials. They usually have rotating tines or blades that are powered by small motors and are operated in a similar fashion to petrol lawnmowers and can be either self propelled or pushed depending on the model.

What is a rotavator?

There are loads of names floating around (Rotary cultivator, Rotary tiller, Rotary plough etc.) for basically the same thing - a motorised (electric or petrol) cultivator. Wikipedia comes to the rescue informing us that a Rotavator is the trademark belonging to a range of cultivators produced by the Howard group.

Electric vs. Petrol Cultivators

Deciding between an Electric cultivator and a Petrol cultivator comes down to a couple of things really. Petrol powered cultivators cost more, need filling with petrol and require more maintenance but come with more power. Electric powered cultivators are cheaper and quieter but may only be suitable for small or medium gardens.

If you are looking for a cheap cultivator then an electric one will set you back between £70 - £110 and you are looking to spend £200+ on a petrol powered cultivator. Clearly the cheapest option is to stick to your trusty fork but where is the fun in that?

Cheap electric cultivator

A cheap electric cultivator ideal for a small garden

Electric cultivators need plugging in

Electric cultivators cables are a problem - they get in the way, and they need to be long enough

Cheap Petrol cultivators

Petrol cultivators are more expensive than electric ones but give you a lot more power

What are the popular cultivator brands?

The popular brands of cultivators on sale in the UK are Centurion, Handy, MTD, Ardisam, Al-Ko, Mantis. If you are looking for something fancy or professional Merry Tiller and Honda are only too happy to oblige with their more expensive tillers.

Merry Tiller cultivators

Don't settle for anything but the best? Take a look at the Merry Tiller


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