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By rhannii


Daughter and I are having a sunflower race.
We selected a seed each from the same packet, placed in identical pots containing the same compost. They are in the same place next to each other to make this an evenly-run race.

Mine is growing at the speed of dark whereas hers is just getting taller and taller… I swear you can see the darned growing!

It’s not really a race you can cheat at really, is it?

Having said that, I wouldn’t frown at anyone who knew some short-cuts… or tall-cuts… so don’t feel like you have to hold back any advice here :-))

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Yes swap them around when nobody is looking,lol.....

16 Jun, 2011


Oh you cheat! Just give in to your daughter`s greener fingers...ha..ha.

16 Jun, 2011


Lol, only a suggestion...

16 Jun, 2011


But a good one , I had to laugh !

16 Jun, 2011


Talk to it

17 Jun, 2011


Talk to it?

I've been shouting "Grow, you stunted excuse of a sunflower" at it for weeks now!

On reflection, maybe taking a gentler approach might reap some reward ;-)

>>> goes to stroke, cosset and whisper sweet nothings to my pretty plant

Would Miragle Gro be cheating?

17 Jun, 2011


You have to be loving and admiring in your chat, tell it how clever it is and how much you would love to see what it can do lol a little bribery with MG - well who's to know!

17 Jun, 2011


Why am I thinking of Barbara Goode when she and Tom were doing the 'controlled' experiment to see if talking to peas will make them grow better!

I'm afraid I might end up 'doing a Margot' on this sunflower... lol

17 Jun, 2011



17 Jun, 2011

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