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Recycling a plastic milk bottle - Making a seed tray and labels


I have found good uses for plastic milk bottles. By cutting them in different ways I have used them in the past as scoops, funnels, plant pot saucers, cloches, storing paint brushes in. Filling with water and freezing them, then putting them in pots and baskets upside down so they water over a long period as they melt on a hot day.
More recently I have used them for making plant labels and containers for starting off my seeds. To do this:-
Cut the bottle as shown

Use the one part to make plant labels

and the other part for filling with compost and planting seeds
Here is one I have filled with radish seeds – and labelled :-)

Hope you like this thrifty idea …. :-)

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great idea's xxx

anything to do with recycling is top marks from me xxx

new found friend is the web site ... freecycle

so far to date i have got 2 old belfast sinks
30 polystyrene cups

my big re.useable bottle is a pop bottle.......

top 3rd becomes small cloch
mid 3rd becomes anti cat protection in pots and beds
lower 3rd for seeds and seedlings

as a whole for slow lower watering of pots and beds


25 Apr, 2010


Excellent ideas Kimmy, Freecycle is so good, a friend of mine had a lawnmower, rakes and a spade from one for his allotment.
Thriftyfun is good too -I have been on there for quite a while now some good ideas there:-

25 Apr, 2010


Now that's a good idea

26 Apr, 2010


Well done... I've added this to GoYpedia Plant Labels :o)

26 Apr, 2010


Thanks Terra. I find that they are better than the labels that you buy as you can write more on them if you want and make different size labels to suit yourself :-)

26 Apr, 2010


Great idea Richardpeeei will be trying that some time this week am always running out of lables!! :~)))

26 Apr, 2010


Its a busy time of year with the labels Mobee-glad you like it !

26 Apr, 2010


I like them very much, indeed. Will be trying this with the empty bottle after my next tea-break!

27 Apr, 2010


Excellent idea Richard ... if you could have seen me earlier scrubbing pre-used labels of old plant name to use again ... grrr !
David - You get tea breaks ... lol

27 Apr, 2010


Occasionally, Megan, haha!!

27 Apr, 2010


Thanks David and Megan. I have a large supply of labels now - I will never have to buy any more :-)

27 Apr, 2010


good ideas richard, always a use for things if we just think about it ;o)

27 Apr, 2010


So when do you take up your new postion on Blue Peter my boy?!!!!

Nice one. Utilise and re-cycle whatever you can. Like it:0)

27 Apr, 2010


Thanks Sandra I usually try to find another use for something if I can :-)
Thank you Dan, Blue Peter? what is that? I think my dad used to see it ;-)

27 Apr, 2010


Just like to say used your idea several times and so far they've worked a treat especially if you use permanent pen (doesnt wash off then!!! lesson learnt!!!) so many thanks

4 May, 2010


Glad you found it useful Genuisscuffy-sometimes I have found that the permanent marker does fade a bit -may need to check on it from time to time :-)

4 May, 2010


Blue Peter!!! Still have my book annuals from the late '60s (wouldn't recycle them, of course!). Must get them out and look at the gardening/plant pages sometime. I well remember Percy Thrower and the Blue Peter garden, lol! :-)

Am currently using the pens you use to label CD discs.

4 May, 2010


I can remember it too David.. and Percy Thrower.
My felt pens have had a new lease of life since I have been :-)

4 May, 2010


yes i will try that as well. i use large drinks bottles over plant pots to keep them warm like mini green houses

7 May, 2010


Good idea Cristina - I do that :-)

8 May, 2010


This is such a good idea~will try this one myself~thank you!! lol :~))

11 May, 2010


I used one of the cut halves this morning Flori to mix up some filler in there to fill in a few gaps in the bathroom before papering! :-)

11 May, 2010


lol :0)))

11 May, 2010


Is there no end to your inventiveness Rich?????? :~))

12 May, 2010


Ha ha Cristina :-)
I like to recycle whatever I can Flori :-)

12 May, 2010


We use pot noodle pots for labels, and I like those sort of fresh pasta tray things for seed trays, all good stuff : ))

12 May, 2010


Thanks Weeding -glad you like it :-)

12 May, 2010


Brilliant! Have used these for many things at childrens art classes too :)

28 Apr, 2012


Thank you, and glad you like it Pixi..the plastic bottles are useful for so many things :-)

29 Apr, 2012

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