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I have a fair bit of evergreen shrubbery which gives a nice fullness during the winter months-after the spring bulbs are over my garden comes into its own with foxgloves -cephelaria gigantica-blue and white campanulas-lupins -poppies tree poenies-clumps of libertia(new zealand satin flower).The above are mainly on a sloping border edged withaubritia saxifrage and violas--also in the background I have some sulphur yellow coloured thalictrum and again some mauve ones .Ibring on from seed the likes of small white daisies \\9annuals ) sweetpeas cosmos and runnerbeans in a large pot _I am sometimes referred to as a plantaholic!!

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  • Sidalcea Blue Campanula Sulphur Yellow Thalictrum with red Hatton castle Begonias in the Background
  • Another aspect of my Glasgow Garden
  • Pinks and Daisies and Canterbury Bells
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