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Pictures of Katie and Tiki


P:ictures of our 2 babies – they both love fresh vegetables, especially carrots and green beans. Katie digs carrots out of the garden when I’m not watching!!

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What cute little dogs. It's surprising that they are so keen on veggies. I think we get nearly as many pics of pets as we do of gardens on GOY(well not quite). My pets are the wild type only. It's not that I don't like them, they just don't fit with our lifestyle at the moment.

10 Aug, 2008


They're beautiful : )

10 Aug, 2008


Henry eats raw veggies as well - he pinches tomatoes from the greenhouse as they ripen, loves any bits of raw veggies except mushrooms and parsnips. I think he should have been a vegetarian! Lovely dogs - they are such good company, aren't they!

10 Aug, 2008


I know of another dog that likes carrots , maybe they want to see in the dark , to catch rabbits or something

10 Aug, 2008


awww their cute, Tay will eat anything including my strawberries in the garden lol

10 Aug, 2008


They are so cute.

10 Aug, 2008


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4 Nov, 2008

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