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Another week has passed......


By rogi


Another week has passed in my garden at The Cottage, and as you know if you have a garden or an allotment that you have taken over from somebody else you keep walking round thinking what could be altered and what can be left as it is…well I do anyway. The first thing I did this week was to decapitate this plant that was taking up a lot of room and I thought I could put a mini pond there..when I have got one….

The next thing I thought about is where could I put the composter, not slap bang in the middle of the garden so that it can bee see from every body, so I came up with the idea of putting it in the hedge, nicely hidden and in the shade….

Now I love pound shops…you can get some nice cheap bits and bobs there..I had been thinking about a bird bath or somewhere where the birds could drink and I found this for a quid….I suppose it is meant to be a fruit dish or just a decorative plate, but for me it is a bird bath.

I also decided to make a home made weather station, the thermometer cost a quid and also the rain measuring thingamijig….just screwed onto an old broom handle….well I like it anyway….

So now I have got all these things in the garden I decided that I wanted a guard to ward of other I bought this little chap for a quid and christened him Fritz….

I have got a few more photos of the garden that I took this week, but I donĀ“t want to make the blog too long winded…so I will add them in another blog.

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Great idea for the bird bath..I love pound shops too and my daughter has shares in them ;-) lol
My head is full of ideas for my garden but its knowing where to start and when I come across ideas like yours in only influences me so thanks lots :-D

12 Sep, 2010


Hallo Cazzalyn. Most of my ideas are based around what I have seen in GoY, for eg: somewhere there is a photo of a small pond that has been made from an old zink bath..that is how my small pond will be based on when I get round to making it.

12 Sep, 2010


Lots of good things going on in your garden Rogi. I love the thermometer :o)

12 Sep, 2010


Hallo Hywel. That was sort of copied from something I saw in ebay...but loads of pounds cheaper !!.

12 Sep, 2010


Great ! It's good to save some money :o)

13 Sep, 2010


Looking good Rogi.

13 Sep, 2010


nice little touches there

13 Sep, 2010


Nice Willkommen hedgehog :o)))

17 Sep, 2010

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