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A hard saturdays work!.


By rogi


We have a saying in germany that roughly translated to: “If you have no work then look for some”, well on saturday I did just that…now I am slowly getting round to personalising my garden and one corner I didn´t really like was a corner with a green plant..sorry don´t know the name of it, growing against a small wall made out of a few breeze blocks…(to hide the watering cans) and in one of the breeze blocks the previous owner had planted a box bush!, so first I cut the leaves off the..(unknown to me) plant…and dug it out…boy that was really hard work…it had very long and thick roots that went underneath the breeze blocks, so after getting that out with the help of a pick axe…..

the next thing to do was to get the box bush out of the breeze block without damaging either…I suppose I could have cut the box bush off….the easy thing to do of course, but no..I wanted to keep the box to put it somewhere else..

..very easily ! how the heck do I get the box out of the breeze block, box bushes have very long and strong roots….so I thought if I trimmed the box I could lift the breeze block over it…which is exactly what I did with a lot of muscle power and a!

and with the help of a spade and a lot of sweat I got the box out of the ground, put it to one side wondering where to put the thing!, then I set about building the wall up again to hide the watering cans from view…and here is the finnished wall, not very professional I know, but it serves it purpose…

and as the german saying goes..“if you have no work then look for some” which I certainly did on saturday !.

I have just bought a very small pre-formed plastic pond from the internet in a small ads site that we have here for 10€…no not ebay..I´m fed up of some of the high freight costs some of them charge. The pond is about 3 foot x 1 foot, I am going to fetch it localy on wednesday…so watch out for some more garden antics from me when I get round to putting the puddle..sorry..the pond in.

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Interesting blog... I'm adding this to GoYpedia Watering Cans ;o)

20 Sep, 2010


Phew ...I'm worn out just reading about it Rogi! Sounds like you had quite a tussle, well done on getting the Box out intact, breeze blocks too! I hope you didn't have similar difficulties when you replanted it Good luck with the 'puddle'....maybe another blog?? :o))

20 Sep, 2010


Hi Lily2, of course there will be a blog about it, this sort of forum is made from such blogs and if nobody makes contributions the forums "dry up" as I know from another forum where people just stopped making postings and the forum is no longer in existance :-( ...BTW the forum was about a make of japanese cars, not gardening.

20 Sep, 2010


I don't think there's much danger of GoY ever drying up Rogi, gardening is such a big and varied subject but then maybe Japanese cars are too for enthusiasts? I used to spend hours on this site, it's so addictive but I have to limit it a lot now unfortunately. :o(( Looking forward to that pond blog!

20 Sep, 2010 I said I have bought this "puddle holder", but I havn´t got a clue where to put it yet.

20 Sep, 2010


We have a saying in England; Where there's a will there's a way' and you've certainly got the 'will' I just wish we in England would adopt your saying lol. Your determination is remarkable, like most I suspect I would have put a hammer to the block.

20 Sep, 2010


I'm pleased you saved the box bush. I don't like to get rid of things unless absolutely necessary.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your pond in place :o) Good luck with it.

21 Sep, 2010


Hallo Hywel. OK about the box bush, but they are very cheap to buy and I still don´t know where I am going to put it. The pond...I will also be looking forward to see the pond in place..hihi, but it depends on the weather if I get it done this year, if not then next year...talking about weather here it is around 25° C at the moment.

21 Sep, 2010


I'm glad you have nice weather. Nice and sunny in west Wales aswell - shorts and T shirt weather lol. Probably more rain on the way. There usually is lol

21 Sep, 2010


o i hope not hywel lol gardens looking interesting

21 Sep, 2010

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