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By rogi


As the weather forecast was wrong once again…they had forecast rain and thunderstorms…but I think we had about 10 drops of badly needed rain over the complete weekend !!. For some reason I went to the composter on friday afternoon and saw it was just a soggy mess!, so I did a search here and found the problem…too much green stuff and not enough brown stuff, because I had been at work on friday I didn´t fancy taking it all out there and then and thought that I´d leave it until saturday morning, me being an early riser I was down in the garden by 7 am, got the fork and rake out and emptied the composter

until I could see the chicken wire I had put at the bottom to stop mice and rats getting in..I didn´t find any of those thank goodness but I did find loads of worms,slugs etc etc, so actualy the compost couldn´t have been in such a bad state if they were still there, I then added loads of torn up newspaper and cardboard and did this in layers..compost..paper & cardboard etc until I had all the compost back in it´s home, then I found some planters from last year that still had soil in them and put that on top….now I hope that the composter will work properly, but as somebody else said composting is like baking a cake…realy it´s a hit or miss thing.
When the OH called me on the mobile phone…yes we do have them in Germany..hihi to go and have a very late breakfast…around mid-day I started to think what I could do in the afternoon, then I thought I would take a chance and try to move the crazy paving..“bampy style” although it had only been drying out for just a week..

I turned it over…and it didn´t crumble to bits !!!, I already knew where it was to go so I took the pieces…as you can see I had made some shapes in the mixture while it was still setting…a few hours after putting the mixture in the carboard frame with a big screwdriver, layed them down approximately where they were to be…pushing them all over the place until I found out where was best, then I thought what could I put inbetween them..sand?…no…I have that between the concrete slabs…once again something came in to my little brain that I had seen in GoY… paths made out of bark chippings…what a brilliant idea thought Rogi !, put that inbetween and it will look a little different, but as the shops had shut by that time I had to wait until this morning when a cheap garden centre is open for a few hours on sunday, so after I had been to a car boot sale…of course I bought something for the garden…a little wooden house meant for pet mice, but I thought it could be a good hideout for frogs near my little pond…any way I went down to the garden centre and bought a 60 litre bag of bark chippings for 2.50 €, took it back to the garden after dinner and put it inbetween the crazy paving…well I think it looks good anyway..!

maybe I will make another frame of the mixture so that the paving is not so spread out…but that another week.

I said above about my small pond for the frogs made out of a big old sink….that was in another blog I think…well nature is taking it´s ways, today I spotted some insect lava swimming about…so one thing will lead to another I hope. I also intended to plant some tomatoes outside…but by then I had had enough, realy I don´t have time to sit down and enjoy my garden as I´m always seeing things to do, although I don´t see it as work…for me its relaxation therapy…and on this note I will end my blog for today.

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oh Rogi, that sounded like hard work with the compost did a good job with it.the paving looks super..hope you enjoyed your late breakfast...:o)

15 May, 2011


@ Joanella...yes emptying the composter was hard work...not something that I want to do every weekend !!, yes I´m pleased with the paving...until I decide that I´m not pleased with it...and then alter it in some way...and my late breakfast was good...loads of real german coffee...not that instant stuff, bread rolls with cheese, ham, eggs etc..that put me just right for the afternoon.

15 May, 2011


You've really been busy, Rogi....your crazy paving has worked very well. And your tasty breakfast as reward does sound very welcome :)

15 May, 2011


Your compost will be all the better for being turned out, Rogi! It took me a while to get the 'mix' right, too many grass cuttings will turn it to slime very quickly. I have a 'Dalek' type one and, how sad is this, use a small sturdy tree branch to turn over the top few inches each time I add to the heap! I think it adds air to it. I know, I should get out more ... lol! I like the bark chippings, and so will the Blackbirds, they love to forage around in it. I think most of us don't sit and relax in our gardens enough, too chilly today to even think of it. : o ))

16 May, 2011


lol wot a lot of work ................ but well worth it !!! and a belated happy b day to you as well hun ................ the 60,s club used to mean we were past it lol , NOT ANY MORE!!! well dun on your garden . ;0))))

23 May, 2011


Hi Christina, thanks for the belated birthday greetings. Re "the 60´s club used to mean you were past it" hihi, iv´e just started to live a normal life...slowing down for my hoped early retirement next year..then I can do things normal people do without having to plan every 60 seconds of the day...that is real stress, then I can go down the garden when it suits me and not when the clock allows me time...that will be then real living and not just surviving as I have done upto now.

23 May, 2011


well i may be 60 lol but no one will let me retire !!!! haha
not that i cud if i wanted toooo lol , carnt get a pention till another 2 years , unless they move the goal post yet again ......................

23 May, 2011

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