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Hypertufa project.


By rogi


Hallo all. It seems to be quite a while since I wrote my last blog. I go down to my little garden every day…even when it´s raining or when we had -15 C. I have prepared the veggie beds…this year I hope to grow potatoes…I bought some seed potoes yesterday from the market and now have them in the green house waiting to chit, I also want to grow a few onions..I put the seed in last week, cucumbers and tomatoes are also on my list for this year.

The object realy of this blog is to show you a ´plant pocket´ made out of hypertufa…I saw it somewhere in the internet and thought it would be something to try out….actualy I tried to make one about 2 weeks ago but somehow got the mixture wrong….too much peat and not enough cement and after a week of letting it dry it just crumbled up, that´s what you call ´learning by doing´I believe. So on friday afternoon I tackled it again…remembering to add more cement… here are some photo´s of it so far…I took it out of the mould this afternoon and it stayed in one piece!!!!!….so here goes with the photo´s…

the moulding…

buckets to mix the hypertufa in and some water in the can…

here I have filled the mould with the gooey stuff and put a small plastic plant pot in place..that will actualy hold the plant….

it looks nice and wet….

I then put the fairly thick mixture around the plastic plant pot…..

a different side of it…..

so here is more or less the finnished object…I put it on a table with it sitting on 2 thin wooden slats to let air get underneath it…btw it is sitting on it´s back….the sticks at the right hand side of it is where the screws/nails will go when it has fully dried out and the stick that you see at the bottom of the plastic plant pot will be for the drainage hole. I have now covered it up with a big plastic plant pot so that the air can get to it and let it dry out for a few more days. I was amazed how heavy it was. When it has dried out and I have got a plant in it I will add another photo or 2 of it…if anybody is interested.

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nice idea Rogi - one I'd like to do myself!!! Good luck with veg :))))))))))))

25 Mar, 2012


Glad you said its laying on its back, because in the pic it looks like a cat basket! Is it going to be fixed to a wall? Looking forward to seeing it with a plant in. Well done - messy but rewarding!

25 Mar, 2012


looking good so far Rogi. i find learning by doing works well for me too...look forward to seeing it all planted up..:-)

25 Mar, 2012

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