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A tomatoe experiment!.


By rogi


Last year I had total disaster with my tomatoes…those in the green house as well as those outside…they got some sort of mildew on them and I had to bin them all…..another year..another go…A month or so back I planted some Moneymaker tomatoes seeds in my unheated greenhouse…they have grown fairly well so I decided to day to pot them up…in pots…not in the ground as I did last year to see if it helps…so I found some pots/buckets..filled the bottom of the pots with wood chippings and then filled the pots up with some cheap potting earth. I have put 2 pots…with the tomatoe plants in them in the greenhouse and 2 pots outside…and then see which of them survive..or do better. I intend to feed them on my “Home Brew” liquid fertiliser…this is…a linen shopping bag filled with half rotted compost and another bag filled with grass cuttings, both bags I put in a 10 gallon plastic container…filled it up with water, put the lid on and every few days gave it a good mixing…after about 3 weeks I took the bags out as the brew seemed to have finished…..heavens….it sure does stink!!!!, so I will feed my tomatoes with that stuff…using about a 20:1 mixture……and if it kills the plants no problems…gardening to me is a thing of trial and error and is meant to be a pleasure and not to be taken too seriously……so now to some photo┬┤s of my tomatoe plants….

The 2 plants in the greenhouse.

3 plants outside.

I will now see which of them wins!!!! and I will keep you updated on the progress…if any!.

BTW…that bit about my “Home Brew” liquid fertiliser I found in internet….not just a brainwave from me!.

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Reminded me of when I was very young Rogi. We lived in the country. My mother used to send me out into the field over the road with a bucket and spade to collect sheep manure. She put this in an old sack and suspended it in the water butt.
Liquid manure for free.
I rather liked doing it.
Children miss out on these country ways now. If I go walking in the country I am still happiest if I can find something to take home.

20 May, 2012


I used to have a bin with holes in the base and made my own liquid, your blog has just reminded me, haven`t done it for a few years, I might give it another go, I also remember the smell when I removed the lid, lol, I hope your toms do well Rogi..

20 May, 2012


Good luck with your tomatoes. I hope you get lots :o)

21 May, 2012

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