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Another load of rubbish this morning.


By rogi


Hallo all. I see that there is another load of rubbish in the blogs this morning…I have flagged one of them and asked the admins to delete the rest. The only way that we are going to stop them is to have them pre read as I suggested yesterday….so admins….think how this could be done…I know from yesterdays responce that most of the regular GoY contributors are fed up with them!.

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well they have gone already and its only 10am. so the system is working. I get fed up of soe of the inane ones that just seem to be fillers.

9 Oct, 2012


I dont see why we would want the blogs, questions, even Photos pre read and imagine the wait that would entail while office staff did it?

If you dont want to see them you can:

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9 Oct, 2012


Pre read would take the life from this site, and I must give credit where it is due...I do the same as Sbg,and after a few stinging 'flags' they are much quicker removing them, daily now instead of after a few days.

9 Oct, 2012


Do these just appear in the morning? I don't look at the site until later in the day and have hardly ever seen any - so thank you to everyone who clears them off in good time!

9 Oct, 2012


I flagged them about 7am this morning if lots of us flag,they seem to get taken off quicker..I don't read them,so it's no problem to flag....and they probably only come back under a new it doesn't get rid of them forever...I agree with could try any of the methods she suggests,if you prefer..

9 Oct, 2012


I asked the boys about flagging these once Bloomer and they said if a posting got multiple flags - at least 3, it got flashed up to them as perhaps needing more urgent attention than usual.

9 Oct, 2012


Pleased to say I missed them all which just proves how quickly they were removed, sorry Rogi I agree with the above comments, it would be terrible if we had to wait whilst the blogs were pre-read, it does annoy me when I see we have once again been invaded but then I make a cuppa and take great satisfaction in flagging them, if only all our problems could be got rid of in the same way, those darned people who keep ringing me up offering me money would be the first to go....Cannot even understand them most of the time.....

9 Oct, 2012


That's good to hear,Denise..we will just keep flagging then..:o) and as for phone calls,Sue..we had a spate of them recently..mainly about computers and protecting them ...I just see which number shows up on our phone,and don't answer..but if you don't have this facility,it is certainly annoying..I have been known to be less than polite ! :o)

10 Oct, 2012


Sandra we do get the computer ones as well but the most aggravating in the past two weeks have been all about our Hotpoint washing machine (haven`t had that make for donkeys years) they want me to take out a new service contract, they are crafty as they will try and get you to say what make you are now using, I told them I use a dolly tub and skiffle board and another time my daughter told them the Labrador did the washing, lol, for a couple of days last week they were ringing hourly, as we were waiting for an important call we had to keep answering. Yes I am very rude sometimes !!!!!!

10 Oct, 2012

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