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Thanks to Spritzhenry and volunteer for suggestions on the Liriope muscari variegata and ophiopogon planescapus nigrescens. Ronelle

ps: Am I responding correctly via a blog?

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Errr. Not really, it's better to post a comment under your original question, after the suggestions, or else send a private message to the member you want to thank/speak to. (You're welcome, by the way!) However, I got the message, didn't I!

15 Nov, 2008


Welcome to GOY anyway.

Have you got some photos of your plants and garden you'd like to share with us ?

16 Nov, 2008


To Spritzhenry:

Okay I am a blog idiot - this is my first blog - oh really!

I went to my original blog entry but couldn't find anything that said "suggestions". I also can't figure out how to send a private message to a specific member.

This current response is written in the comment section after the "add a comment" to my 2nd blog entry. To whom does this go?

I could sure use some gardening (and evidentally blogging) help and would like to get this blogging correct.


ps: To Blodyn will get a picture later.

16 Nov, 2008


Hi Ronellecamp.
You'll get the hang of it soon enough. It took me ages and I'm still learning.

Please read what it sais on my photo above the word Blodyn.

To leave a private message click on the avatar photo of the person conserned and you'll see the words 'leave private message' in the top left of the page. Click on that and type in the massage. Then click on 'submit'.

16 Nov, 2008


Sorry, Ronelle, I should have expained better. You are NOT an idiot! It takes a while to get used to where and how to post comments, but soon you'll be wondering why you found it hard!

To make a comment, just type in the box under someone else's comment where it says 'Add a comment' or if you want to answer a question, type in the box under the question after you have clicked on the link 'view or answer question'.

There's also a comment box under each photo that gets posted - just click on the photo.

Hywel has explained how to send a private message.

17 Nov, 2008


Great !!!. I can't wait to get started. Ronelle

29 Nov, 2008

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