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2 days of sunshine!


At last after all the dreary cold days we’ve had, the sun is out.While i’ve got the chance i thought i would take some more pictures.I thought i would have a change from the usual basket plants and try french marigolds and tagetes, at least they can’t get eaten up there.It makes a change doesn’t it.

I quite like this picture with the sun shining on the leaves.

This is doing really well this year and is still climbing.It overwintered in the front porch which is cold in the winter but frost free.

As some of you will know from a previous blog , my topiary is not spectacular! This is going to be a duck, ..Really!

Now this i am proud of, my lovely phlox.

These are 2 ligularias, one is just finishing and the other just starting.The daisy flowered one is L. Dentata but i have forgotten the name of the other one.

3 of our favourite hydrangeas,the best one is a big blousy white one but i think the cold winter must have knocked it back as it has only one small flower at the moment.

I’d like to show you my allotment now,we don’t have to go far as it’s just next door.I’m quite proud of myself as i have only had this one 18mths. and it was totally overgrown with twitch bindweed and nettles. Now it is a lovely place to work and of course sit.

This is my main carrot bed which has celery, tagetes ,pinks and knee high sweet peas around it to confuse the carrot fly.The sweet peas(knee high0 are an experiment and have been very slow to flower.

This is the best half,where the sitting area is.

And this is my pride and joy. If you look very carefully you will see my very first ever melon growing.Ok, so you might need a magnifying glass! Thankyou for visiting and i hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

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Well done with the garden and allotment...

If the topiary duck doesn't emerge ..

... maybe you could turn it into a sheep... ;o)

29 Jul, 2011


Excellent!! That 'duck' looks more like a teddy bear's head to me lol:) You've certainly done well with the allotment, it looks great.

29 Jul, 2011


Lovely photos Rose, your allotment is really flourishing and looks very well tended. You have every right to be proud of it and I'm not surprised you have a seat to sit and admire it from. Your other seat with the sun shining through the leaves is very well placed too, lovely pic.
What is that climbing plant a pelargonium? Not seen one of those before.

29 Jul, 2011


Thanks Terra , but the ducks head has got to grow yet, At least thats my excuse. Thanks Sheillar and Lily. It is a climbing pelagonium which i bought from a local nursery last summer.

29 Jul, 2011


Well Rose it looks like a very fat cuddly duck to me, but I`m sure once it has been for one or two short back and sides it will be a beautiful duck. As for the rest of your garden it looks fab, oh I do love trees in a garden.
You obviously work very hard keeping your garden in shape and also your very neat and well organised allotment.

29 Jul, 2011


Hello Rose! Och your topiary duck is just hatching out of it's egg, isn't it! He's just a big fluffity chick at the moment, he'll soon grow into his body, or rather his head!! Anyway, really well done on getting it to that huge size in the first place, box can sometimes just drop their leaves and go all baldy! The allotment's looking fab! Lovely and healthy, the tagetes seem to be doing their job with your great crop of carrots, pity I hate carrots! Bleuchhh! With that great swathe of celery you'll never be short of soup veg this winter!! The garden's just looking so peaceful, I'm glad the sun came out so you could take these lovely pics! Thanks for sharing!

29 Jul, 2011


Both your garden and allotment look good, I definitely think the topiary is a ram in the making, just needs its curly horns. Lovely pics Rose..

29 Jul, 2011


Thanks all of you for your comments.Stroller ,now you've heard the story about the ugly ducklin and the swan!You have a good imagination Lincslass,And my friend Elizabeth,you do know carrots are good for you. What about carrot and coriander soup..lovely and carrot cake.I haven't made celery soup before so any good recipe ideas will be appreciated.I'm glad you like my little duck,the pebbles , when i looked again do look like large eggs.Take care and wishing you all many sunny days.

30 Jul, 2011


Lovely place to be in the middle of Rose. Nice to grow your own. We used to do veggies until we moved. Now just apples and pears on small trees in the flower beds. Blackberry, Jostaberry and some chives and herbs. The allotment is a credit to you. It looks like a very chummy sort of arrangement around you.

6 Aug, 2011


Thanks Dorjac, its actually the quiet part of the allotments with just a few people which is nice and i only have to come out our front gate and i'm there. I've heard so much about the jostaberry ,is it as good as they say it is?

6 Aug, 2011

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