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Aunty molly's poem Part two.


I remember, I remember
Sydney park where we used to play,
The little pond with sloping sides
Where Fred fell in one day.
The lovely scented flower beds
In every shade and hue
the happy hours we spent there
Neathskies of azure blue.

I remember, I remember
The little hut near the pond,
Where Lily Fred and I played
At “mothers and fathers”-united by a bond
Of great sadness,as little Eric lay so sick.
He died at midnight, and sometimes I wonder still
Should we have played so happily, knowing Eric was so ill?

I remember, I remember
My little baby brother,
We played together often,
But he was too quick for me,
And so i complained most bitterly
Especially to our mother.
One thing we shared together
Was Eric’s cuddly teddy bear.
He let me play with it a lot
but didn’t want my doll.
When Eric died I sadly missed
Both him and Teddy, but didn’t dare
Show to the family how sad I was,
They had so much grief to bear.
When Eric died, Teddy went
I never knew quite where,
And I deeply mourned them both
For many a long year.

I remember, I remember
The annual concert in the back yard,
Always organised and produced by Kathleen.
It was the highlight of our summer,
Arranged in three days and given after tea
On a summers evening to the neighbourhood.
It never rained!
Three pins or one safety pin
Was the admission fee,
These to fasten our theatrical costumes.
We raided the family dressing up box,
And Doreen lent a hand in making crepe paper dresses.
Kathleen made up and told us a story
Making sure we knew it well.
Main characters were always a witch prince and fairy
Lily usually the fairy and Vera Smart ( kath’s friend) the witch.
We dramatised it and " ad libbed"
No script to learn had we.

We cleaned out the bike shed for a dressing room,
Made a stage out of wooden boxes
And borrowed chairs and rugs from the house
For the audience.
Fred made advertising posters
To hang on back gate and wall.
We all made tickets.
Fred was gate-keeper with Eric’s help,
When the queue of children began to form,
Collecting the pins in a little box.
The concert began promptly with Kath as compere.
We recited poems learnt at school,
Sang solos learned at school or church,
We had no inhibitions,
I wonder how we dared.

I remember, I remember
Eric and I as “Babes in the wood”
Lying on a piece of matting
Waiting to be rescued by woodcutter Fred.
Suddenly I espied a spider
getting up, screaming and rushing away!
The audience clapped and called “encore”
While kath tried to explain above the din
that wasn’t in the play.

Sometimes we coerced Rex to play
Popular tunes on his mouth organ.
How the audience clapped and sang.
The concert finished with " God save the King"
And afterwards out came Mother
Serving homemade lemonade
And broken biscuits out of the shop
A happy time was had by all.

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Thank you, Rose..
I'm enjoying reading these ...
Happy and sad memories mixed up together ....

26 Oct, 2011


Memories, they add so much colour to our lives even if sometimes they are sad. I enjoyed reading your poem Rose...

26 Oct, 2011


Aah, lovely!

26 Oct, 2011


That was magical Rose and bought back so many happy memories of my childhood putting on shows for the neighbours.

26 Oct, 2011


Well if you're still enjoying them, i will carry on.We've got the 7year old grandaughter tomorrow to stay so may have to do more on Friday.Thanks all of you, for your lovely comments.I'm sure my Aunty Molly would be so pleased that I'm showing her poems.

26 Oct, 2011


Och! A sad bit! A family who lived next door to Mum had a young son, who was great friends with my elder sister, Phyllis, and he died at a very young age too, but he was called Eric as well. And another coincidence, Keith also has an Aunty Molly! It's nicely written Rose, I can conjure it up in my mind's eye, very evocative! Next bit please! I can wait until little Maddison has gone though! I'm sure she's keeping you both very busy!! In a good way!

26 Oct, 2011


Oh Rose it was so sad, but they had such fun too, that was lovely, keep them coming, Aunty Molly was very clever. Great for the way of life to be recorded in poetry. Thank you.

26 Oct, 2011


Very moving Rose......

26 Oct, 2011


I am really enjoying doing this Olive as it makes me smile everytime I think of her.She was a lovely lady , always laughing. My mum was Lily and she died a long time ago as did all of them except for Aunty Molly .Right up until her death she was always cheerful.I didn't realise how clever she was.Thanks Lincs lass, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

27 Oct, 2011


It's nice to look back - we remember happy and sad memories

30 Oct, 2011


Thanks Hywel, and I think the happy memories stand out whereas the sad ones we put to the back of our minds.

7 Nov, 2011


Thank you Rose. I'm sorry for being so late in reading your Aunt Mollys story. I have been caught up in family things and not available to settle down for a good read. I wonder if anyone in Hopeman in Morayshire is a member. Every year we went to stay with my grandparents in Hopeman. A family we called "The Broons" used to come up for their holidays during the Glasgow trades holidays and they were so active in the community. All of us children were allowed to join in their entertainments and they would drill the older children to enact a play each year. I have very vivid memories of Cinderella and the seven dwarfs because my older sister was one of the dwarfs. I am so grateful for the happy memories I have of my upbringing where everybody seemed to be a friend. I'm off to read the next instalment.

21 Dec, 2011

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