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Aunty Molly's poem Part Three


I remember , I remember
Playing “mothers and fathers”
fred and Eric building a tram
And going to work each day.
Fred as a driver and Eric conductor.
Eric had uniform of cap and ticket puncher
Lily and I were housewives,
Spent time building our house,
Making it spick and span
For our menfolk to return to.
We went for rides on the tram
To do our daily shopping
Taking our babies (dolls) in their pram.
What imagination we had
And how happily we played together.
The carter came to take the boxes away,
But when he saw us so happily at play,
“I’ll call for the boxes next week " saith he
“It’s a pity to spoil your day.”

I remember, I remember
As dark began to fall,
The lamplighter on his bike,
Juggling with his pole so tall,
And the light flickering through the gas lamp
As he cycled on his way,
And if you listened carefully,
One hour past sunset you may
Hear the clang of iron gates
As the keeper closed Sydney Park.

I remember, I remember
As I lay in the front room bed
Waiting for Lily and Kathleen to come,
The childish treble of choirboy Fred,
Practising hymns from his own bed.

And on dark cold foggy nights
We heard the fog-horn hooting
To warn the sailors out at sea
And safely guide them into harbour.
Fred would sing loud and lustily
And Lily and I join in-
“Eternal Father ,strong to save,
Whose arm doth bind the restless wave”
Then snuggling closely down in bed,
Secure in love and warmth of family,
We said our prayers for all at sea
And thanked God for the moaning fog-horn,
Intermittently bleating out
All through the night
Through fog and dark till morning light.

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Thanks, Rose, for part 3..
I've enjoyed them all :o)

1 Nov, 2011


This brought back memories for me..i remember hearing the fog-horns as a child, on foggy days/nights from the docks not too far away..thank you Rose for Aunty Molly's lovely poem.:o)

1 Nov, 2011


Enjoyed that one as well Rose, lovely.

1 Nov, 2011


Wonderfully evocative, conjuring up a different world. I remember laying in bed in the 1950s as a young child, waiting for 9 o'clock when the last steam train of the day would thunder passed the house. I used to lay there imagining where all the passengers were going & what they were like. Very magical.

1 Nov, 2011


Reading these makes me remember things from my own youth - some sad and some happy. They are very good and most enjoyable to read :o)

1 Nov, 2011


Thanks for all your comments. Terra and Sheilar, I'm so glad you enjoyed them.I remember hearing the fog-horns too Joanella, also on the docks.I can imagine listening to the steam trains, I wish we still had them Dywllis,I'm pleased it stirred some memories and for you too Hywel.There are still a few more to write out so hope you're not getting fed up with them.

2 Nov, 2011


So lovely, Rose and full of pathos. Any more?...

2 Nov, 2011


Yes Breda , there is still more as long as you all are not getting bored now.

6 Nov, 2011


Really good, kids still love the cardboard boxes. Thank you Rose keep them coming, only just found this had a migraine attack and not been on computer much this weekend. But thank goodness I found it, thank you again.

7 Nov, 2011


I hope you're feeling much better now Olive,I haven't been on the site much myself as our grandaughter was taken into hospital last week, so most of my time was taken up with that and also looking after the youngest(7years old).Hope to put the next chapter on this week.I'm so glad you are enjoying them.

7 Nov, 2011


Thanks Rose, much better now, hope it is nothing too serious for your grandaughter, hope she is up and running around soon. Looking forward to next episode of verse. Do not rush though, you have plenty on your plate. xx B

8 Nov, 2011


Thanks Olive for your kind words.

8 Nov, 2011


Hello my friend! This bit of Aunty Molly's poem is lovely too, she really had a woderful way with words. Do you know what age she was when she wrote it? Going to look for the next part, I'm up to my eyes at work, but hopefully, it will ease off a bit next week!

12 Nov, 2011


She was 80 Elizabeth when she wrote these.She was a remarkable woman and is sadly missed.I bet you're ready for a rest now.

13 Nov, 2011


Sorry? What? I dropped off there Rose! Lol!! Gosh! 80 years young, she was as sharp as a pin, wasn't she! Well done her! Yawwnnn, sooo pooped, Zzzzzzzz....

14 Nov, 2011


I have added this poetry to my favourites as itvmade me feel very emotional..... beautifully written.....I would have loved to meet this lady.
The fog horns remind me of Kynance Cove in Cornwall (I wrote a blod recently about it) whare at night you can see the light and hear the fog horn from the nearby Lizzard lighthouse.
Thank you very much for posting this.

22 Nov, 2011


I'm really pleased you enjoyed this and its nice to meet you Mossy.

22 Nov, 2011


We still hear the fog horns out in the Forth when the wind is coming in off the North Sea. She has a fantastic way with words. I can see all she describes so vividly. I remember laughing at the antics of our own children when we had big cardboard boxes and they became so many things, houses, cars, trains etc. The magic is still there for our grandchildren too. I have seen them react like this.
The hymn "Eternal Father strong to save" also brings back happy memories of childhood. I love the majesty of the old hymns and psalms and the music at a pace where you could hear all the words and understand their meaning when applied to daily life.

21 Dec, 2011

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