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Changing Times


We met and we married a long time ago.
We worked for long hours when wages were low.
No TV, no wireless, no bath, times were hard
Just a cold water tap out in the yard.

No holidays abroad, no carpet on floors
We had coal on the fires and we didn’t lock doors.
Our children arrived, no pill in those days
And we brought them up without state aid.

They were safe going out to play in the park
And old folks could go for a walk in the dark.
No valium, no Drugs, no L.S.D.
We cured our ills with a good cup of tea.

No vandels, no muggings, there was nothing to rob,
We felt we were rich with a couple of bob.
People were happier in those far off days
Kinder and caring in so many ways.

Milk men and paper boys would whistle and sing
A night at the pictures was our one mad fling.
We all got our share of troubles and strife
We just had to face it, t’was the pattern of life.

Now I am alone, I look back through the years,
I don’t think of sad times, the troubles and tears.
I remember the blessings, our home and our love
That we shared together, I thank God above.

This was given to me by a friend and thought that on a dreary day, it would make you smile.

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Hi Rose... lovely poem..thanks for sharing. :o) x

21 Nov, 2011


I have put this on my favourites rose, mainly because of the last few lines, a positive attitude is the key
thanks again rose!

21 Nov, 2011


I'm glad you both enjoyed it. It made me smile as well as a little bit sad for how things used to be especially in my parents day.Sometimes we take things for granted and don't appreciate what we've got and whats important.

21 Nov, 2011


It certainly made me smile Rose, lovely

21 Nov, 2011


Thanks Sheilar , I'm pleased it did and sorry forgot to say thanks Stickie for putting it down as a favourite.

21 Nov, 2011


not to worry Rose!!! thanks anyway :-)

21 Nov, 2011


Really struck a chord with me Rose. Thanks for posting!

21 Nov, 2011


mmm,very apt me thinks,need a few of those morals reborn these days. a nice little ode if your feeling a bit low tho

21 Nov, 2011


lovely thank you. Ah, Sweet memories, to make us laugh at the things we find hard nowadays.

21 Nov, 2011


Nice poem Rosie. The world certainly is a different place today.

21 Nov, 2011


Lovely. Reading through it, it reminded me of my parents & my childhood, growing up in a quiet town in New Zealand .... back door always left unlocked, windows left open ..... vege man bringing fresh veges & delicious melons to the front gate every Saturday morning .... milkman & postie always chirpy & ready for a chat & kind to us children. Getting on the bus on my own at the age of 8 & spending the day at the swimming pool. Walking 20 minutes into town & 20 minutes back as little children, & enjoying every moment of it. No television until I was 12, so went to bed every night with a good book, & the cat snuggled beneath my blanket .... & denying it was there when my dad popped his head around the door & said "you haven't let that cat in through the window, have you?" But he told me years later that he knew I had. Playing in the park with my brother until we were called in for dinner ... climbing the trees .... my brother was two years older & always got to be Tarzan, whilst I was Jane left at home with the baby! I so longed for a gender-reversal! Wonderful memories of a childhood when it was safe to wave our mum goodbye at nine in the morning & we would only return for a quick drink & sandwich at lunchtime, & then out into the fresh air again. Your poem has evoked so many precious memories of a much simpler but safer time. Thankyou.

21 Nov, 2011


Lovely poem.
Yes, I remember some of those days. Sad that life has changed in many ways for the worst and in many ways for the better. Odd how the things that make life easier and more comfortable also make life less safe and more fearful, more full of crimes and violence. Rather odd indeed and this poem brings that to light!
I will save this poem in faves. Thanks for posting it.
Do you now who wrote it?

22 Nov, 2011


Brilliant oh for those days back again, but then would we be happy I think not. Fantastic memories put down on paper for us to read and appreciate what a good idea. Really lovely to read thanks Rose.

22 Nov, 2011


Lovely Rose and added to favs.
As with everything though not all things in the bygone days were better...

22 Nov, 2011


Thanks Lil,Lulu and Hywell for your lovely comments and you also Kev, I don't think things will ever be like that again . Thanks Dywllis for the stories of your childhood, I'm sure we've all got plenty of those.Thanks Angie , you've hit the nail on the head about being comfortable and an easier life.I think perhaps in those days everything was appreciated more and now everything is taken for granted.Thanks Olive and Lincs.Olive ,I think you are so right about that.Thanks to those of you who put it down as a favourite.

22 Nov, 2011


Life is still like that in many places. In St Lucia in the Caribbean there is abject poverty for many, but the people seem content and happy and they are certainly friendly. It's not good for us to have too much is makes us greedy. I thank God for what I have often and when I start to hanker after more stuff (as I often do, because I am not a very good person! ;) I give myself a good talking too and remind myself of how blessed I am to have been born at this time, in this country and with my family and friends. We don't know we're born half the time There's something satisfying about being able to make do with very little as get a sense of real achievement when you make a meal of left-overs or decorate your own home. I like that. I wouldn't like to be very rich...but compared to those in real poverty in St Lucia and elsewhere, I am very very rich! Thanks for this Rose. :)

23 Nov, 2011


This is just lovely, Rose! It reminds me of running out in the morning with Margaret to what we called the 'big' field,
(it wasn't!) during the late summer, and building a wee den with the haybales! And then, when we'd finished, we dragged them all back to where we'd found them, our Mum had us well trained! :0)x thank you!xO

23 Nov, 2011


Thanks Karensusan,you are so right about that.We have never been well off but we have always been happy.We struggled for years and its only now that we are a little bit better off as we are older , that we definitely appreciate what we have got.I have never bought a raffle ticket in my life as we have never wanted alot of money.I think some of the amounts people win only cause unhappiness in the end.
I could just imagine you and Margaret running about in those fields, Elizabeth.It just proves that the simple things in life are the best.

24 Nov, 2011

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