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In between the showers in late June.


Instead of a slow walk through the garden this June , I think we better just have a look at the best .We’ll come in through the back gate and pass the lilies on the way in…

These Lilies are now 16 years old , are not in the sun , but flower every year without any problems.
We’re passing the little border now . It changes nearly every year. This year I’ve gone mad on Heucheras, thanks to Karen Susan!

musn’t forget my favourite of all roses, Bonica.

It was late flowering this year and the rain has made it droop a little. Off we go past the box hedge which hasn’t had its trim yet this year and on to the lovely lemon scented philadelphis (P. Lemonoii) which fills the garden with its gorgeous perfume.

the Escallonia " apple blossom" must be enjoying the wet weather!

the Philadelphis hasn’t come into flower yet, which is strange as it is usually in full bloom by now, so we’ll skip this one and we are now coming up to some of the roses…




St. Swithun

Icecream The perfume is gorgeous and the flowers are as big as the palm of your hand.

Rhapsody in Blue

Graham Thomas This is a cutting from the main plant which I’m training as a climber.

Fragrant Cloud

Brother Cadfael

L.D. Braithwaite

Unfortunately, I do not have a name for this one as it was a free gift a few years ago from a magazine.

And another nameless one!

The Mary Rose
there are many more roses to look at , but the rain has spoilt a few of them , so that will have to wait for another DRY day!
We’ll take a look at the shrub garden now and the choisya sundance is excelling itself this year. close to it is the Astrantia Hadspens Blood, but doesn’t seem as red as it usually is.

Right for those of you still with us , we’ll have a quick look at the pond area and bog garden I did earlier this year. As you know I put as many plants at the back so that the water lily could get a bit more sunshine. Whats that! You will also notice that the pond has a lot of duck weed on it. My hubby does this to protect young newts and frogs as it is a wild life pond as well.

This is a view from the back of the pond .

Just as we pass the pond area there is the Niobe clematis with a white one. No name for this one. Any ideas?
We have almost come to the end of our little walk and I hope you all enjoyed it. There isn’t as many flowers in bloom yet , so have them to look forward to. Thankyou for joining me. One last look as you all leave.

Oops, must have been so busy chatting that we forgot to look at the clematis. Never mind, next time.

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your garden looks lovely rose, that philadelphus, lemon scented sounds wonderful and i love the pond with the yellow flags and that white feathery plume.
so many lovely things but that astrantia is amazing so is graham thomas, fragrant cloud and i love the sound of ice cream!!

2 Jul, 2012


Thanks, Rose, I enjoyed sharing your garden walk.
Your heucheras and roses are lovely.
Everything looks so lush and colourful !

That's kind of your hubby to try to protect the newts and frogs.
Do you have many of those this year ?

2 Jul, 2012


Thanks Stickie, the feathery plume thing is Aruncus Goats Beard. The lemon scent is all around the garden and it lasts for ages. I like your new avator.
Thanks Terra , yes we have lots of both. Its great to sit and watch the newts in the pond. Hubby will sit there for ages watching them.
I 've got to apologise to you both and anyone else who sees this blog, but I put the same rose in twice. The other one should have been Cottage rose. They are very similar, though.

2 Jul, 2012


A frog lives in my garden, but I have no pond, so no newts.
It must be fun watching them all :o)

2 Jul, 2012


no need to apologise rose!! im sure all your roses are are worth looking at twice!! thank you for the name ~ i didnt realise it had scent too, how lovely. thanks Rose ~ its a place i love.

2 Jul, 2012


Lovely blog. Lovely garden and gorgeous flowers

2 Jul, 2012


Wonderful! Thank you so much for the tour Rose. I must say, that last look back up the garden path makes me want to go around again! :-))

2 Jul, 2012


Looks lovely!

2 Jul, 2012


Your Roses are just wonderful Rose. I really like St Swithun and Brother Cadfael.......they are the same photograph!!!!!! ;o/

2 Jul, 2012


Thankyou Rose, I enjoyed having a wander around your garden, there is so much of interest to see and admire. Your roses are gorgeous, I think its going to be another good year for them, my lilies are just budding up, I love them and my blue iris are in flower in the ponds but the tall yellow ones are miles behind yours....

2 Jul, 2012


Stickie, its the Lemonoii Philadeplhus that is perfumed , not the Aruncus, sorry.
Thanks Sheilar and Muddy, pleased you enjoyed it.
Thanks Lil also. Hallo Linda, I realised afterwards that I did 2 the same. I will rectify the rest of the roses in the photo page. Thanks Lincs, Its amazing how everything is doing so well. Some of my roses , though, just don't like the rain and have gone to mush. Last years blog in June was so much better.

2 Jul, 2012


You've got so many lovely roses.
I always like to see those yellow flag irises. They remind me of my botany teacher when I was in school :o)

2 Jul, 2012


You have a lovely garden Rose1949, especially love the roses :)))

2 Jul, 2012


Your photos are a real treat to see and your roses are beautiful, there are some lovely shades of pink amongst them. It was lovely taking a 'quick sprint' around your garden!

I shall take my umbrella and have another look and take my time!

2 Jul, 2012


Thank you Rose - that was great! Your garden looks lovely, and the roses are beautiful. It's amazing how so many plants are responding to the small amount of sunshine we are getting - I am praying that they will get enough to perform as close to their potential as possible. I don't think we have had half an hour of dry weather today!

2 Jul, 2012


Thank god for the Roses, they seem to be loving this weather & giving us a lovely show :-)

2 Jul, 2012


I am the same.....Iceburg is the one that is suffering with me, it is going brown before opening. :o(

3 Jul, 2012


thanks for the garden tour Rose, lots there to inspire and beautiful photos. i love your garden and the pond is so well planted up.

3 Jul, 2012


Thank you Rose your virtual tour has really cheered me up on yet another dull dreary rainy day. I think we have much to be grateful for when in such horrible weather the roses can put on such a good show. I love the layout of your garden with so many interesting twists and turns, it does you proud.

3 Jul, 2012



3 Jul, 2012


Beautiful garden :o)

3 Jul, 2012


Oh that was beautiful, what a lovely walk I had. :o)

3 Jul, 2012


Wow, what a lot of lovely comments, I'm touched. Right, first of all, thanks Hywel, but why do the irises remind you of your botany teacher? They do so well as they are bog irises and love being wet. No problem this year! Lol.
Thanks Michaella, Resi, Marion1 and Annella. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will be putting some more roses on when the rain stops! Will it ever stop!!!
I'm glad you enjoyed your"sprint" Chris. I would have taken you around all of the garden and shown all the roses if it hadn't been so wet. I hope you had better weather in Province!
Thanks Mel, they're nowhere near as good as last years blog in June.Have a look at that and you will see the difference in the whole garden, not just the roses.
Thanks Willinillie, if you took my roses away, our garden would look really dull this year. I'm still waiting to put some bedding plants in. Everytime I put some in, they get eaten.Today, I decided to pot some more on into much bigger pots so that they will be strong enough to survive the slugs.
My Iceburgs Linda, are managing to shrug the weather off at the moment. The worst one is Geoff Hamilton as it has gone to mush.
Thanks Stroller, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I didn't show the woodland garden as it has got so overgrown, especially with the euphorbias.
Last, but not least, thankyou so much Barbara. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. The allotment , landscaped part is just about ready to show in a blog, and I did put an arch around my seat!

3 Jul, 2012


looking forward to it Rose - glad about the arch. x B

3 Jul, 2012


Love all your roses ,rose.... I love the path way with all the plants flowing over it .. and the pond too ... Makes me want to go round again .. you have a lovely place .

4 Jul, 2012


a parade of beautiful roses:-)))))))))

8 Jul, 2012


Yes, I thought about you, Barbara when I put the arch up!
Thanks Cristina and Junna.

8 Jul, 2012

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