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Join me for one final walk round our lovely garden !


We both decided that the stress on here that we have been living with isn’t worth staying here any more ! I know that some of you may think we have given in to these bullies, but at the end of the day, I have to consider my husbands health and our peace of mind.
Its funny how things happen, you could call it fate, but a bungalow in a village were I used to live with my parents years ago came up. As we were going on holiday soon, we wouldn’t have considered it, but we viewed it , fell in love with it and move into it before our holidays the end of May!
The only downside for me is the size of the garden. I have been spoilt here , having all this land , but going smaller doesn’t necessarily mean that it couldn’t be a lovely garden ! New Project ! I have looked at a lot of your gardens, some being small and all of them have been made beautiful. It has given me inspiration. Karen Susan, your garden, I always thought was very large and was surprised that it wasn’t and look what you’ve done to that ! Its amazing ! Barbara ( Olive Oil ) Lincslass (Sue) and I could mention many more have done wonders with their gardens ! In fact there are so many of you that have made their gardens lovely, it would fill a page !
So, all my goy friends, enjoy your walk !

Lovely Bonica ! And incase you are wondering, I took cuttings of this, my favourite of all the roses, so I will have it at the new home.

Just thought I’d slip this one in ! Hubbies train room, but hopefully there will be a new one built in the garage at our new home !

It looks like we will have to find a new home for this arbour seat in the next garden !
Just a few of my favourite roses !

We’ll just have one last look at the allotment !

Goodbye Willow Cottage We’ll miss you !

Don’t be sad for us, my friends , despite all the problems, we have had some happy times over the years. I will keep popping in to look at your blogs , but as you all know, moving house is a big thing and will take up most of my time ! Thanks for your support and friendship. xxx

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Hi Rose,just had a walk through your garden and loved it.
Not sure if I have read any of your blogs in the past but only just came back on here for the first time in a couple of years and noticed this.
Sorry to see you go, but we all have priorities at times which is why I gave it a rest.
Some beautiful pix here and I hope you continue at your new place.All the best for you and hubby in the future.
Richard xx

24 Apr, 2013


Oh that is a shame, but sometimes these things have to be done, and sounds like you need to move. You will have your photos and memories, and the challenge will give you a new lease of life once you have recovered from the move. I wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

24 Apr, 2013


Forgot to say, your garden is lovely, and the roses especially.

24 Apr, 2013


Hi Rose
Your garden and your train scenes are wonderful.

I know very well how debilitating it is to live next door to unkind, self-centred bullies ...

The health of yourself and your husband is very important, and it is extremely wearying to endure day after day of animosity from neighbours.

I'm so glad you've found the bungalow. You'll soon make the garden idyllic and I wish you both many years of happiness there.


24 Apr, 2013


Hi Rose, firstly im really annoyed the reason you've decided to leave whats been many years of a truly loved garden to these bullies,

But im a great believer in fate and i do believe someone or something (up there) looks after us,

peace perfect peace is a saying i use a lot and like you we made the mistake of buying our first house with a large garden but also an estate at the rear of this garden and again like you it broke my heart when we left it fully filled with everything a garden thats loved should have,
But the area was getting worse by the minute as more and more housing estates appeared all around us,

We now live here in france and infact have a garden twice the size we had in the uk,
It was the case of starting again but this time with lot more experience than the first time.

You've done the best thing you could but dont make the mistake of going back to look at what was your garden,

Just keep the memouries you have of what it was like when you had it.
Now that saying ive just tole you about "peace perfect peace"!!!!

It's no good always having in the back of your mind while your not there if anyone has broken into your garden, or damaged your property is it?
You can live a better life without that sort of thing so good on you for taking that big big step and walking away.

So i hope you now can relax and enjoy the time in peace perfect peace.

If not have a think about coming on a visit here to this part of france "Limousin"

We live deep in the countryside its so quiet i swear to could hear a mouse fart.

Good lucK "ROSE".
And i did enjoy the walk around your garden but im looking forward to an invitation to walking around the new garden too.

24 Apr, 2013


I really enjoyed my walk round your garden Rose, such fabulous roses! So sorry you have to leave it but I understand your reasons. Hope you enjoy the challenge of making a new garden and when you're ready hope you'll show it to us.

Good luck with the move!

24 Apr, 2013


Hello, Rose
I haven't been here long enough to know about your problems, but I do have my own experience about the time when we need to change direction. And I wouldn't do it different now. So, keep all the good memories and have a fresh fresh start.
I love your roses and the different spaces you built in the garden.
Good luck!

24 Apr, 2013


Things are meant to be I think, your garden is lovely as you say and you will miss it but bungalow living is great and a smaller garden means a new canvas to play with and lots of new plants and old favorites to find
Have fun x

24 Apr, 2013


Thanks Richard and nice to "meet" you !
Thankyou so much, Cinderella. I think it will give us both a new lease of life ! I'm looking forward to sorting out the new garden! 60 roses altogether, Cinderella and have taken cuttings of all my favourites. This I did last year when we thought we might move then, but decided to give it one last chance !
Thankyou Terra. I know you, more than most understood what we have been through ! Thankyou for your kindness and support. xxxxxxxxxx
What can I say, Dungy ! First of all, its nice to meet you and hope you enjoy being on goy. Secondly, I read your letter and then read it again to my husband and I then burst into tears ! What a lovely lovely letter ! You said exactly the right things at the right time ! Peace, perfect peace is what I hope we get ! Thankyou.
Thanks Louisa, I appreciate it ! Watch this space ! Hahaa!
Thanks Spennygarden. I'm a firm believer in fate and I think this has come at the right time for us !

24 Apr, 2013


All my good wishes and thoughts go with you Rose, I think you have made a very tough decission but a right one.
I know that your new garden will reflect your personality,
a sanctuary that you and your husband can deservedly enjoy.
Look forward to when you will be blogging and sharing your new garden with us.
Hugs xxxxxxxxxx

24 Apr, 2013


Best wishes for a long and happy life together in your new home Rose. I believe that getting rid of the stress will have a good effect on your OHs health. I look forward to seeing what you do in your new garden. If you wait a year to see what grows before making big decisions on its future, it will give you plenty of time to sort out the new house and railway. Don't be a stranger to us on GOY.

24 Apr, 2013


Rose, I think you are making the right decision for you and your husband, have no regrets, life is mapped out and we just have to go with the flow.

You will soon have your new garden up and running and I am so looking forward to seeing it in all its glory. It is always sad to leave a garden that you have worked so hard on and your lovely allotment will be missed by you both. But you have all your photographic memories and that will keep you both happy.

I hope you haven't had to move too far away let me know when you get settled in whereabouts you are. I am hoping to get over to Caistor in the summer to look at the Crocosmia collection in the village there. Maybe we could meet up and have a coffe out that way if you are able to and not too busy with house moving. It will not be before July I think as that is the time when the Crocosmia start to be at their best.

A bungalow, oh wow you are going to be busy with all your plans and moving and garden designs and train room. Good luck Rose you deserve a nice peaceful life and I am sure you will have that in your new home together. Look forward to seeing your new pictures as and when you are both settled in and up and running again. Love to you both and enjoy the new place together. x :O) B

ps. love the blog and all the pictures it was a lovely walk through memory lane. Thanks B :O)

24 Apr, 2013


Enjoyed my beautiful walk around your garden. It's not a question of giving in to anyone or anything but doing whats right for you and your husband and you are moving onto better things! Good luck with the move and I look forward to seeing your exciting new project take shape once you have settled. Being smaller adds to the challenge which I'm sure you will enjoy!

24 Apr, 2013


Rose I was both saddened and angry when reading your blog, thinking of you having to leave your home and beautiful gardens and the reasons ( Less said about those is the way forward).
That must have been tough for you but in my heart and mind I know you have made the right decision, the health and peace of mind for both you and hubby must come first, I'm pleased to hear you have found a place you like and it sounds lovely even more so as you obviously have happy memories of the village from when you were there before, my youngest had to move 3yrs ago Rose, she is like me and loves her gardening, they went from a garden even bigger than mine to a quarter of the size and already she has incorporated everything that was in her large space, its just done on a smaller scale except for the pond which is bigger, lol, I have no doubt that with your expertise and love of gardening you will soon be enjoying doing the same with your new garden and I look forward to joining you along the way.
I did enjoy the walk with you and it was taken with a lump in my throat but onwards and upwards Rose, I wish you and hubby every happiness in your new home especially to be able to relax and enjoy it being the main thing and hope its not too long before you get settled and are able to invite us into your new garden for another walk with you.
Take care Rose, Sue XX

24 Apr, 2013


I hope you are soon settled and happy growing a new garden. Good that you have cuttings of favourite plants.
After a really rough spell I found comfort in a phrase by Neitche. 'That which does not kill you makes you stronger!' Well I didnt die and am pretty much in the happiest place I've been for a long while.

All the best for your move.

24 Apr, 2013


Rose I so enjoyed that walk round your beautiful garden.
(And that train room was totally maxing!)This blog will be something to keep and look at with pleasure in the future as you see all the good wishes from your Goy friends. I once heard somebody say "There's never a way out, only a way forward" - so as the Gardener's Question Time phrase has it, "Onward and upward!"
With all your experience and knowledge the prospect of making a new and different garden will be exciting as well as daunting.
So here's wishing you straightforward removals, no hitches and some lovely new neighbours!

24 Apr, 2013


I really enjoyed the trip round your garden, I wish you well with your move, and, with your gardening talent I am sure a new garden will give you great pleasure.
What a lovely time of year to begin a new project.

24 Apr, 2013


It's lovelyandvery colourful Rose.I'm sure you'll make your new garden just as beautiful! I really liked your seating (table and chairs)area. I wish I had a prickly visitor to my garden like you do...shame u can't take him/ her with you to control the slugs!
A very nice blog!

24 Apr, 2013


Dear Rose, I wish you both well when you move into your new home, dont feel too sad at leaving, your former garden is huge and maybe as the saying goes, 'things are meant to be', you can have a snug but fabulous garden, one that suits you both and it will soon be overflowing with love and flowers. Hopefully you have taken cuttings and have potted up plants that you need and will remind you of your old garden. Willow cottage is beautiful and so was this blog and now it is time to pass it on to another carer. Good luck, hope hubby takes all his trains and buildings with him, that will give him a focus come the autumn! Let us know, when you can, how things are going. Dont stay away too long will you? Byee for now. x

24 Apr, 2013


It is certainly a beautiful garden you have there Rose, but I am confident your next garden will be equally as beautiful whatever the size. Take care of yourselves and good luck with the move. I look forward to seeing you back in the near future!

24 Apr, 2013


Having lived next door to a bully I know how you feel, our lives were made miserable by our neighbour, ended up in court, we moved here 23 years ago and love it. Good luck in your new home here's to the new garden!

24 Apr, 2013


hi Rose! What a beautiful garden you've made...I've never seen it like this before, it's really lovely. I feel very sad for you leaving it, but also excited about your new home. Isn't it amazing that you have been led back to the village of your childhood. I can understand that...I would really love to live in the village where we lived when I was small. I most likely never shall, but it is probably the only place in England I can ever see myself...or London if I was loaded!
I really hope your new home will be a place of peace and joy for many years to come. One great stairs to vacuum...I hate that job! :D Do come back to us as soon as you can! We can't wait to see your new project, and thank you for mentioning me. If I have managed to help you believe a smaller garden can be lovely, well, that's really a lovely achievement! Xx

24 Apr, 2013


P.s. added to my favourites...the perfect English garden!

24 Apr, 2013


Good luck with the move, it must be sad to leave but you'll be so much better off somewhere where you can enjoy your home and garden without people causing you stress. Your new home sounds like it was meant to be, I hope you'll be very happy living there :o)

24 Apr, 2013


Thanks Stroller for your lovely message and hope to be showing the before and after pics. The trouble is that it will have to wait until after the holiday ! Something to look forward to coming home to !
My hubby was happy go lucky when we came here 14 years ago , so it will be nice to see him back to his old self.
As for the garden, well...most of it will be going and then borders will be made ! Can't wait !
Hello Barbara, what a lovely letter and what a lovely idea about meeting up. I'll send you a p.m. tomorrow.
I've forgotten that there are nice people out there. Your letter was so touching, out came the hanky again !
Hubby and I will also get more quality time together as he has always been a " gardening widower !" Hahaa !
Thanks Lizemc for your kind wishes.
Sue....what can I had the lump in your throat and I got the hankie out again ! We are leaving a lot behind, including 2 ponds and the summer house as hubby can't dig the ponds out and the new garden certainly doesn't have room, but as he always says.."Its only money , and it doesn't bring happiness !" I shall still be logging in from time to time ! You don't get rid of me that easily ! Lol

24 Apr, 2013


Pleased to hear that Rose, you know where we are if and when you have the time, xx...

24 Apr, 2013


We've only recently became friends, Rose, so I was unaware of the problems you & your OH were having.
I'm sorry to hear that!
Now, however, it's time for a new chapter in your ongoing adventure in life with the chance to try to improve on the perfection you've already achieved.
That's one heck of a challenge you face, now we've all seen what you can do. Lol.
We WILL expect regular updates, so don't think we're letting you off the hook. ;-)
You're a Goyer...always will be.
Walk in Peace. x

25 Apr, 2013


Thankyou Seaburngirl, thankyou for those comforting words. You are so right !
Thankyou so much Steragram. I can't believe all the lovely messages I have had ! You Goyers are just great !
Thanks Lizziebee, we couldn't have wished for a better time to move !
Thanks Paulthegard, unfortunately that picture was taken a few years ago and haven't seen a hedgehog since then !
Hello Grandmage, ever since we found this bungalow , only last week, I might add, I have been out there every day digging up plants, climbers, roses ( cuttings I had done last year ) and most importantly all of my hubbies favourite Rhody's ! Wouldn't dare leave without them ! Hopefully by the winter , the train room will be up and running as well !
Thanks Michaella for your kind words !
Thanks Sewingkilla, unfortunately there wasn't just one bully on here, all the committee men and their friends !
Hello Karen, I took different angles of the garden this time and not all from the same year , which is why it probably looked different ! We moved to this village when I left school at 15 and stayed there until I married my first husband. Years later I went back again to be near my mum as she was ill. My dad died when he was only 59. I am pleased I did , as I had another year with mum before she died. I then met my wonderful hubby and left there once again . Now I'm going back, but wish my parents were still there too ! I'm really looking forward to starting a new project with this garden. Thanks for putting it down as one of your favourites, it was ours too ! Still new beginnings and all that !
Thankyou so much Geranium Gem, I think so too ! always make me smile ! Thankyou. I need a lot of those at the moment ! I shall keep popping in to check on you ! Hahaa ! When we sorted out the moving date , apart from getting the tv set up ( Corrie and Emmerdale !) the most important thing is to get my computer up and running ! Hahaa!

25 Apr, 2013


Then my job here is done.

25 Apr, 2013


I seemed to have missed you, Scotsgran and Pamg ! Thankyou both so much for your kind messages. I couldn't believe I had got such a big response ! There are some nice people in the world, especially on here !

25 Apr, 2013


Oh Rose, I am sorry to read of this move but can certainly understand your reason for doing so, having had some problem neighbours in the past. A bunch of lads who slept most of the day and then played guitars all through the night! Not forgetting the female drummer practising out in the garage ... they never did become famous rock stars! We potted up many favourite plants & shrubs for the new garden, much to the dismay of the removal men! Joking apart, you will find it both a sad and happy move, and, like us, I'm sure you'll revel in the challenge of creating a new garden. Steady and slow though, Rome wasn't built in a day. Best wishes to you and OH for the future ... and enjoy your holiday too! :o)x

25 Apr, 2013


Don't worry Rose enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed and ready to cope with whatever comes your way. Remember to take "before" pictures won't you. Lifes for living so enjoy.

25 Apr, 2013


This brought a tear to my eye Rose.

I hope that you will love your new home and garden.

What a lovely time of year to move and I know how very pretty that new garden will be when you get your hands on it!!!

(P.S. It wasn't Ken Barlow by the way!!!)

25 Apr, 2013


What a lovely garden Rose. I too do not the problems you have been having as I've not been on here that long. But very good wishes to your and your as we all know, is short, so go for it and be happy.:))))

26 Apr, 2013


Hi Rose - what a beautiful garden you have shown us here and what a great shame for you to have to leave it. It sounds like you are making the right choice though and what an exciting time, being able to plan a new garden and make it just as wonderful as this looks! With all best wishes to you and your husband - here's to an easy move and happy gardening times ahead!

26 Apr, 2013


Hi Rose.
I'm afraid all your other friends on Goy have said exactly what I feel and I too would wish you and your husband lots of Joy and Happiness in your new home and garden.
I look forward to reading your next blog :-))

26 Apr, 2013


Mouldy....Your nuts ! Hahaa !
Thanks Shirley for your lovely letter. Yesterday I was so excited! Today ...more tears ! I do hope we've made the right decision !
Hello Chris, thanks , your so right and can't wait to get started ! Still thinking about Corrie ! You are so wicked !!!
Thankyou Cosmosjane, for your kind wishes.
Thankyou also, Swanky. Its lovely to know people really care !

26 Apr, 2013


Yeah, but don't tell anyone, Rose.
It'll be our wee secret. Lol.

26 Apr, 2013


Hello Rose
I wish you much joy and peace in your new home.
It will be lovely to create a new garden.
By the way I live not too far away from you at
Enjoy the challenge.
Best wishes

26 Apr, 2013


Try to look at it as a new and happy start - you are definitely doing the right thing moving away from hassle. Nbody needs that, and as others have said, it makes you ill. as well as unhappy. Your health and wellbeing must come first - and it's obvious that you have the skills to create a new 'haven'. Of course you'll miss your garden - but you seem to be taking most of it with you! :-D)

Do take some 'before' photos when you move in, as we'd all like to see them. Hope the move goes smoothly.

27 Apr, 2013


Well Rose,we go away for a few days,and I miss all this news ! Anyway,I hope you didn't think I wasn't interested,by not leaving a comment..I am glad you have both come to a decision,and it really must be fate,that the Bungalow came up for just couldn't miss it,could you? So many lovely memories for you in the village too..

Your new garden will be just as wonderful at your new home ,as your present one,but in a different will still have your stamp on it,whatever you decide to plant..I am so pleased for you both,and yes,it will be hard work,but so worth the effort..we moved into our Bungalow 11 years ago,and it was the best move ever..more time to spend outside instead of having lots of cleaning to do..good luck to you both,and you never know,we might still be able to meet up at Brigg GC sometime..:o) XXX
PS..what's with Ken Barlow then ? Lol..

27 Apr, 2013


When we were on holiday, an actor from Corrie was staying at the same hotel! Rose is a BIG fan and I asked her to guess who it was! She tried and failed so I told her in an email!
I bet you'd like a guess too now Bloomer - he is quite hunky!

27 Apr, 2013


I guessed you would reply,Chris..:o) hope you had a good holiday,so did we ...racking my brains now..hope it isn't Norris,or Dev !...Lol...Jason or Ryan?

28 Apr, 2013


Rose good luck to you ,you lovely lady and lovely gardener and you OH , I am sure we will soon be seeing some photo,s of a brand new garden sometimes in life comes a challenge that brings new beginning and happiness we never expected :-)

28 Apr, 2013


Lovely photos, I can just smell those roses. We moved about 18 months ago to our bungalow, leaving a farmhouse with 27 acres and a 1 acre lake. We had to move due to OH s health problems. Although people said "how can you bear to leave all this" , it was the best thing we ever did. I can now spend quality time both in the garden and with my grandchildren. It is great fun planning and changing your new garden, you will love every minute of it. In fact my friend who lives in a house very much like the one we had, says she is thinking of moving as she is jealous of what we are doing now. I have even taken up golf to keep OH company, but maybe that is a step to far lol xx

28 Apr, 2013


Dear Bloomer - it was Rob, and very nice he was too!!!

28 Apr, 2013


Yes,very nice Chris..:o) no sneaky pic of him then ?..Lol.

28 Apr, 2013


You will miss such a lovely, cared-for garden, but look at it this way Rose: new project, new lease of life! Lots of luck in your new garden . . .

29 Apr, 2013


Thankyou Marjorie. Fancy you living so close and I've never come across you before either ! I will have to look at your blogs now !
Thanks Spritzhenry, You should see all the plants in pots at the moment ! Well over 100 ! This garden is so big that you don't even notice they've gone ! LOl.
Hello Sandra, I wondered where you were ! It happened so quickly ! We just went for it and didn't stop to think !
That would be nice to meet up at Brigg and just a little bit nearer as well ! Thanks for your best wishes . I'm sending you a p.m.
Thanks Julia, as there is a little conservatory at the back of the bungalow , I could paint in there. I should have more time for that ! Well, when the front and back garden are landscaped and ALL my plants from here put in their new home !
Thankyou Kidsgran , this does feel so right now at this time in our lives. Can't wait !
Wow, Jenfren, 27 acres ! How could you bear to leave it !
We haven't got anywhere near that here , but I'm actually looking forward to downsizing now ! Thankyou for your lovely letter. Hubby won't be a "gardening widower" anymore ! lol
Thanks Sheilabub, My son has often said " there's one more project in you yet, Mum !"

29 Apr, 2013


Beautiful garden...but I am sure the next one will be as beautiful. Once a Gardener – Always a Gardener.
Good luck Rose

29 Apr, 2013


How very true, Klahanie ! Thankyou.

1 May, 2013


I don't know how I missed this...

Sad to have to leave your home and garden, Rose, but you have done the right thing. Peace of mind is the most important thing : stress and anxiety are killers.
Good luck! :-)))

22 May, 2013


Best Wishes to you and your hubby.......God Bless you and your new home.

21 Jun, 2013


Found it Rose.....and what a beautiful garden you had created......and what 🌹 amazing....and an allotment as well...... I can see why you loved it so much....such hard work.....reading through all the lovely must have been very moved and loved by so many people.....where have they all gone? ........such a pity.we never know what’s around the corner do we?

9 Sep, 2020


Just found this Dotty as we have just come back from a holiday in Norfolk.
You are so right as we don't know what is round the corner and don't think I want to !
It's a shame when other goyers have just left. One I particularly missed was Mouldy. He was so funny, but I believe quite ill.
Thank you for looking at this blog.

12 Sep, 2020


The one I miss is Michaella, I loved following her in the garden, she closed one account down years ago but then opened another, haven't heard from her in ages...

13 Sep, 2020


Shame isn’t it......when people just disappear....because you never know the circumstances...

18 Sep, 2020

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