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Part 4 of the new garden.


I thought I would give you all a couple of days off before starting again ! Wouldn’t want you to get bored ! Hahaa!
On the border side of the garage , there was only weeds , mint and more bramble, some of it had rooted itself underneath the garage ! It was a very narrow border, so the first thing was to widen it. I put my Photinia in first next to the arch, the idea being that it would grow and continue the other side of the evergreen hedge. Unfortunately, the men who moved us were like a bull in a china shop and were rushing about so quickly , especially with all the plants, that the Photinia was smashed and after managing to rescue it, was now only half its original size ! I was not amused ! I also had the Amalenchier
tree in a very large pot and one man actually fell into it, bending it ! But, like the Photinia, it survived !
In the border I put a Persicaria, and various shade plants as this side is facing the east. My Skimmia Japonica Rubella seems quite happy there as does the Heuchera and Berginias. The border still looked a bit empty , so one day Rick and I went plant hunting and bought two Hydrangeas. One is the well known white Annabelle and the other unnamed. Rick chose an evergreen tree to finish the border off. Tagetes , previously grown from Willow Cottage and French Marigolds finished it off.

I’d placed my chickens there originally to fill a space !

As the garage was rather gloomy, Rick found some paint in the garage and it turned out to be a nice green, which sets the plants off. I had painted my old obelisk black , but this particular clematis isn’t doing at all well and may have to get something new ! Good excuse to go out to garden centres !

Its still looking bare ! I hung the garden clock up and bought two more hanging baskets, a bargain at £3.99 complete !

The next little , and I mean little bit of garden was nothing at all ! Just full of weeds and bricks, AGAIN !
This was Rick’s little project . On a good day , he can do a bit of gardening and this was just the right size for him. The pictures show the before and after, which includes a white Buddlia and Weigela Rubra . We did originally also put a Philadelphus here , but moved that eventually to another part of the garden as it wouldn’t have got enough sun ! He painted this garage wall cream, which is actually the back of my neighbours garage ! I don’t know why the hedge wasn’t continued up to our garage. There was quite a bit of clearing up to do here!

Of course I add to hang baskets up there for a bit of colour. You might notice that the clock has been put onto the garage now and the sun and moon on here. Adding the lizard , I think gives it a bit of a Spanish feel, do you think ! I found these lovely pelagoniums and trailing fuschia at a nursery near us. I love the colour !

This last one is looking through the arch way…

So this is the whole of the back garden finished. The last picture gives you a wider look at it all…

So, it just leaves me the front garden to show you !
Have a cuppa , then we’ll go round the front……………


So…here we are….only a small front garden with grass and only one little border.

The cherry tree, although old was absolutely beautiful.
This is the ideal rose garden, facing south, full sun all day ! Clay soil, although very hard, perfect for roses !
The first thing I had to do was to dig out borders all the way round. I had bought 15 roses with me , most of them last years cuttings. Easy , I thought….no….It was so HARD ! In some places, especially near the brick wall, I had to use a hammer and crowbar, just to get through the clay ! But, you know me…I don’t give up ! I spent days and days on this and the excitement of seeing all my roses here spurred me on! When I got to one piece of ground that just wouldn’t open up, I just thought to myself “you can do this !” Its a good job Rick didn’t see me doing this ! I started this 2 weeks before we moved in and as Rick had stayed at the cottage , could carry on without him having a nervous breakdown ! Hahaa!

Now for the best bit…my roses !
As they are still quite young, they haven’t really shown up in the garden pictures , especially when the Cherry tree kept catching my head every time I tried to get closer ! You can imagine what its like when I cut the grass ! I have to keep my head low ! lol So I have put some on individually which are doing really well now .

This is Just Joey and what is amazing about this is the fact that in the other garden, it never even looked like this ! It was probably the fact that it never got much sun there!

The Mary Rose

Rhapsody in Blue This one I dug up and not a cutting, but like Just Joey, it has thrived here and it is still in full flower with plenty more to come !

St Swithuns

Hot Chocolate, a present from Elizabeth last Christmas. It has just gone over in this picture. The next one is before it was planted.

All the other roses hadn’t flowered when I took these pictures including a cutting I did of my favourite , Bonica. I’ll have to show you these another day.
I’ll leave you with a last look at the garden through the window.
All done now ! Phew ! I can sit back now and look at all your blogs! Thank you for following them. It’ll be your turn next Karen Susan !

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I am just in awe of everything you have done Rose.

It is so lovely to see that your precious roses have found a new home and look happy and healthy. The cherry tree is spectacular isn't it?

You have both turned a very neglected space into a beautiful,much loved garden.

17 Sep, 2013


Oh ,what a transformation,Rose....I love both your gardens,and your roses seem to be loving their new home,and the clay must be as strong as an Ox to do all that digging,and wielding a Crowbar too !
I still haven't looked at parts 2 and 3 yet! as I just saw this tonight..I will keep them for tomorrow now:o)
I am in awe of you as well,but I know you have loved every minute..and that makes all the difference..xx

17 Sep, 2013


Wonderful ... I know exactly how you felt when faced with getting through that clay ... each and every time I plant something here I throw in compost and grit which has really helped to open up the clay. You must feel such a sense of satisfaction when you look out on to your gardens now ... but will you just stop and enjoy it for a while!!! By the way ... the grasses you sent me some time ago are thriving ... :o)

17 Sep, 2013


What a lot you've achieved in such a short time! it all looks so settled, as if its been there for ages! Its great that your roses are doing so well so soon - they are saying thank you for the dreadful hard clay you kindly gave them!
The cherry blossom is something you'll be looking forward to every spring, and what a bonus to have it there already and mature.

17 Sep, 2013


oh my goodness! I can't believe how much you've done! You don't shirk do you Rose! Wow, that's incredible and it all looks really beautiful! Your roses look fantastic...they are enjoying the sun and the clay! Now, you've laid the gauntlet at my feet, but I have to concede! There's no way I can get my new garden sorted in one season like you! no way! oh, and I do hope that when I get my fork out, I don't encounter ground like that! :) Congratulations!

17 Sep, 2013


Looks really great Rose all your ideas and hard work have really paid off.

17 Sep, 2013


What a great transformation, I especially like the repainted garage walls - they have gone from fine to fabulous! So much work in such a short time!

17 Sep, 2013


I don't know what to say Rose - I think it is amazing what you have achieved! All your plants look so happy - they all seem to have thrived and improved for being moved. You must be so thrilled. I love the cream paint on the neighbours' garage - it looks so smart. :-)

17 Sep, 2013


You deserve a long rest now Rose, it all looks stunning! I am so impressed with how you have turned this bare garden into something as special as this. I love the garage side with the Spanish feel and the colour of your garage sets the plants off very nicely. Impressive or what, Congratulations from me it is so beautiful. Clever you and O.H. well done guys.:O)))))))

18 Sep, 2013


You are really transforming the place. It looks wonderful with all the work you've put into it. I love the little front garden. People don't usually bother much with their front gardens but I always feel better when I see a nice one :o)

18 Sep, 2013


(Mouldy bows, so his head touches the mono-blocs)
You're the Ground Force team all rolled into one, Rose!
What you've achieved is simply staggering.
Come to think of it...if I'd achieved a fraction of the work I'd be staggering. Lol.
You should enter your work to the G.W. magazine.
I'm NOT kidding!
What you've managed in such a short space of time is incredible.
My hat's off to you. Well done, Rose!!!

18 Sep, 2013


Rose you deserve a gold star, not only for all you hard work in transforming boring neglected plots into lovely gardens where you can both spend many precious hours but for the courage and strength in making the move in the first place. I love it all and hope that all the future hours are happy ones.

18 Sep, 2013


You get such a wonderful effect so quickly, I don't think I plant close enough, you have achieved more in a year than I have in ....... years.

18 Sep, 2013


Rose you have worked wonders and your front garden is a delight, what a transformation and a difference you have made, I also love the garage area too, well done to Rick too.

18 Sep, 2013


The Lady who loves to dig - yes, I can see why they are calling you that now Rose - it's incredible. The amount of work both of you have achieved puts most of us to shame.
Well done!!

18 Sep, 2013


Rose you have worked wonders! The previous owners of your bungalow wouldn't recognise the old place. You obviously have an eye for colour, shape and design. It's all a credit to you :)

19 Sep, 2013


Thanks Chris, I've just loved every minute of it! I need a new project ! Any ideas !
Thanks Shirley. I'm pleased about the grasses. I love the "Pony Tail" one, don't you! I think we must have put at least 6 bags of compost in these borders for the roses, plus some well rotted manure that we bought from the garden centre. £4.99 a bag ! I couldn't believe the price and to think I used to get a large trailer load from a farm for only £6. This bag only held about 20 litres !
Karen, I will be patient ! I'm sure whatever your new garden is like, it will be lovely ! I didn't realise you were going now ! How exciting !
Thanks Drc76 and Sarahm for your comments.
Thanks Mel. The neighbour liked it so much, she painted her side of the garage !
Thank you so much Barbara. I think I will have to put a picture on here of our latest buy and then you will know I'm going to relax !
Thanks Hywel. I think the front garden always gives a good impression of the house and funnily enough a lot of the nearby neighbours are now doing theirs !
Oh, Mouldy, what can I say! Thank you ! We did actually have our last garden published in the Garden News years ago, but is run by different much younger people now and have noticed that only people with money and lots of land seem to get in there now !
Thank you Stroller. I won't deny it was hard, but it was the right decision and to be back near my parents old bungalow is a lovely feeling.
Hello Lizziebee, yes I do plant closely together, always have ! No room for weeds ! Hahaa!
Thank you from both of us, Grandmage. Rick has a good eye for colour . I wasn't sure at first , but now I love it. It seems to compliment all the plants !

19 Sep, 2013

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