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My garden still think it is summer !


My garden doesn’t have any sign of going over, so I thought I would show you what is still in flower now.
Be patient every one, there is a lot !

The trailing pelagoniums still looking good !

Beautiful Gazinias !

This is called Buphthalmum salicifolium. I can spell this better than I can pronounce it ! It just flowers and flowers from early summer until the first frosts.

I love my begonias, trailing and uprights…

Pretty Bidens, which decided not to trail like it should have done !

These two are both photos of Fuschia Lady Boothby , named after my dear Mum.

Veronicas, still going strong, Hywel !

Astrantia Hadspens Blood, although I don’t know why it’s called this as it’s not at all red !

Foxglove Illumination flowering again ! This has flowered constantly all summer and can definitely recommend this one !

Verbascums sent to me by my dear friend Elizabeth, who most of you will remember as Libet.

Echinaceas and………

Heleniums are still giving us a good show !

Its definitely been a good year for the Canna ! I have three of these now and they have all produced flowers for weeks now. They must love it in their new garden !

The Spirea is flowering again. I went round every single flower head after they had finished and cut them all off, and now have been rewarded with some more !

Achillea The Pearl . It was one of the first plants to go in the new garden and it flowered not long after that and is still flowering ! I love it !

Reliable Tagetes under the Photinia.

And last, but not least, these Delphiniums are definitely the star of the show ! I can’t believe that I only grew these in February and were left in little plug trays when we moved here in May. It was the middle of July before they went in. I was waiting for the front garden to be finished , which was why I was so late planting them. In a few weeks they started to shoot up and now look at them ! I thought , being so small, I wouldn’t have got any flowers until next year.
So, thats it folks for another year ! Unless of course the summer goes on until November ! Wouldn’t that be great!

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Wow! You are doing really well Rose! I have a Lady Boothby in a pot ready to move. Is it not supposed to be a 'climbing' Fuchsia? Yours look marvellous in those baskets! :))

3 Oct, 2013


Hi Rose ..
garden looking very colourful and lovely :o) x

3 Oct, 2013


Looking good , Rose .

3 Oct, 2013


I think your plants are making the most of their new home Rose...want the new neighbours to see them at their best :)
Your Cannas are gorgeous! The whole garden is a real credit to your hard work and dedication this year.

3 Oct, 2013


What a lot of colour! Your garden is looking wonderful Rose!

3 Oct, 2013


My goodness Rose, are you really in the same country as myself?
Your flowers are quite amazing!

3 Oct, 2013


How lucky are you? I still have a lot of plants flowering, but you seem to be doing really well.

3 Oct, 2013


Your garden is looking lovely Rose and still so much colour. I agree with what you say about Foxglove Illumination, I have three that have been flowering for months.

3 Oct, 2013


It looks beautiful, Rose. How thrilled you must be, after all your work and after moving so many plants!

3 Oct, 2013


Your garden looks lovely. It must be the local Lincolnshire air!
Glad to hear you are happy in your new home.

3 Oct, 2013


You have some lovely flowers, its great when the summer goes on and on

3 Oct, 2013


Hiya Karen, I'm confused now, my Lady Boothby IS a climbing Fuschia and the baskets have begonias in them! Is that what you meant ? Your Lady Boothby should be climbing as well, by now ! Thanks .
Hello Terra, thankyou. I'm pleased you enjoyed my blog.
Thank you Driad. Much appreciated.
Thanks Scottish, I think you are right. Most of my plants never looked this good at the other place. Its also been nice getting compliments about the garden from my new neighbours !
Thank you Louisa and Linda for your lovely comments.
Perhaps we get better weather here in Lincolnshire Waddy!
Of course, it could also be that I talk to them ! Hahaa!
Thanks Jaykaty. These are the loveliest Foxgloves I have ever had. I hope they return next year !
Hello Mel, thanks . I am pleased with the garden and I'm hoping this weather stays a bit longer so that I can enjoy it a bit longer !
I'm sure you're right, Marjorie, its the Lincolnshire air !
Thanks for your good wishes.
Thank you also Dawnsaunt. Flowering till December would be nice !

3 Oct, 2013


Oh Wow, still looks so lovely ..must be all your TLC,and coupled with all your well conditioned soil,and sunshine,it was bound to be a winning combo,wasn't it?
I can't believe your Delphs are in flower,and love your Tagetes against the Photinia,also the white Achillea..I must remember that one:o)
Like you,I have still a lot of colour..fingers crossed for a while yet,eh? ..It's a credit to you and Rick :o) x

3 Oct, 2013


It is amazing how different areas can keep the garden going that much longer, the benefit of living near to the coast again Rose. It all looks pretty good and you are lucky to be able to get things to keep flowering for so long. Mine is going over fast, although I think the rain we have had this week will help the garden for a little while longer. It looks absolutely stunning your garden. You have worked so hard to get it up and looking like it does. Well done you two. :O))))))

4 Oct, 2013


Thanks Sandra, I appreciate that ! I think we were so lucky to have the sun all of July and August like we did. It would have been a different story, if we'd had the usual wet and cool summer that we are so used to !
Thanks Barbara. I dead head, dead head, dead head ! All the time ! I have the time to do it here !

4 Oct, 2013


Your mother was Lady Boothby ? ... or have I read that wrong.
Did I send you that Veronica ? I can't remember.

Your garden is still lovely, with lots of colour still, and I hope it lasts for many more weeks :o))

12 Oct, 2013


Yes Hywel, you did send me the Veronica ! Is that a senior moment ! Hahaa! My mother's maiden name was Boothby, and even though she was a "lady " , not a royal one though! The garden is quite sheltered , so it may keep on going until we have the frosts !

12 Oct, 2013


I've sent and received so many plants, I've lost track !
but senior moments come more frequently these days lol ... no good worrying about them though :o)

13 Oct, 2013


I know just what you mean , Hywel ! lol

15 Oct, 2013



15 Oct, 2013


I know I am late to see this but I bet your garden is still looking really colourful and is just saying 'Thankyou' for all those hours of hard work and care that you have put into it. :-)

19 Oct, 2013


What a lovely way of putting it, Chris. Thanks.

21 Oct, 2013


a lovely garden and plants but some reason i can not find the one that i happen to be looking for but the journey has been pleasant :-)

18 Jan, 2014


Thank you Marybells. I'll send you a p.m.

18 Jan, 2014

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