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My October Garden.


I can’t believe my garden still looks like summer ! Mind you, after todays horrendous weather , I think that will soon change !

Cosmos, Salvias and Rudbeckias still going strong !

Tall perennial Coreopsis with blue Scabious poking through.

Beautiful Cannas !

The Anemones always brighten up the garden !

The Dahlias have been beautiful this year , even if they have been munched by the snails !
Just to end this blog with a picture of the Sparrow Hawk which sat on our back fence this morning . It isn’t a very clear picture as it was a dull wet day ! We have about 30 sparrows which quickly hid in the Pyracantha to the left of this !

I hope all of your gardens still have a bit of summer !

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Wow Rose,it all looks still fresh and lovely..I am happy with mine too..all the rain today,certainly perked them up..not me though,as it had to be an indoors day :o(
Your Anemone is beautiful,mine is just about finishing now,but a lovely plant,isn't it? I love the Coreopsis,and Rudbeckia too..fave colours anytime of year..Hope the Sparrow Hawk didn't linger too long,and I know they have to eat,but not in our back yards eh? We had one on our fence last year,a majestic bird,but I haven't seen it since..just passing by,eyeing the birds on the feeder,I guess..
I hope your garden keeps going for a while's beautiful :o) x

6 Oct, 2014


I love my autumn garden as the cysanthemums and Asters are just coming into flower. Now is the time to plant tulips and daffs for the spring garden or just do a complete overhaul.

6 Oct, 2014


Your flowers are lasting well. My rudbeckia is looking rather scruffy and the cosmos finished ages ago - you have the magic touch!

6 Oct, 2014


Thanks Sandra, so do I ! Its going to look quite bare once everything has gone over .I haven't even got room at the moment for putting my bulbs in ! Last year the Sparrow Hawk came. but flew straight at the Pyracantha were all the sparrows were. Fortunately they were all safe, but not long after, left the garden and we didn't see them again until this year. I have put an obelisk in front of this shrub and apart from the birds enjoying hopping onto it , has protected them a bit.

Thanks Bathgate, I love planning for next year as well !

Thank you Steragram. Rudbeckias are one of my favourite flowers . They just go on and on ! I deadhead almost every day. I expect yesterdays rain will have knocked them down a bit !

7 Oct, 2014


Rose it was awful here, and seeing your lovely Cannas has reminded me. I had one....I've never got one to flower before, and it was doing beautifully. But the wind snapped it right off at the base...even though it was right against my house wall. And my beautiful Salvia 'Tubular Bells' was also snapped right off at the base. It was really awful. Today we still have heavy rain, but that horrible wind has dropped thank goodness. I don't mind rain at all, in fact I like a walk in the rain, but those high winds...I hate them.

7 Oct, 2014


Gosh your garden still looks so good Rose , we have Sparrow hawks here I know when its called as there are always piles of tell tale feathers to show for his visit .. :o(

7 Oct, 2014


I hate the winds too Karen , especially the easterlies we get here ! They are always so cold !
Oh...your poor Cannas and Salvias. I think it takes a while Karen when moving to a new garden to realise what does well where !

Thanks Amy. Although they are beautiful birds, I hate to see them taking little birds. I know they are only feeding their young, but it seems so cruel, doesn't it !

7 Oct, 2014


Can't get over how great your garden is looking in October Rose. You've so much going on.
Weather here has been rotten this weekend but a bit better today. It's nice to get out and enjoy it for a bit.

7 Oct, 2014


It all looks very pretty still Rose, it has been a great summer and the rain is helping to keep the plants going for longer. So nice to see colour in October in the garden, I am not clearing anything out yet as there is still so much colour left to enjoy. Maybe if we get a frost it will change things quickly. Hope it keeps nice for a little while at least until October is through. :O)

7 Oct, 2014


It all looks so fresh Rose and certainly lasting well for you, mine was doing ok until this weekend but the combination of the rain (which we definitely needed) with the wind and the drop in temps has finally started my autumn look with a vengeance, mustn't grumble though as they did me proud.
Some lovely photo's here, I really like the choices you have made as to where to place them, I always like to see the white anenomes, they stand out on the dullest of days, I split mine last year so now have three smaller clumps instead of only one huge one and at last I now have one pink as well, you'd not believe how many years its taken to persuade the pink ones to like my garden....I've never seen a sparrowhawk here but my daughter lives in the next road at the back of our garden and she does get one visiting so know that they are around.....

7 Oct, 2014


It's nice that summer is lingering in your garden Rose :) We've had a pleasant autumn this year.

7 Oct, 2014


Your garden is certainly giving you plenty of colour over a long period Rose and seeing your tall Coreopsis `moonbeam` has reminded me that seed taken from mine last year is still in its brown paper bag (what a fruit cake I am)lol.
I have been glad of the rain we have had over the last few days it came just in time as I finished laying a new lawn, but today it has been much colder and I`ve a feeling that we may be in for a frost tonight and I still have some Coleus that I haven`t bought in yet.
Hope you can hang on to your plants a little longer they all look so good.

7 Oct, 2014


Thanks Scottish, but the weathers definitely changed now! We've had rain for three days and its much cooler !
Everythings fine, apart from the poor roses !

Thank you Barbara , I think it will be a while yet before I can put my bulbs in ! No spaces anywhere ! lol

Thanks Sue, yes we've had wind and rain too ! Its a shock to the system after all the lovely weather ! I think I should split some anemones up this year too !

Thank you Hywel. We have to make the most of the good days now !

Its a good job I reminded you then of your coreopsis ! You still have time to sow them for next year. Well if it doesn't get too cold ! I don't think we're going to get another mild winter like last year Stroller !

8 Oct, 2014

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