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The little pond, not a big puddle !


My neighbour made this joke about the very little pond I had put in last year to surprise my hubby.
I have cut right back, the Spirea and changed some of the tiny bricks for narrow slabs , which makes it appear a bit bigger….really it does ! Hahaa! What do you think !

Now this is how it looked last year and hope the Spirea doesn’t grow too big again !

Now I’ve seen this last photo, I’m wondering if it does look better ! Hahaa!

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I think it does and yes, the slabs do make it look bigger! :) It will look even better in the summer :)

2 Mar, 2015


I have to agree Rose. It does look bigger. It is surprising that a few bold decisions can make such a difference. I dk if you are watching the amateur painters being whittled down to find the best amateur painter in UK 2015. It makes me see things in a whole new light. I do like your frog, I hope it encourages some wildlife for you. Your OH must be delighted to follow the seasons around his very own pond.

2 Mar, 2015


Yes I think so. Keeping the spirea smaller will help as well. I do love the man sitting on the bench Rose, he's great!

2 Mar, 2015


Yes, me too. He is a perfect size for the pond! From his perspective its a grand size!

3 Mar, 2015


I think the pond is lovely, and I agree that it looks bigger with the new slabs. I bet the wildlife loves it!

3 Mar, 2015


You make a good point Melchi, and it's something I meant to say yesterday. Rose's neighbour might call it a 'puddle', but it's big enough for a frog to call home, and there will be damselflies etc. darting around your garden in the summer! With ponds, size doesn't matter that much (unless you want fish of course)!

3 Mar, 2015


Just a thought, is there easy access to and from the pool for frogs?I don't have a pond (yet) but have seen references to that from other members.

3 Mar, 2015


I agree Rose it has made it look bigger, definitely a pond not a puddle and the beauty of it is you can reach everything without falling in, I know you tried, lol...I too like the gentleman, he looks right at home....
Got to sort the planting out in my fishpond but waiting until the weather warms up a bit, the iris took over last year so its a big must and I don't think they will go back in, that won't really matter as some have taken root in the bed at the back and I also have them in the top pool, its just going to be a very messy job of which I'm not looking forward to......

3 Mar, 2015


I agree too Rose.It looks much better with the slabs..I think we sometimes think,because we have a small space,it has to have small plants or little bricks.and I have done that in the past...not the case really,is it? .your man looks right at home there too :o) I hope you didn't lift those slabs on your own !

3 Mar, 2015


..just spotted a fox on the right bank! :)

3 Mar, 2015


Whoo hoo! Karen. Lucky you!

Rose, that looks lots better and bigger. Our perception of size can often be fooled by little tricks. I love the little old man. He seems right at home...Scotsgran has a point about access for your frogs etc.

3 Mar, 2015


Small is beautiful Rose :o)

3 Mar, 2015


Frogs always manage in our ponds just by using the pots as stepping stones so I think they'll fine...

3 Mar, 2015


Thanks Karen, after listening to what you all said, I don't feel that it is too small now ! The little man was bought for me by a friend a good 20 years ago ! Last year someone gave us some tadpoles and I did see one little frog, but it disappeared not long after I had seen it . I do hope we see more this year now that its well established.
Did you like MY fox, Karen !

Thanks Scotsgran, I haven't seen the programme you mentioned. I would have liked to as I do water colours myself, although haven't done any for a while !
If I was lucky enough to get frogs, then they can easily get in and out via the marginal plants. Its not very deep either!

Thanks Steragram ! I can't believe my little man still looks good after all these years !

I can't believe you remembered that Sue ! You wouldn't have thought that could have happened in such a little pond ! Hahaa!
I have found a brilliant online article all about little ponds and what plants to use and am going to try some different ones this year . I don't envy you your job !

Those slabs , Sandra were not as heavy as they looked! Unless of course I'm stronger than I look ! lol.
I'm definitely leaving them there after every ones comments .

Thanks Waddy. Yes...I have remembered about the access for the frogs ! The pond is very shallow and the marginal pots quite low , so they can use these .

Oh..thank you Hywel ! You couldn't have put it better !

3 Mar, 2015


I had to go in to BBC iplayer to find out the name - it is 'The Big Painting Challenge' on BBC1. It started on 22.1.15. The first programme was 'Landscapes'. It will be on iplayer for another 20 days. Programme 2 was 'Portraiture' and it will be available for another 27 days. I have set the recorder to save the series. I have only ever painted one picture - of the Kukenhof Gardens river of blue scillas. I'm interested to see if I can spot what is niggling me about it. Two professional painters are judging and commenting on what works or not. The programme has a website and there is a viewer competition. I don't watch a lot of tv but this seemed to compliment my gardening hobby. Lots of our members paint.

3 Mar, 2015


Thank you for the info Scotsgran ! We can't record at all as we only have the basic Freeview tv ! I will look on iplayer though ! I love doing landscapes and have never tried portrait painting. You should show your picture on here. I would love to see it .

4 Mar, 2015


I'll have a look to see if I can find it. I did show it on GOY but it must have been before I left and returned. I think you will enjoy the series.

4 Mar, 2015


Hi Rose I have taken and posted another photo of that painting.

5 Mar, 2015


It is a darling little pond Rose, and yes small is beautiful!! I love the man sitting by it, lost in his thoughts!

6 Mar, 2015


Thanks Chris . It actually looks bigger in the picture !
I hope you enjoyed your time at your Mums and that she had a lovely birthday. xx

7 Mar, 2015

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