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Belated Easter Wishes !


Hello everyone, the bad penny returns ! Hahaa!
So much has happened since I was on here last !
Now I know the ones that know me will be so surprised to find out that we have taken on a little allotment just outside the village in the countryside . One of our neighbours has passed his on to us. At first I really didn’t want to know, after what we had been through at Willow Cottage, but this allotment site is small and run only by the Parish Council, not the main one that we had dealt with.
I was worried how Rick would feel too, but we were assured that it was very different here and everyone was friendly.
Since we have moved to this lovely village where I grew up, it has changed our lives completely. Ricks especially !
So…we are giving it a go ! I can’t begin to tell you how much this has helped him. Its given him a new lease of life and if he finds he can’t do much, then he chats to some of the others on the allotment. Consequently I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day , especially when I decided to have a go at knitting ! Knitting…I might add, that I hated doing when I was younger and have only knitted one jumper in my life which took 3 years to finish! So I’ve no idea why I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting to knit ! Just start with a simple scarf, I told myself… what am I doing knitting the most difficult pattern ever for a jumper ! Oh well…I like a challenge !
So…I will pop in from time to time to see how all your gardens are doing ! Hasn’t the weather been great !
Spring is here !

All the digging done now ! Time for the planting !

Little present to myself ! Hahaa!
Happy Gardening !

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That's a lovely planter Rose! Enjoy your knitting. I've just finished two cushion covers using Shetland wool. I love the colours and the feel of working with wool yarns. I hope the jumper turns out well...a challenge! As for the allotment, it sounds like it is just what the Dr. Ordered for your OH. I hope we get some good crops this year! :))

8 Apr, 2015


well done on the allotment and the knitting. :o)

I'd love an allotment but there aren't any in the area and the local parish wont provide any :o( Yet!

8 Apr, 2015


Great to hear you are both looking forward to your new challenge/s. Is all that bit yours? It will be wonderful to grow your own again and it is nice to hear that these allotment holders are friendly. Good luck with the knitting. I knitted my wee g/daughter an Aran jumper. She opened the parcel and wrapped it up again. I asked if she was going to try it on to make sure it fitted. She said maybe later. She eventually confirmed that she did not like white jumpers. Her little brother was delighted to get it and I had to set to and knit her a pink one. I'm not a great knitter but my sister is. She knits for everybody in the family. She knits designer garments and never uses a pattern.

8 Apr, 2015


Thanks Karen. My daughter in law knitted us two lovely cushion covers. As she has a full time career, she finds knitting quite relaxing. How do you get time to knit anyway Karen ! lol

Thats a shame Seaburngirl. I have always loved allotment work and the satisfaction of eating your home grown produce.

The allotment shown in the picture Scotsgran ends at the raspberries, which I have been trying to tidy up ! Its very small compared to the plots we had before, but is just enough for us.
As for the knitting...well...I shall persevere ! I have a lovely neighbour who helps me out when I make a mistake ! I've made a few of those ! lol
I bet you were a little bit disappointed when your grandaughter put the jumper back, but little ones do say what they think, don't they ! My friend bought our youngest grandaughter a cream egg Easter egg and after saying thank you, said that she didn't like cream eggs !

9 Apr, 2015



9 Apr, 2015


Good luck with your allotment Rose and your knitting ,we have a friend who started up a knitting club and now has hundreds of members I didn't realize knitting had become so popular , I gave up years ago when I made a huge mistake knitting a cardigan for my daughter when she was little I somehow manage to knit a round neck one side and a V neck the other, I make up for it with my sewing Lol ...

9 Apr, 2015


Lol Amy, funny now but not at the time!

Splendid news about the allotment Rose. Were those paths already laid out or did you do them? Please let us know later whether they are a good idea or whether you get tired of weeding between them? And good luck with the knitting. I never got any further than stocking stitch, and even then couldn't keep the tension even so it got bigger and bigger as I got more relaxed...

9 Apr, 2015


Rose thats grand news, I'm really pleased for both of you as I know how much your other place meant to you, I guess that means you'll be on the allotment any chance you get, do you have far to walk and does it have a shed and of course the little seating area is a must, gotta have somewhere to relax whilst admiring and also thinking of the next job, lol. you'll have to keep us updated you know....
I can knit but haven't done any since grandaughter was a toddler and the last things I did were all for her dolls, lol, I wouldn't be able to hold the needles now( arthritus ) mind you it doesn't really matter as I never really liked knitting or sewing, I much prefer getting down and dirty but I applaud you for persevering......

10 Apr, 2015


I had to smile Amy when you said about your knitting as I am doing a V neck and raglan sleeve and had to decrease stitches on different rows and not forgetting the pattern. I was really proud of myself until I laid it on the table and one raglan is much higher than the other and the V neck just doesn't look right, so down it will come yet again ! I think I would be better off staying on the allotment ! Hahaa!

Thanks Steragram, the paths were there but all at different angles and had to be lifted and then relaid. The weeds didn't seem to come through much at the last place and there was quite a lot of slabs there. The only downside is the slugs hide under them , not to mention ants !
I'm determined to finish my jumper as well !

Thanks Sue, that means so much to me saying what you did ! It was a big thing for us to even contemplating going on an allotment again, but this place is great !
To answer your questions....we drive to it as its too far for Rick to walk with his problems, yes there is a really good sized shed with deck chairs , and... I'm already planning the sitting area , most important job ! Hahaa!
Its a good job there is not too much to do in our garden as you are right, we will be there most days !

10 Apr, 2015


In which case you'll need a little gas stove for the kettle, gotta have the makings for a cuppa.
I used to love spending time on my sons allotment, they had to give it up as my daughter-in-laws dad spent a year in hospital in Leeds and all their spare time was spent travelling from Boston up to see him and it was too much for them at that time....

10 Apr, 2015


Hello Rose and Rick ..
I'm glad you are happy following your house move.
Re. knitting, as with you, I hadn't picked up the needles for decades, but over the winter I made several dog coats which was fun.
Enjoy your summer x x x

11 Apr, 2015


Already got that in hand Sue ! We take a flask of boiling water and all the rest for tea and coffee is left down there. Also last year a friend gave us a picnic hamper which I was going to give to my daughter for a car boot , but decided to keep it incase we went out for the day. Now its used for sandwiches and cold drinks as it has a cooling bag in it !

11 Apr, 2015


Thanks Terra. It was the best thing we ever did ! Those awful people did us a favour in the end ! I hope you don't have problems now ! xxx

11 Apr, 2015


great Rose glad you are back in the swing of growing your own veggies, its good to taste home grown produce. Enjoy yourselves :O) Happy Gardening :O)

11 Apr, 2015


Nice to see you back Rose. A bad penny? Never! I'm sure you'll both gain lots of advantages from your allotment, which bytheway doesn't look that small to me. I love your new wall planter. I look forward to reading your Blog on how the new project develops.

11 Apr, 2015


Thanks Barbara. I'm looking forward to it ! xx

Well...Waddy, if you ever saw the pictures of our allotments at Willow Cottage , then this one is tiny ! Hahaa!
Thank you for your nice comments.

12 Apr, 2015


Seems as it should be again have your allotment to give you many hours of pleasure!

28 Apr, 2015


Thanks Chris ! xxx

30 Apr, 2015

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