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My late Spring garden !


Hello everyone…late again ! This time it is down to my silly laptop ! Every time I decide to write , it freezes and can take at least an hour and a half to write a letter ! Too busy to sit around waiting !
As today is quite cold and most of the work is done in the garden and on the allotment , I thought I would try again !

Crown Imperial Frittilaries . I decided last year to plant them in the border , instead of keeping them in pots in the hope that they will multiply !

The tulips have been gorgeous this year and are still flowering , despite all the strong winds !

I just love white Tulips !

You can just see the blue primrose denticulatas in the background .

One of my favourite spring flowers !

A lovely sunny spring day !

This is looking down from the conservatory !

This is just through one of the arches leading to the arbour seat. The Osmanthus has flowered well and the Photinia and Pieris have been fantastic !

My new Acer !

I’m looking down the garden now past my geese and was going to show you our Rhodies , but at the time of taking these photos were in bud and now are flowering ! So…photos coming soon !

Philadelphus Aureus on the right and the Sennetti which is very early flowering this year !

Well…what do you think to my new arch then, bought for me by my lovely hubby ! Isn’t it posh ! Hahaa!

I’m really pleased that this evergreen hedge that I planted almost 2 years ago when we moved here is now knitting together quite well ! I can’t believe its 2 years already ! Where does the time go !

I just thought I’d finish off my little walk by showing you one of my Mother’s Day pressies from my son and wife !

I hope you all enjoyed seeing a bit more of Spring ! Roll on Summer !

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I like your arch. It adds a little elegance but not too much. The garden is a masterpiece. Congratulations! The prim rose is so intense - my favorite color!

14 May, 2015


Thank you so much Bathgate, I didn't know what to do about my missing picture , so I did a second blog !

14 May, 2015


You are welcome. I think I saw that one too. You can add it here - just click "edit"

14 May, 2015


Lovely, Rose. the arch is beautiful - I bet you have plans for what will grow up it! You have a grand row of denticulatas - I love those - like little mauve drumsticks...

14 May, 2015


Thank you Steragram. I moved the original climbers from the old arch to this one and one has taken, but may have to get a replacement for the other !

15 May, 2015


Hello Rose - a lovely selection of pictures I especially like your tulips and your garden ornaments - I think I will buy some more tulips for this next year yours are really eyecatching - Jane

15 May, 2015


Rose, you're garden looks beautiful - you must be rightly thrilled with it! Such a lot of work in a short time ?

15 May, 2015


You have a really lovely garden everything blends in well .

15 May, 2015


Rose your garden is lovely, credit to you for the work you have put into it since you moved in, its also bigger than I thought, I do like your posh arch very much and I'm jealous, my poor arch is in danger of falling over under the weight of my evergreen clematis, its like my old shed and is on a tilt, lol.....
Thankyou for taking me on a tour.....

15 May, 2015


Thank you for the lovely tour round your garden every thing is looking great and love the new arch :-)

15 May, 2015


Thank you Jane. I do love the tulips and despite all the winds we have had, they stood firm !
Thanks Mel.This garden is so easy to look after ! Its nice to have time to sit and look at it....that is when we are not on the new allotment ! Hahaa!
Thank you Kidsgran for looking and commenting !
Hello again Sue, thank you.The old arch was like yours and the only thing that kept it nearly upright was the evergreen clematis Wisley Cream ! I had to move it near this new arch as we put it further in the garden out of the wind and had to cut it right back. I just hope it survives. The old arch has been straightened out and is fixed very firmly on the allotment.
The arch was from a garden centre near us, but have seen the same one in other centres.
Thanks for your comments Ted and for looking in !

15 May, 2015


Rose, here I am at last!

Your garden is a picture and it is looking lovely. I love your statues dotted about. I also really like your arch and that very pretty screen on the photo after the one showing the arch.
All so well thought out and really pretty.

16 May, 2015


Lovely planting, Rose, and all so well looked after.Do you have trip ounce with Lily Beetles on you Crown Imperial Fritallaries?? Mine(at my old house ) used to get eaten to bits!!

16 May, 2015


I never would have said it was two years since you moved there Rose. It's ridiculous how fast the time goes :(
I'm late catching up again ...
It was nice to see your tulips. I haven't got any this year.
Your arch is lovely. It looks nice in white :o)

17 May, 2015


Hello Chris and thank you, you're back from your travels then ! Did you get my last email ? What is the screen you are talking about ? Do you mean the hedge ? What a difference a good piece of garden" furniture" makes to a garden ! I love it !
Yes Hywel...2 years ! Its scary , isn't it ! I think time goes much quicker now we are older !
Thank you for your comments. Perhaps you will get some tulips for next year ! There are some beautiful ones now !
Thanks Paul. I sprayed for lily beetle very early on as they were just coming up and it worked ! I did the same for my lilies !

17 May, 2015


I've never sprayed Lily Beetles.i'd always understood spraying them wasn't effective so I squish them by hand!But, that's interesting to know!

17 May, 2015


What spray did you use, Rose?

19 May, 2015


Hello Mel, I use Provado spray and if in pots , I spray the surface of the compost just as they are coming up and the ones in the ground I spray quite early on and Paul I do squash them by hand if I did see any ! This seems to work for me !

19 May, 2015


I must try it next year. I have loads of them this season, but I am keeping on top of them as best I can. I'm getting quite skilled at removing them before they drop to the soil! So far, not too much has been eaten. It's the revolting larvae I really hate!

23 May, 2015

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