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Update of the new garden.


Just to remind you how it looked…

After a lot of hard work this is how it looks now…

This is looking right down from the drive, through the rose garden and to the top.

This next one is looking back down the garden and this border has been the hardest one I have ever done ! Roots of the holly and pyracantha hedge, plus big roots from trees ! Plus it is all clay soil…EVERYWHERE !
I must have used at least 6 bags of compost , plus chicken pellets on this border alone !

But look at it now ! How pleased I am that I didn’t give up !

This is the main shrub border and have planted three of my Hydrangeas that we brought with us, plus a large selection of shrubs. I also bought a Malus Red Sentinel, which arrived as a stick and still looks like one, plus a Hawthorn Paul’s Scarlet which only seems to have two good sides on it ! That will teach me to order online ! Hahaa! Oh yes..and I won’t even mention the pitiful Hydrangea Annabelle !!
When I first started the borders , I put my spade in the first border and hit what felt like bricks . The previous person who lived here had , for whatever reason put very thick membrane down ( some of it like ground sheets ) and then layers and layers of gravel. So the first job was to take off all the gravel and then bit by bit cut through the membrane. Would you believe that there were plants and bulbs underneath all of this ! You can imagine what I said…under my breath of course ! Hahaa!

This is the other seating area . I had been hoping to have the seat on the top corner of the garden , but when we got the severe gales, it kept getting blown over, which was amazing as it is so heavy. I had to lose a bit more border to put it on the fence where it’s more secure.
Now all I have to do is the front garden which is huge and will also have the membrane and gravel on, I expect !
Oh well !! Here I go again ! Hahaa!
Take care everyone ! Happy gardening !

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Goodness me! What a transformation. You have done an incredible job there Rose! I am so impressed. And it looks so lovely and welcoming and pretty. Sounds like you have as windy a plot as I have here if it takes the arbour seat right over. I've had mine concreted in to those metal spikes and that's done the trick, be is on a bit of a lean! Looks a nice private plot...not overlooked directly too much. :) enjoy and don't overdo it...have a break before tackling the front :)

22 Mar, 2019


Hard work but worth it, especially come summer when you can sit out & really enjoy your work

It looks a nice sized plot, do you intend having any veg?

I've also ordered on line at times, with mixed results, even from some big "names" Very hard to judge them from a distance I find

23 Mar, 2019


well worth the effort and just think of all the pleasure you will get from sitting out there.
the front garden will soon take shape so don't give up.

23 Mar, 2019


Well done Rose. You have really worked extremely hard in a short spell of time. Now that the weather is getting better it is a joy to be out in the garden. Hope to see you soon.
Marjorie x

23 Mar, 2019


Thank you Karen, Yes we do get the wind here and mainly because we are near the sea. The top end of the garden where the arbour seat is, faces N. W, so when the winds are strong like they have been, its also a cold wind. Mind you, I was working that hard, I didn't notice it ! Hahaa!
That was a good idea what you did with your seat, but I think ours is safe now. The other arbour seat along the hedge fell sideways one day, but now its more secure as I pushed it more into the hedge. I have just sorted the back way up now, but its just concrete.

Thank you Grandad G. There was a small kitchen garden , but it is now my rose garden as I bought so many with us when we moved.

Thanks Seaburngirl, I am looking forward to sitting out there too !

Hello Julia, I have enjoyed doing this garden. I always love a challenge and this garden certainly was !
I didn't pollard the trees ! The person who lived here last did them and hacked away at the big cherry ! I don't expect to see any blossom this year !

That would be nice Marjorie. If you are coming to Cleethorpes any time soon, you will be very welcome !

24 Mar, 2019


Well Rose, this garden was the challenge you always wish for and a bit more added!!!

What you have done is incredible and it now looks like 'your' garden after all your hard work. You have created so many lovely areas and viewing places and from now on it will give pleasure and will be manageable for you.

It is FAB!!!

25 Mar, 2019


Thank you so much Chris ! I must admit, I am happy how it turned out as I had imagined it ! At first it had me puzzled as where to start , but once I had put my arches in, it all came together. I am waiting quite excitedly for new plants to arrive now !

25 Mar, 2019


Just catching up on your gardening blogs, I am impressed with what you have achieved, you like a challenge then? well done.

10 May, 2019

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