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Finished garden ...AT last !


We have been here in our new home 5 months now and have finally finished the main part of the garden which runs down the side of the bungalow.

This is looking from the front of the rose bed up towards the front garden.

I had piled up quite a lot of turf on this side of the bungalow as it was the last to be done and faces north, so left it longer than I intended to. I have lost count how many times I have been to the tip with all the turf I have dug up !
But I am pleased with this border now and hope the plants I put in will cope with this colder part of the garden.
As you can see I have my favourite Viburnham Marisii in this border , but it does get the sun there.

Another look at the main garden.

I am quite pleased with my shrub border now !

The back way is looking tidier now

I think you will be able to see that there isn’t much room there for my ideas for the raised beds made from the decking ! I will have to stick to pots !
At least that is one job less to do ! Hahaa!

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A new garden is always a challenge, which it looks as if you have risen too beautifully! It looks great, the shrub border looks extremely settled for just 5 months. First year in a new garden, what excitement!

10 Apr, 2019


That is a job well done. It looks wonderfully mature already.

10 Apr, 2019


Well done Rose ... all looking fab !

11 Apr, 2019


Hi Rose..I can't believe how much you have done in five months.and it's an absolute credit to your hard work..It looks wonderful,and I do like the curved borders,it makes it look so much softer and just ideal for your creative planting..I hope Rick is feeling much better than he was,and hope you are taking care of yourself too..take care,xxx

11 Apr, 2019


You have worked hard and it has certainly paid off. Looks great!

11 Apr, 2019


wow all that in 5 months.
I'm not that far from you would you like to come and stay here for 5 months? :o))

It looks wonderful and so mature already. the soil looks lovely too.

11 Apr, 2019


Rose, you have created such a lovely garden which is so true to yourself. It is filled with all the plants you love and so many of them moved with you just a few months ago.
I agree with Sandra ( I usually do!) about the curved edges of the beds and I love your shrubs.
Is it a flowering cherry in the pot - looks very pretty?

11 Apr, 2019


Well, I had a quick look back at your January blog first Rose. Must admit, I missed the blog where you said you’d had to move, so I was a bit confused! Lol...nothing new there then. However, you have made a fantastic job and transformed your new garden...and in FIVE MONTHS!!! Thats incredible! I know you’ll be busy going forwards...gardens are never ‘done’, but what a lovely place you have already made. Congratulations! Are you far from the beach?

11 Apr, 2019


Btw...your soil looks great!

11 Apr, 2019


Thank you Honeysuckle. I used Empathy Root Grow which helps the roots get established more quickly.

Well I will try Julia, but until I have the front finished I don't think I will be sitting much ! Hahaa!

Thank you Scotsgran and Terra. I have enjoyed doing it.

Hello Sandra. Thank you and its nice to "see" you again !
I am sure Alan Titchmarsh would be pleased with the curved lawn ! Hahaa!
Rick is recovering so well now. Its hard to remember and imagine what an awful time he had all last year ! He is a fighter though !
If you still get over this way to your friends and as you have to pass here, you must call in. It would be nice to see you again !

Thank you Eirlys. It was worth it !

Hahaa! Seaburngirl ! The soil is far from lovely ! I have lost count of how many bags of compost I have used. Its heavy clay soil ! How close are you to here then ?

Hello Chris. I have loved every minute of it even when my back has been killing me ! As you know, I don't give up !
Its an Amelenchier tree which actually started life in Willow Cottage, many moons ago ! We had six down the front path and just took the one with us to Laceby and now its here in its new home where I hope it will stay !! I didn't want to plant it in the garden as its nice to see the blossom and colour from our bedroom, but I do think I will have to try and re pot it soon which will be difficult as its so heavy !

Thanks Karen. As I said to Seaburngirl, the soil here is heavy clay so am hoping after the many many bags of compost I put in plus chicken pellets that it will improve.
We are a few minutes drive to the sea but probably a 15 minute walk.

11 Apr, 2019


Excellent! And not a steep hill to climb to get home like us!

11 Apr, 2019


Our Amelanchier died last year which was a real shame. We now have another because we both like them so very much.
Hope yours thrives in its new home and hope ours survives with us!

12 Apr, 2019


I hope yours does Chris ! I wonder why it died ! I think because ours has been in a pot for about 6 years now , I am not sure how it would survive in our clay soil.
Sorry I haven't written so busy ! I will be in touch very soon. xxx

12 Apr, 2019


You're doing well , Keep it up ! :)

13 Apr, 2019


Thank you Hywel ! Haven't seen you on here lately. Are you well ?

14 Apr, 2019


Thanks for asking Rose … Beryl has had a few problems lately and I wasn't able to concentrate. She's all right again now :)

14 Apr, 2019


Rose, you have been so busy in the garden! It is looking great with all the curves and, even though your soil is clay, it does look great. I garden on Sussex clay and always put some grit in with the soil when I plant anything, it definitely helps to break it up.

14 Apr, 2019


Well Rose, havent you done well, five months!! you must be fit!! I love your lawn and the way you have curved it, it is all coming together beautifully, may you continue the way you started, but, dont forget to sit and enjoy it as well!! I am amazed!!

10 May, 2019

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