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This is just a moan !!


Well ..the front garden is finished and will be putting pictures on if it ever stops raining!
It was hard work digging out the lawn and enjoyed planting all my new plants. I have just finished ( in between the rain) planting all my bulbs so you can imagine how I feel now when there are two foxes coming in , digging holes and even took my large Alium bulbs !!
I have tried everything ! My neighbour lent me plastic meshing and hoops for the path border and as it looked so unsightly put down the wire shelves from my green house which worked for a while. I then tried Scoot which you spray on but it only works when its dry. My final attempt is called Silent Roar which are pellets sprayed with lion poo. Not nice, I know but it worked for only a while. Probably because of all the rain again ! The pack did say it could take a month to work , so have now just received my second pack. £ 7.99 a pack ! These pellets have nitrogen in so thats a plus for the garden. Oh yes…I have cats coming in as well !
Hopefully next year will be better when all the plants grow so that there aren’t many spaces to be dug up!
And my husband is also having a good old moan about the rugby today!
I am happy really ! Really I am ! Hahaa!

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I recently bought a self-contained, solar powered security light for my little garden for about £7 from one of the poundshops. It's surprisingly bright, is motion activated & can be easily fixed up & moved around.
It's definitely keeping even the bolder cats away especially after I started giving the back door a rattle when I noticed it switch on

2 Nov, 2019


Moan away, it does us good. But it is annoying when bulbs get dug up. I have squirrels that did that but a layer of chicken wire over the bulbs but under the soil allowed some digging but they didn't get the bulbs.

Rugby what is that? ;o) neither hubby or I watch sport but I was sorry that they didn't win. But they did well to get to the final.

2 Nov, 2019


Exactly the same here SB...our bulbs were being dug up either by pheasants, squirrels or mice...never actually caught them in the act,but lost a lot of bulbs...chicken wire was the answer. As for foxes,Rose,we use to have a family here years ago...they didn't seem interested in the bulbs...we were left with a ghastly smell...suddenly one day they were gone.

2 Nov, 2019


I am sorry to hear about the foxes. I hope the pellets will keep them away. It is so annoying when something is ruined after you put a lot of work into it.

I have a problem with foxes digging in my little patch down by the back road, so I have put plastic netting around it, kept in place with some sticks. It looks unsightly but I take it down in the day time if the weather is dry.

I have also put the same thing around my front garden because a neighbour lets their dogs roam around unattended and they use my front garden as a toilet :(

3 Nov, 2019


Rose, I know how much time and effort you put into your garden and I am really sorry this has happened. You will get good advice on here from those who have similar problems.

We had deer in our garden a few years ago and they ruined our roses in particular which was also upsetting. We put two bright solar lights up and it did seem to deter them. Do foxes mind brightness? I am not sure?

Let us know if and how you discourage those foxes and I really hope you do.

3 Nov, 2019


I can truly sympathize with you...we have a young fox coming into the garden...far too friendly...this is in broad daylight too!! obviously being fed by misguided neighbours!!....
We use wire mesh and the strongest chilli flakes...keeps the squirrels away too..good luck..I know how disappointing it can be after all your hard work!!

3 Nov, 2019


I use old riddles with a brick placed on top until the shoots come through, and wire hanging baskets seem to work well, your garden sounds lovely.

3 Nov, 2019


So frustrating Rose, but what can you do but battle on. We lost loads of tulips in full bloom one year but I think that was a badger not a fox. I'd heard of using using lion poo but didn't know you could buy it in pellets! Have you tried getting OH to go out after dark and make his own mark - I believe that often works! I gave up on chilli when I accidentally got a bit in my own eye and decided I couldn't inflict that on any creature no matter how cross with them I felt...

3 Nov, 2019


Luckily we don't get foxes to dig things up, rabbits are bad enough and goodness knows how many bulbs and plants the Voles consume! The mesh seems a good idea, I use the wire hanging baskets too Julien, they prevent things getting eaten, sat on or dug up. Not sure if lights would work, after all we have urban foxes who roam about with street lights, I suppose a sudden light might be different. Best idea is Stera's, I knew someone who only protected their chickens by peeing round the pen. It really works, but make sure he not seen doing it, or you might get complaints - perhaps a bucket would be better. Only works with men, it's no good us females doing it!

4 Nov, 2019


Not even if we used a jug Honeysuckle, lol...

4 Nov, 2019


Thanks everyone for your suggestions and it has given me something to think about. Unfortunately I only have one wire basket as I changed to wicker cones instead.
I think your idea Stera was a good one but as this front garden border is next to the street path where everyone walks by and wonder if its going to smell awful !
The foxes don't seem to be bothered by the lights , but they are also around here in the day Darren.
Seaburn and Julia, unfortunately its too late to use the chicken wire as I can't remember where they all are !
Hywel, The border is too long and wide for mesh. Thanks for your suggestion.
I may just try the chilli flakes Dotty, thank you.
Thanks Honeysuckle. As a last resort I will have to try Stera's idea!
Hello Chris. I will definitely let you know if anything works. That would have upset me too losing the roses. Didn't you have a large fence round your boundary to stop the deer?
At the moment the constant rain is keeping all the animals off as the borders are so wet and still have some bulbs to put in too ! xxx

5 Nov, 2019


uI think anyone would be entitled to a moan after doing all that work and then have that happen Rose, I hope you do manage to deter them...

6 Nov, 2019


Couldn't agree more .... good luck with deterring the wildlife, cheeky critters! I hope they leave enough to give you a pleasing display.

18 Nov, 2019


Thanks Sue (just found your comment !) and Xela.

22 Nov, 2019

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