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As it was a dreary day yesterday and its been quite a few years since we were at Willow Cottage, I decided to go back and look at all my blogs from there and although we are both so happy here, did get quite emotional especially all of your support and encouragement when I told you we had to leave. Some of them definitely bought tears to my eyes!
It was fun reading all the blogs from that time and one person who made me laugh out loud was Mouldy. Do any of you know what happened to him, especially you Karen as I know you used to have a lot of banter with him!

Take care everyone and keep safe !

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Oh I don't. His health was very poor and he just disappeared. It's so sad isn't it. I miss him too. He was hilarious and such a warm person. What a lovely photo...I don't remember seeing this before. Beautiful. We are lucky to have lived in such gorgeous places aren't we. :)

1 May, 2020


Its a mystery isn't it, just disappearing off goy like that ! I think underneath all that frivolity, he was an unhappy person struggling with his heath and life. I remember one blog when he was walking by the canal and pondering about jumping in. At the time I thought he was just having fun with us, but it still sticks in my mind !
This picture was off one of my blogs , so I think you would have seen it.
I agree Karen we were lucky to have lived in some lovely places and hope this is our very last move !

1 May, 2020


Rose I loved Willow Cottage, remember following all your blogs, was so sad when you had to leave, they were horrible to you though so don't dwell on that one..
The last time I heard anything from Mouldy he was suffering very badly with depression, seemed to have lost interest in his garden as well as life itself, I too often wonder how he is , over the years we have had a lot who just disappeared, I get all excited when a name from the past pops up...

1 May, 2020


Willow Cottage had a truly traditional and very lovely cottage garden. It was a very pretty place to live but I am sure you are happier away from those horrid people nearby. You create a beautiful garden though wherever you go and it so in keeping with the property you live in.
I am sorry when people disappear from here and wonder what they are doing now. Names that come to my mind are Gattina, Cinderella and Melchisideck (or similar!)

1 May, 2020


Very emotive blog, Rose..

1 May, 2020


Poor Mouldy. I never knew he was suffering from depression.
I never saw the pic of Willow Cottage though I do remember you moving. Going back there must have been a sentimental journey. How pretty it looks.

1 May, 2020


Hello Rose, when you mentioned about willow cottage in your previous blog, I had an image in my head of how it looked, and seeing this picture is just how I imagined it to be, wow what a beautiful garden you had, I just love a cottage garden with a lovely path running through it like yours, it’s good to have the pics of an old garden and whilst it can be a little sad not being there you can have all the joy and contemplation of that lovely garden, that will never leave you, no doubt many memories were made in this garden that you can forever cherish.

2 May, 2020


What a wonderful place Willow Cottage was, but Karen is right, they weren't very nice to you there. The garden you have now is making new memories for you to treasure.
It's a shame about Mouldy. I do vaguely remember him and as far as I can recall he wasn't at all well.

2 May, 2020


Thank you Julia, but I was more emotional reading all the lovely messages from you all when I told you all we had to leave.
Thanks Sue! I don't dwell on it now but do miss all the different gardens we had.
Chris, you say some lovely things and can feel myself blushing ! I don't miss living there Chris and probably couldn't do all the work those gardens needed now. This size garden is just right for me now.
Thank you Kate.
I wouldn't like to see it now Stera as it remained empty for 4 years and anything we left would have been dug up by those awful people !
Yes Julian , despite having to leave there to get peace of mind because of what happened to us, we do have many happy memories. Did you find the wild flower garden ?
Thank you for those comforting words !
Thanks Waddy ! We are happy here now!
Mouldy just disappeared off here one day and we will never know what happened to him. So sad !

2 May, 2020


A lovely picture of your cottage Rose......just how I would imagine it.....
I do remember Mouldy........such a pity that he just many come and go ...don’t they?

24 Aug, 2020


We loved it there Dotty but unfortunately had to leave. I did a blog called Goodbye Willow Cottage though. Still miss it!

25 Aug, 2020


I must have a read.....

25 Aug, 2020

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