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Rhodies and more roses !


Now you have seen most of my garden , I thought I would show you another part of our garden.
All Rhodies in large pots because of the clay soil…


The last one is a beautiful Azalea from one of our holidays in Suffolk

And here are a few more roses that are in flower now…

Bonica, which is one of my favourite shrub roses. It will get quite large and will be covered in little roses from June to Autumn

This is The Times, my hubbies favourite but I think I got too close to it ! Hahaa!

Hot Chocolate which was a moving in gift from my lovely friend Libet who some of you may remember from here!

The flower borders are showing some colour at last ! These are Alstromeria and the everlasting digitalis Firecracker. Both of these flower all summer and the Alstromerias last 3 weeks in a vase.

ANother of my hubbies favourites..yellow and orange Geums.

Another everlasting digitalis. Apart from the long flowering season, they return every year.
And last but not least , the Dahlia Bishop of Llanduff

I have three of these now and don’t seem to get eaten much ( crossing my fingers now !) Hahaa!
I hope you have enjoyed another side of our garden!
Take care and keep safe !

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More lovely roses! Seems to be a good year for them so far.
Glad your Bishop of Llandaff is slug free. I gave up on mine in despair.
I never really believed in perennial foxgloves - excellent news if they really are, and very tempting. We have so many wild ones self seeding from everywhere its as well to be sure before splashing out! But there are such pretty ones now..
Almost anything that flowers all summer is a treasure - you've made some good choices and are seeing the rewards!

11 Jun, 2020


Your rhodendendrons and azaleas in pots are just gorgeous. I particularly love the one in the second photo, it is very dainty.
Your Bonica Rose is a beauty and I can see why it is a favourite of yours.
You are very lucky with your dahlias, the slugs always manage to find ours!!!

11 Jun, 2020


Stera, they are definitely everlasting! You just have to make sure when you buy them that they are not the biennial ones. I have had both everlasting ones three years now and they also come in amazing colours
I hope this helps !
Thanks Chris! I had two Bonicas at Laceby but were far too big to move, but they do grow quick.
The only problem with the rhodies is that they are big and old now and need repotting again. One of them ,we all clubbed together to buy one for Rick for his 60th birthday when we lived at Willow Cottage and that is 19 years ago ! It was huge then and they were all in borders .It took all my strength to get them out and into pots!
I am definitely crossing my fingers when I say this, but since living here , we only get the occasional snail, but after all the days of rain we are having now they might all surface !

11 Jun, 2020


Your 2 pink rhododendrons are lovely, as are the roses. I had to laugh reading that you all seem to love 'Bonica' - I put a pic of mine on the photos recently 'cos I'm considering taking it out and wondered what others thought about it.
I enjoyed my walk with you, thank you.

11 Jun, 2020


thank you for sharing your lovely garden. It has been none stop rain here today so apart from feeding the birds I haven't even ventured out.

11 Jun, 2020


Nooo!! Anget, don't take it out! Its a doer !

12 Jun, 2020


I don't think I dare now!!

12 Jun, 2020


Beautiful, cannot grow rhodies here either unless like you I had them in pots, daren't do that, I'm always in trouble because of all I have to water now without adding more, I can hide things when planted in the garden, lol....
In danger of going stircrazy here, first as you know we had months of rain , then we had our hot dry spell, I was already collecting waste water, since the rains started again, which I admit I was praying for some, Seaburn did say "be careful what you wish for" its biddy well forgotten to stop again, we've had one dry day in the last 10, only good thing is that I do have my green lawn back again, not even yet reached the longest day and we have had the lights and the heating on from before 7pm, think some divine being doesn't like us this year, well I don't like it either....
Lovely seeing around your garden Rose, xx.

12 Jun, 2020


These are a great addition to all you have elsewhere in the garden. You have lots of colour. Thank you for sharing. Linclass I need too get out with my hedge cutter to trim back the heathers which have been flowering for months. They are too wet to attempt it yet.

13 Jun, 2020


Thanks Sue, we haven't had as much rain as you but being on the coast get the easterly winds.
My front lawn is awful, but it was when we moved here and I got a special tool for taking out the thistles and the fox came along and thought he would make the hole bigger !!
Heating on here too !
Thank you Scotsgran. I just wish I could plant them in the garden as I am forever watering!

16 Jun, 2020


A smashing selection of healthy plants.....

24 Aug, 2020


Thank you Dotty !

24 Aug, 2020

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