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The garden in October!


Well..looking at my garden, you would think it was still summer, so decided to show you it.
I will just put photos on instead of the usual long blog I tend to do!

Verbena Bonarensis

These are both Strawberry Hill climbers. So vigorous as it has reached the top of the arch in less than 2 years since I bought it online.

My favourite rose Bonica.

This is still going strong!

Osteospermum and Salvia.

Two more hanging baskets which I hope will finish soon so that I can plant up winter ones.



Alstromeria which was a present from my friend Libet who used to be on here.

Calendulas. No garden should be without these!

Bishop of Llanduff

Geranium Rozanne

Canary Island Foxglove and think this is Illumination Flame, but this is the third flush as it is usually a brighter colour.

I think this is another kind of Rudbeckia which is a perennial.

Perennial Rudbeckia

I have forgot the name of this shrub , but am sure one of you will know it!
Just a few of the front taken from in the house, so may not be very clear!

Take care everyone and keep safe!

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lovely photos and lots of flowers still doing their thing, is a blessing as the nights draw in. I love your blogs as they are so interesting.

21 Oct, 2020


It's all still looking lovely,Rose,and I didn't realise you have quite a big front garden too..All mine are still flowering well,although I have dug two Dahlia's out of a pot today,so I can plant some winter Pansies..They still had buds on,but I want to dry them off ,and hope to save them for next year..Still got a few pots which look too good to compost yet ! I also love your Rose',Bonica',it's a beauty:o).I keep meaning to get some Rudbeckia's,so I might need reminding ! lol .Hope you and Rick are staying safe too xxx

21 Oct, 2020


Thanks Seaburngirl. It is great to see flowers this time of year and hopefully will make the winter not feel quite as long !
Hello Sandra. You really ought to get Perennial rudbeckias for next year as they flower until the first frosts. It is a big garden in the front and would love to dig a circle out the middle but as its clay soil, don't know if I have got the energy to do more digging!

21 Oct, 2020


Good grief has autumn arrived at all in your garden? I can't believe the number of plants you have still flowering. Most of my garden has either died off or is rapidly getting there.

21 Oct, 2020


Thanks Julia, I thought you would know it as I remember one in your blogs. Living here on the east coast near to the sea means we don't get extreme weather or many frosts in winter unless it is a bad one!
Mind you, when the easterlies start, we know about it then!
Our plants often last until the first frosts here Waddy because of where we live. But this year, it has been quite mild and still is at the moment!

21 Oct, 2020


Its still looking lovely Rose, hopefully it still stays mild without any major storms so that we all get a little while longer enjoying the gardens,

21 Oct, 2020


I hope so Davey, thanks!

22 Oct, 2020


The summer colours in your garden look amazing and it all looks so fresh and new!
Bonica is still covered in beautiful flowers and your climbing Rose is a picture.
I was in too much of a hurry to empty my summer pots and should have left them for longer than I did!! That's me - impatient!!!
I hope it continues to have so much colour for you, no reason why it shouldn't !!!

22 Oct, 2020


Thanks Chris! I still have all my bulbs to put in but can't at the moment until everything dies back!
I hope you are well ! Take care Love Rose xxx

22 Oct, 2020


Your garden is still showing lots of nice summer colours Rose.
I agree with Meadowland the shrub you can't remember is Abelia.

22 Oct, 2020


Thanks Hywel and also thank you for the name of the shrub.

23 Oct, 2020


Rose, how lovely for you to still have so much colour in the garden in October. Clocks change tomorrow . . . although looking at your garden you could almost believe it's Summer . . . :o)

24 Oct, 2020


Well..apart from the rain and wind at the moment Shirley!
Thanks Homebird! I like the clour to last as long as possible and if I can't get my bulbs in, they will have to go in pots!

24 Oct, 2020


It's great to see so much colour still in your garden, Rose!

Your beautiful climbing rose 'Bonica' in a Spanish word that means "lovely, beautiful" & is used a lot in the town where my wife comes from in Spain! A very apt name for the rose as well!

27 Oct, 2020


Bonica is a shrub rose Balcony but it was interesting to know what that word meant. So I should tell my hubby to call me Bonica then! Hahaa!

28 Oct, 2020


That would be a very good idea, Rose! :D)

28 Oct, 2020


All looking good Rose and I do think the colour in the garden this year seems to be holding longer.

1 Nov, 2020


Yes it is Stroller and it will make the Autumn last longer too!

3 Nov, 2020

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