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For Anget!


I thought it was a really good idea of yours Anget! So I had a lovely time going through old and new pictures and chose a few of my favourites.
So what happened !!!
Every time I chose the picture number, which I checked to see if it had gone through ok, was a different picture altogether!
I have been messing about on here for an hour, which was an hour wasted as not one of the pictures were the ones I had chosen!
What is going on ! Is it goy?
Very frustrated !!

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Oh dear. Perhaps it's jinxed after all! Sorry you've not had success, Rose.

3 Feb, 2021


I've just posted some photos of OH bikes and they have gone on correctly. I wonder why you are having problems.

3 Feb, 2021


I shall have to take it in to my local computer shop and hope they can find out what is going on!

4 Feb, 2021


Oh how frustrating! To be honest I'm not happy with quite a few things on GoY recently, not least the change of site access.

8 Feb, 2021


I think now, Waddy that it may be my chrome book as I have gone in to my files , put the file number on , then checking it and a different photo comes up! I really can't understand it! What do you mean about the change of site access?

9 Feb, 2021


When I couldn't get the pictures to show, I was advised to change Microsoft Edge, which I did and all was fine for a while then it happened again and I was told to try Firefox, which I'm using now, but I don't understand why it had to change in the first place. If there was a problem why did Admin not advise us about it? I have to be honest, if it happens again I shall just close my account and stick to another social media site, which doesn't seem to be having any problems.

13 Feb, 2021


I agree with you Waddy, but would be sorry to lose this site! I hope everything stays ok with you now!

15 Feb, 2021

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