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A few more of the July border!


Just managed to get out in the garden before it rained again!
So I thought I would take more photos incase we had another repeat of the other day with torrential rain and hail stones!

My favourite hydrangea Annabel, although she does have to be staked !

A close up of Annabel!

Acchillea Gold Plate with Ammi Majus

This is the first time I have seen this penstomen in flower as it always seemed to get hidden in the borders so moved it to the front!

White penstomen for you Hywel! I didn’t realise I had got one until the other day! It was well hidden behind other flowers which I have since cut back.

Part of the fern corner!
And to finish off with a baby blackie who was not a bit bothered about me!

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Gosh, Rose, your 'Annabelle' heads are enormous. It looks a fabulous shrub. I like the dainty pink one in front of it. Funnily enough, we were discussing putting a 'Little Lime' hydrangea in front of our 'Annabelle'! I am envious of the fern corner. It looks like it has been there for years.How old is your garden? Am I right in thinking it is reasonably new?
Now, I must go off and search for my white penstemon - probably lost in all the chaos!

11 Jul, 2021


Your Annabelle is truly beautiful, Rose. Lovely big blooms.
Loving the mingle of planting too, very cottagey.
Your penstemon is gorgeous, what a glorious shade of pink with a strong white inner.
I love ferns too, your corner is lush! I’ve started a fernery underneath one of the acers/juniper tree area. Love it!
I do love the male blackbirds, this one is definitely chilling and soaking up the sunshine!

11 Jul, 2021


Yes Anget, we have been here 3 years this November and there wasn't much of a garden then!
I can't believe the size of the ferns as they have only been planted 2 years ago!
Thanks Kate! It was my hubby who wanted me to make a fern corner as he loves them and every time we go to a garden centre , we always come back with another one!
The little blackie is so cute, isn't he!

11 Jul, 2021


Goodness me Rose you do have some fantastic blooms in your garden. I can't believe how big some of them are. The penstemons are prolific.
Do you feed with anything in particular?

11 Jul, 2021


Wow, look at those Penstemons - aren't they gorgeous? I was pleased to learn that Annabel doesn't need pruning as much as the others do so the stems have time to get thicker and not flop over. Perhaps you have the newer version though, that is perported to be much stronger?

11 Jul, 2021


I'm glad you've got a white Penstemon, it looks lovely :)

12 Jul, 2021


A beautiful riot of colours,Rose,and I love them all,especially'Annabelle'.I've never grown a Hydrangea,as I am limited for space.Your penstemons are lovely too,and my established ones are just starting to flower,and I have some new ones , kindly gifted by Hywel,which are doing of them is a White one :o) .
I can't believe you and Rick have been there for three years now,and just look at the garden you have created already ? Amazing ! :o) x

12 Jul, 2021


Thanks Waddy! I never feed the borders apart from in the Spring!
Thank you Yorkslass. The Annabel is staked before it starts to get big. I didn't know there was a stronger one because if I didn't stake it well, it would flop.
Thanks Hywel! I don't know why I hadn't seen it before!
I can't believe it either Sandra! We were looking at pictures of the garden when we first moved here! Where did I get the energy from! Haha!

13 Jul, 2021


I love your Anabel Hydrangea. I just installed a Tuff Stuff Mountain Hydrangea in my own border today. Can hardly wait to see it bloom. They are so rewarding.

13 Jul, 2021


Thank yoooou Bathgate! I have never heard of that one!

15 Jul, 2021


It's a miniature lacecap hydrangea only growing to 4 feet. The buds won't freeze and it re blooms all summer.

16 Jul, 2021


Your garden really does pack a punch Rose its hard to believe its only 3yrs old, its definitely a garden to be proud of.

18 Jul, 2021


Thank you Stroller! I was looking at the pictures of how it was when we first moved here, and I can't believe it either! I don't think I could do all that work again!

19 Jul, 2021


Rose, like Stroller I can't believe you have been there for 3 years! Goodness me, how time flies! Your plants are looking so healthy - well done.

19 Jul, 2021


Yes it does Shirley, and forget that I am getting older too! lol

20 Jul, 2021


I think we are all still in our 40's in our heads!! :o)

21 Jul, 2021

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