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Front garden!


I thought it was about time I showed you the front garden! I have never really been satisfied with it as the lawn is awful and has more weeds than grass, so if I put Feed and Weed on it, it would be brown!
The gravel area to the side of the main borders had the roses in it when we moved here just over two and a half years ago, plus anemones! Lots of them!
I gradually dug out borders and put mostly perennials in. The shrubs were already there , but too big to dig out!
The path borders, I transplanted roses from other parts of the front which were hidden by an enormous Buddlea.
I then put lavender and also transplanted sedums which again were in the wrong part of the garden.
So now I am getting to be quite happy with it..well nearly!
So, here we go….

Not sure what this plant is and am hoping one of you may know! It just appeared one day!

Ligularia. Unfortunately I couldn’t take the photo at its best because of the rain!

The next part of the garden is the gravel area where three roses where already there. I thought it would be a good idea to plant a grass a couple of years ago, but didn’t realise how big it would grow!
As you can see, the anemones which are actually around the big cherry tree were already there and last year as they had taken over this border , I removed as many as I could, finding all kinds of plants there.
So…there they are AGAIN! They started coming into the gravel area too! I will be having another go this autumn to get rid of most of them. Unfortunately, the chap who lived here before us , cut back the cherry tree too hard and the plum tree in the back and used all the branches as a mulch! Very difficult to walk over!

So..does anyone want any anemones ! Feel free to come and dig them out!!

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I love your garden Rose1949.

9 Aug, 2021


lovely Rose. Your garden is so pretty.
I suspect your reddish leaved yellow flower is Lysimachia 'firecracker'.

9 Aug, 2021


I love the colours in your front garden as they are so gentle on the eye.
Your roses look lovely too.

9 Aug, 2021


Your front garden is very pretty with lots of lovely plants, they take the eye away from the lawn :)
Those Anemones are difficult to get rid of aren't they, I try to get rid of them but they keep coming back. I've got them in pots now so don't need them in the ground. I have a dwarf one in the garden and it is better behaved Ha !

9 Aug, 2021


Rose you have done wonders with your garden. Can you believe I planted Anemones in my old garden in the hope they would spread over an area I found difficult to cultivate...guess what? They failed to spread, typical. I love your roses. Good luck with improving the lawn...I've cheated this time and gone for faux grass, much easier.

10 Aug, 2021


Thank you Klahanie !
Thank you for the info Seaburn. I hadn't a clue what it was and the photo wasn't too clear either.
I have had this Ligularia for years Paul and couldn't leave it behind when we moved! Thank you for your comments.
Hello Chris! Thank you for saying that! I suppose I just love the colours of the back garden and don't pay a lot of attention to the front!
Oh well Waddy, if you ever want more , let me know and I will send you some with pleasure!
I am not even going to try improving that lawn as all the passers by will just see a big brown patch!

10 Aug, 2021


Your front garden looks lovely, it seems to thrive well in the bracing air of Cleethorpes. Love Marjorie

10 Aug, 2021


Your front garden is a real plant lovers garden. I love the planting around the path, makes it look very natural. I bet it stands out from most of the front gardens around you! Btw I can't grow anemones! If I lived a bit closer I'd take you up on your offer

11 Aug, 2021


As regards the anenomes I think they were pleased you gave them growing space, lol, I've had both white and pink for donkeys years but mine don't spread all that much, in fact my one and only pink one has taken many years to become good, you've done really well in the time since you moved in Rose, you have the magic touch...It all looks grand, a credit to you..xx

11 Aug, 2021


I bet the passers-by enjoy your front garden, Rose. Lots of pretty cottagey flowers.

11 Aug, 2021


Careful Rose I might take you up on that lol!

12 Aug, 2021


Thanks Marorie! It must do then! lol
Thank you Resinone! Most of the front gardens down here are gravel gardens with hardly any flowers. Such a shame!
Thank you so much Sue! What a lovely thing to say. I don't know why the anemones do so well here as they are totally ignored! But they just won't go away! Haha!
Thank you Anget! If I am out there a few people talk to me and compliment me on the garden, which is nice as we haven't lived here that long!
If I can get some of them up without damaging the roots , I could send you some Waddy. They are all coming up inbetween lots and lots of branches which were cut off the big cherry tree and plum tree by a man who lived here on his own and obviously didn't want to spend money on a skip! I will let you know !

14 Aug, 2021


Please don't worry Rose...I've been seduced and went to one of our local GC today and bought a white one. I really must stop buying plants....

15 Aug, 2021

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