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Hello my friends!


I am sorry I haven’t been around much lately but haven’t been too well , plus I now have arthritis in my neck as well as my hips, so is difficult when putting my head down to go on my laptop.
I have a new project to start in the front garden when I am feeling up to it. So watch this space!
Take care everyone and stay safe!
Best wishes Rose xxx

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Hi Rose sorry to hear you are not well hope you get some relief soon Denise xx

29 Oct, 2021


Poor Rose - sending you lots of sympathy! Can you put your laptop on a table and lift it with something so you don't have to bend your head? It would be such a shame to let it prevent you from looking at Goy.

29 Oct, 2021


Dear Rose I am sad to read that you are suffering at the moment. Arthritis does drag you down and I hope that you are being looked after by your doctor.
It is cruel that it stops you doing the things you really enjoy.
I hope that feel more like your old self very soon.

29 Oct, 2021


Oh dear sorry to read this,as arthritis is such an awful illness.My mum had it,and I know how painful it can be .I hope any medication you GP prescribes will be helpful for you,as it seems it can be relieved much better these days.
Re your laptop..I bought a padded tray,from Argos a few years ago,and it's similar to a padded tea tray,but made especially,to hold a laptop on your it slopes from back to front,and very comfy and lightweight It's brilliant, and I would be lost without it,as I didn't want a Computer unit, taking up space.It was only £9.99p .but I'm going back a few years now,so I'm not sure if they still sell them.It's certainly worth a try.I sit on a sofa,with a cushion behind my back when I want to look at anything, and I can look almost straight ahead sitting up straight without straining my neck. Hope this may help you Rose.. xx

30 Oct, 2021


Rose, I'm so sorry to hear you've been poorly.
It sounds like you've been suffering terribly with pain. I do hope you are getting the support you need from your GP surgery? Please look after yourself and make sure the GP is on the right track managing your pain and the other symptoms. Don't let them put you off with all the covid excuses re. appointments!
I do hope you also manage to get one of the trays Sandra mentioned!
Look forward to seeing your new project when you're feeling better and not in pain. Best wishes xx

30 Oct, 2021


Sorry to hear of your difficulties Rose, I hope you can get some relief for the pain. Cold weather doesn't help either does it, so take care and look after yourself :)

31 Oct, 2021


Thank you everyone for your caring messages. It means a lot to me!

1 Nov, 2021


So sorry to hear you're suffering the effects of arthritis. It's a b****r isn't it.?
Do take care and look after yourself xx

1 Nov, 2021


I hope things improve for you, Rose, and the GP will be able to help.

2 Nov, 2021


Thank you Julia ,Waddy and Anget for your best wishes!

3 Nov, 2021


Kate, I just wanted to say thank you once again and we are very lucky at our doctors as we always get in on the day we ring up!
A phone call first thing when surgery opens and then the doctor rings back to go to see him that day!
You may have seen by now on my last blog that I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica and was put on steroids straight away and now have no pain! Yay!
There are some worries but I will take it day by day! xxx
Forgot to mention, I have sorted how to sit with my laptop! On my sofa with my legs up , a cushion under my lap top and lift my knees slightly and it works!

3 Nov, 2021


I hadn't realised you have Poly' A fnend of ours has the very same and he seems to be suffering quite badly. I'm so glad you have been sorted out so quickly.

The position with your legs up on the sofa etc while you work on the lap top sounds perfect! I might try it myself :-))

4 Nov, 2021


Thanks Waddy! Yes it does work because the cushion raises my legs and don't have to look down!

4 Nov, 2021


So glad you managed to find a solution to having your laptop on your knee,Rose.. that sounds brilliant :o) and saved you a tenner too,or at least that's what my padded tray cost then ! Glad your 'poly' has eased too.Thanks for your PM,and and I will reply soon..take care,and love to Rick ,xx

8 Nov, 2021


Thanks Sandra! I wouldn't why I hadn't heard from you! xx

9 Nov, 2021


We were away last week,Rose,and enjoying a lovely few days in Exmouth.We only got back on Friday.we feel it did us both good,and recharged our batteries ! lol Sunny and warm too, November ! xx

9 Nov, 2021

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