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Pictures at last!


I reduced my camera right down to 5 m and my photos have gone through! Yay!
I hope this now continues for you all and we can happily stay on here!
The next thing I will try is photos on my blogs !
It would be such a shame to lose goy because if that happened, we would also lose touch with all the friends we have made on here!

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that's good news Rose

14 Feb, 2022


I've just uploaded some to my blog, but never had any previous problems, possibly because I've always reduced my file sizes for the web, a hangover from dial up internet and pay per minute, even waiting until after 7pm to do it because it was cheaper then

14 Feb, 2022


Sweet photos - congrats to all.

14 Feb, 2022


Thanks everyone! When my latest projects are finished, I am hoping I get the pictures on the blogs as well!

14 Feb, 2022


I haven't written a blog for a long time Rose so obviously haven't tried to post any photo's, that is because there is not really anything to write about without repeating myself at the moment, like you Goy is my favourite though and I would hate to lose it.. I do use FB and have done for many years now but I rarely post on the open pages, I tend to stick to groups, I feel safer that way, there are some really good gardening ones some of which friends from Goy also belong to , I'm FB friends with quite a lot of goy members so if it did fold I won't lose contact with everybody.

15 Feb, 2022


I am hoping Sue, that now pictures are able to go back on goy, that it will keep running!
I am only on facebook to get notifications from my daughter and grandaughters. They normally send photos through.
Which are the gardening ones as I have only tried one and it wasn't like goy at all where you made friends. But if the worst comes to the worst, then I would try another site.

15 Feb, 2022


My blog has lost its photos again :o(

16 Feb, 2022


I've just checked mine Seaburn, none of the recent blogs are showing photo's for me either, went back to my last ones and they are all okay...

16 Feb, 2022


Just checked my last one, the pictures have also vanished so seems common

17 Feb, 2022


My last one has also vanished! How strange is that when they appeared the first time Grandad gardener!

18 Feb, 2022


28 Feb. I can't put pics in either blogs or photos now. So

18 Feb, 2022

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