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Close ups of plants in the garden!


As the pictures seem to be staying on, I thought I would show you some of the plants that are doing really well now!

This is a “Cut leaf” Maple which we have had for about 8 years, but doesn’t seem to get any bigger! It has lovely Autumn colour too!

For those of you who may remember me planting the Canary Bird is now showing the first flowers.
I expect it will be much better next year as it is supposed to be a weeping one!

This little cherry tree I rescued from a very shady fern border!
Why would anyone plant it there! I was redoing this border to add more ferns a couple of years ago and found this little very pathetic tree.
So, I thought a friend of mine would say..“well, it’s got two chances!”
What did I have to lose! So I decided to move this little"stick" and here is the result. So pleased!

I thought I would show the Dicentra again, ( yes I know it has another name now, but will always know it as this) as it has done so well this spring.

My favourite Aquilegia which we have had since Willow Cottage!

And finally this crab apple tree which may be Sentinel! I always seem to lose the labels! Haha!
The blossom this year has been brilliant and has only been in the garden about 18 months!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these few pictures and keeping everything crossed that they don’t disappear!

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enjoyed seeing your lovely plants Rose. what a lovely cherry you have saved.

28 Apr, 2022


Thank you for the views of your pretty flowers. The white cherry is a little beauty so I'm glad it was saved.

28 Apr, 2022


The colour of your Crab Apple is gorgeous. Well done for revitalising that Maple.

28 Apr, 2022


Your garden is looking glorious, Rose! Can't choose a favourite, they are all beautiful.

29 Apr, 2022


All lovely Rose, the cherry tree is thanking you for giving it a better chance at life, I've lost my white Dicentra again, think I'm going to give up on that one, my pink one is miles behind yours, only just showing the start of its flowers....
Lovely photo's xx

29 Apr, 2022


Thank you Seaburn!
I couldn't wait to see the Canary Bird in flower Julia, but am a bit disappointed that it isn't weeping like it is supposed to be!
So am I Anget! I thought I had lost it as originally it just looked like a stick!
Thanks Siris, but it's the cherry tree that I saved!
Thank you Sue! I hope you are keeping well!
That was a good way of putting it Sue! I was amazed when I saw all the blossom this year!
I have never had much luck with white Dicentras either! They just seem weaker than the pink ones! xx

29 Apr, 2022


Rose, you have beautiful colour in your garden right now!!! Lots of very striking plants and trees. The canary bird has the most lovely yellow bowl shaped flowers when open! I’ll be keeping fingers crossed it takes on a weeping habit next year for you - although, I think it looks so attractive as it is!
Your pink crabapple is a very vibrant colour!! Very eye catching indeed!

29 Apr, 2022


Lovely plants, especially I especially like the yellow rose. I can’t seem to grow Dicentra, perhaps they like soil that’s rich & moist & I’m on sand :-(

1 May, 2022


Thanks Kate! I love trees as much as I do my plants and always seem to squeeze another one in! lol
Thank you Feverfew! It's strange you can't get the dicentra to grow!
Over the years our gardens have been sandy and here is clay , which is a challenge! I had dicentras in the gardens with sandy soil too!
So I don't really know why yours won't grow!

1 May, 2022


You have the most lovely blossoms out in your garden. That Canary Bird tree is so unusual, very attractive yellow flowers, I would love one.

1 May, 2022


Rose I love your aquilegia - what a beautiful mix of colours. A lot of aquilegias have gone now from our garden and I am not sure why. Your crab apple blossom is just gorgeous as is your very sweet cherry tree.
Every plant on here is a picture - all part of a lovely garden.

1 May, 2022


A riot of beautiful plants and colours,Rose. I love your Garden :o) ..I still call mine,Dicentra ,and previously,it was often referred to as 'Bleeding Heart ' ? I'm showing my age here ! Lol. I didn't have any luck with a White one either,and I moved my pink one to a more shaded area,and it's done much better. :o)
It's lovely to be able to see all the photo's again.Hope the problem has been fixed for good now. .:o) x

2 May, 2022


Thank you Homebird! I saw the Canary Bird at a RHS show years ago and vowed that I would get one, one day!
Thanks Chris! I have had the same aquilegia since Willow Cottage, but for the first time ever. I found a seedling! So pleased! xx
I can't believe how good the blossom is this year! Especially as they are still young trees! Maybe the warm February!
Thanks Sandra! I still call the dicentra "Bleeding Heart " too!
I have always planted them in the shade!
I hope you are right and the picture problem is now sorted out! x

2 May, 2022

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