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Come with me for a walk round my garden!


I am back on here now and feeling more positive!
So ..sit back, have a cuppa and enjoy the walk!
We will start at the back where the Rhodies are and then have a quick look at the veg area.

So, we will just have a look right down the main garden from the rose garden.
Not many in flower yet!

This one is Gertrude Jekyll. One of my favourites and a beautiful perfume.

And this is Just Joey!
Continuing on through the arch into the main garden, there is Zephrine Drouhen on the left, thornless and the perfume on a good day can be smelt all round the garden.

So , we will walk further on passing my favourite Aquilegia which has been with me since Willow Cottage!
Also on the right is the rose Graham Thomas which wants to climb, but am trying to keep it as a tall shrub!
The Solanum on the arbour seat has gone mad this year!

As we go further in the garden, there is the flower garden on the right and the little pond area on the left.

The Viburnham Mariseii is brilliant this year!

On the left pass this area is the shrub area where most of the Hydrangeas are, although not in flower yet!
There are self set Aquilegias there too!

I do love Aquelegias , but sometimes can take over!
Further into the shrub border is the Weigela which is also beautiful this year!

As you can see, there is another smaller flower border !
There is the Canary Isle Foxglove and two different Cistus.
One has variagated leaves and I do hope I have the name of this plant right!
There are many other plants which are not in flower yet.
One being the Alstromeria.

So..I think we should have a sit now and a rest!
Take care everyone and enjoy your garden!

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Rose you have done wonders yet again, I've followed your gardens through a number of years now, i'm always amazed at how quickly you have turned each of them around, using your magic touch on each one, you must spend as many hours outside as I do at times, I know that like myself it is you that does it all, the love and care shows, looks fantastic and you must also feel pleased with it and yourself, xx...

25 May, 2022


You must be very proud of your garden,Rose....that Aquilegia is stunning as all your plants are.
So good to see you back to normal and to read your garden news.

25 May, 2022


beautiful garden Rose , the rose garden looks superb and lawn looks lush . Also loving the cistus , mine not flowering yet but one of my favourite plants

25 May, 2022


Thanks Sue! I am afraid I don't spend as much time in the garden as I used to due to my poly myalgia!
That was a shock to the system, I can tell you!
It was lucky that I got it all done before I got it and is easy now! Says she!! Haha!
Thanks Julia! Yes I am!
I missed being in the garden and hope Rick continues to improve!
Thank you Paul! I don't do much with the lawn. Just cut it when it's needed to be done!

25 May, 2022


I have enjoyed the journey around your garden, your garden looks wonderful, well designed, interesting plants, it looks quite big. I am sorry to hear you have not been well, and hope you can enjoy the results of your previous green labours in the future.

25 May, 2022


Stunning garden Rose,and so full of interest. Found it hard to pick any favourites as its all lovely. Who's the little man under the bay window?

25 May, 2022


Have you been in this garden for very long, Rose? It's a really cottagey picture - you obviously have green fingers! Thank you for showing us round.
I hope things are returning back to normal now, and glad to see you back!

26 May, 2022


what a lovely garden Rose. Your roses are so much further on than mine. Very inspirational.
thank you for sharing.

26 May, 2022


Rose, your planting is to be admired, there are so many different varieties, forms and colours. It really is a credit to you ... take time to sit and enjoy it when you can ... :o)

26 May, 2022


Rose I'm so sorry, I knew you had been unwell but didn't know why, thats a horrible hidden illness, daughters best friend has suffered with it for years so know how badly it can affect you, also that it can just suddenly flare up, now is definitely the time for you to slow down and only do a bit at a time, listen to your body and me, last one that should be preaching I know, LOL..XX

26 May, 2022


Rose, your roses look beautiful! Your aquilegia is a wonder - hoping my ‘first one’ I bought this year is as floriferous as yours! You’ve such an abundance of colour and blooms throughout your garden. You certainly have an eye for filling every space perfectly! Planting style to be admired! I do hope your feeling a bit better at the moment? Enjoying all your hard work in the garden!

26 May, 2022


Thank you Siris! I appreciate that!
The only downside for me with my poly myalgia is not being able to do as much in the garden!
Thanks Sue! ( Stera), Well..I suppose that would have to be Rick! Haha!
Thanks Anget! We have been here 3 and a half years now and was so fit and healthy then!
I changed the whole garden , which was mainly just grass into what it is now and really enjoyed doing it!
Thank you Seaburn! The roses are in the sun most of the day, so maybe that is why they flower early!
Thank you Shirley! I have to sit more than I really want to now because of my problems!
Thanks Sue! I do try to listen to my body and only do what I can, but am like you and sometimes just get on with it!
So..I will if you will!! Haha!
Thanks Kate! THe pain comes and goes and am getting used to it now!

27 May, 2022


Fabulous garden Rose. It seems to be quite large & so full of lovely plants.

27 May, 2022


You've done wonders in a very short period! It doesn't look like a 'young' garden at all. Smashing!

27 May, 2022


Rose, I feel your frustration with your health as I'm more or less in the same situation. I have always gardened without help and find it so strange now to have to pace myself ... think positive though as we can at least still do some ... even if it's really slow! :o))

27 May, 2022


Rose I can echo all the above comments. Your garden is just stunning and what you have achieved with it is remarkable.
It is all so well designed and you have so many beautiful plants in it. Love your roses and your Weigela looks wonderful.
I don’t know how you do it Rose but it is a massive achievement.

27 May, 2022


Thank you Feverfew! I just can't resist buying more plants and always manage to fit them in! lol
Thanks once again Anget! That means a lot to me!
Thanks Shirley and will send you a pm. x
Thank you so much Chris!
I love my roses and it seems strange now to think I had 66 roses at Willow Cottage!
I just don't think I can fit anymore in ! xxx

28 May, 2022

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