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I switched on my chrome book this morning to put in more photos from my camera and my files have disappeared and all my photos!
Do any of you know what has happened and how to get them back!
Definitely panicking now!

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Hi Rose,
I clicked on your photos section on your profile and the photos are there. The last one was of your rose garden on 8th June.

So I am not sure why you cant find them.

30 Jun, 2022


Rose, it seems to be 3 x photos on the 14 Feb, after that I can see all pics. I and other members lost pics around that date. Gou was having issues then.

30 Jun, 2022


Only three missing for me as well Rose, unfortunately one was baby Maya, now according to my comment it had disappeared when we were all losing them and then reappeared, so possibly it will return, thankfully all seems to be well at the moment, that was a horrible time and we were beginning to panic thinking our goy was on its last legs, even joined some new groups but just cannot get the hang of them, although I do look in...

1 Jul, 2022

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