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The garden in July!


I know it has been such extreme weather this month, but a lot of my plants have survived, mainly as the big plum tree was so laden with plums which made the branches nearly reach the ground and put the bottom half of the garden in the shade.
Many of you will be quite cross with me as I do water my main garden borders and big pots with the hose!
But I have spent such a lot of time , energy and money on the gardens that it will be worth the extra cost on the water bill.
Although my water butt was empty, I cannot lift a watering can at the moment because of my fall, so can be forgiven for using the hose!
So..this is the garden as it is now!
Unfortunately the big front garden has suffered and even lost a Berberis as I just couldn’t carry a can round it.

Some of the flowers did get burnt on this hydrangea , but ended up cutting them off.
I made the mistake when we first came here by planting it in full sun!

As you can see, this part of the garden is now shaded.

Crocosmia doing well and is coping with the heat!

Achillea Gold Plate which is quite happy in the dry hot weather and don’t have to water it much either.

My raised bed with dwarf and large dahlias , plus Rudbeckias.

This is looking down towards the back area which is mainly pots. It goes right around the corner where my veg area and greenhouse is.

The Agapanthus have been lovely again this year and the bonus is that they don’t need watering much!
I have had these since Willow Cottage where I found three hidden near the house wall.
Over the years they have doubled up until eventually after splitting huge clumps, ending up with all of these which are both sides of the blue gate.
I have got plans to change part of the front garden where the border is facing south.
I have now got a list of plants which will be happy in the hot and dry weather , but are still winter hardy.
Hopefully by the autumn, I will be able to do this!
Take care everyone and don’t despair as once we get the well needed rain, the gardens will come back to life!

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It’s all looking wonderful, Rose! Your hydrangea looks blousy and colourful at best! Your shaded area looks like the heat didn’t have any adverse effects, thankfully…grass looking green and healthy too.
I think you’re perseverance despite your fall has paid off! Plus, needs must - it’s been so difficult for you to water because of your fall/injury. Everyone has different notions on watering, planting etc…you do what is right for you at the time!
To be honest, our grass had quite a bit of hosing when OH was doing the patio - some dust/ powder stuff/concrete or the like ended up on the grass and he’d use the hose while he was cleaning the new pavers. Our 2 buts were virtually empty. However 2 days of drizzle and they’ve filled up nicely. I did use the bits when I watered the pots, but Rose, I’ve not many pots at all, so I was lucky!
Your blooms are all looking colourful and standing to attention, plus the agapanthus is a beauty!
Looking forward to seeing your front garden plans come to life! 😊

31 Jul, 2022


Thanks Kate!
We have had rain on and off most of the day so my big water butt is now full! Although I still can't walk far with a can in one hand and a stick in the other!
As for the front..well, the grass is totally brown and there will be a lot of plants to come out before new ones go in.
Not sure where I will put the spare plants though!
I love the Agapanthus and over the years have accumalated quite a few by splitting them.
The best thing is that they look after themselves!

31 Jul, 2022


If we are going to have these extra dry conditions every year perhaps extra mulching will be the way.I have noticed there is still damp soil under the plants I have treated.
Here I couldn't use the hose ,the area is too large...waste water is such a good idea.
My Acers are a priority because they have particular fond memories and so expensive to replace.
Perennials are so appealing we just seem to fall for them.

1 Aug, 2022


What a wonderful display! One of my big fails is the hydrangea. I can get them to grow big and bushy but they never go into bloom. I’ve tried adjusting the fertilizer to induce flowering, adding epsom salt to the soil to get into an acidic ph range, even cutting them down to ground level to get a fresh start next season. Nothing works. Yet my neighbors have ones of different varieties in different locations and sun exposures and get beautiful blooms. Sorry... long story short, I envy you.

1 Aug, 2022


Thank you Loosestrife2.
I can't imagine why you could never grow hydrangeas!
Maybe you are too kind to them!
I have never done much to mine apart from the very occasional sea weed plant tonic.
Thats all they need at the beginning of the season, unless the leaves start to go yellow.
I have grown them in all kinds of soil including here where it is clay!
When we moved here nearly 4 years ago, I had only ever had sandy soil or a good working medium soil , so after landscaping and creating the borders , I added a lot of compost. The one I use is called Jack'sMagic.
I haven't added anything since!
They do like to be watered regularly though.
The worst thing you can do for hydrangeas is to cut the spent flower heads off before March or April as the seed heads protect new growth.
Cutting down to ground level is the worst thing you could do!
I hope this helps!

1 Aug, 2022


It does and thank you very much!

1 Aug, 2022


I only top up my fish pond with the hose, unfortunately we have a hosepipe ban from this friday, my 5 water butts of rain water wont last long keeping my fish happy.

1 Aug, 2022


That bed is lovely! It doesn't seem long since you were making it and now its looks as if its been there for years!

1 Aug, 2022


You are very welcome Loosestrife and hope you get success with them next year!

I have gravel over all my borders now Julia as the fox kept digging huge holes everywhere and one year almost dug my Ceaonothis up which is as big as a small tree now, so I suppose this could also act as a mulch!

We had a full night and part of the day with rain the other night Siris and now my water butt is full!
I only have room for one unfortunately!

Thanks Sue! I can't believe how everything has established so quickly!

2 Aug, 2022


Your garden has coped amazingly well with the hot, dry weather Rose and you have done well to keep everything going. I do love agapanthus - they grow wild on the Isles of Scilly and we have brought them back over the years but they don’t do all that well in our garden. Your hydrangea looks beautiful - they do need a lot of water don’t they? We have only had drizzly rain so far so the water butts are not filling up much at all. Just need a downpour now!!

2 Aug, 2022


Thanks Chris! I love Agapanthus too and sorry you can't grow them in your garden!
I wonder why!
We have had almost 24 hours of rain now!
Thank goodness!
The hydrangeas will be happy! xx

2 Aug, 2022

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