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Picture problems still!


So..after a few weeks of trying to sort the problem out, I am going to take the chrome book into my computer repair shop.
They are so busy at the moment as theirs is the only one open now and have quite a lot of computers waiting to be repaired.
It is a strange problem as it was ok before our holiday and when we came home, the problem appeared!
I can put my memory card in and eventually the photos will appear in my files bit won’t"send" anywhere!
Very frustrating as I can’t put my pictures on goy now and it’s not the same doing a blog without pictures.
So..I don’t know when I will be back on here!
Take care everyone as it seems covid is back again!

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Rose, perhaps somebody on here who is a lot more techie minded than me could help resolve this problem for you. I hope you get it sorted soon.

8 Oct, 2022


I'm wondering 🤔 the same.I'm sorry Rose I can't give you any isn't the same writing a blog without photos...hopefully things will resolve themselves.

8 Oct, 2022


Oh dear I'm sorry I cannot help you, not good with the teccie stuff myself, when my laptop had a nasty accident we looked online and found a local man who works from home, retired ex raf chappie, lot cheaper than taking into a shop, also quicker, mine was fixed and back within the week even though he had to send for a new part for us, might be worth looking into Rose..

9 Oct, 2022


Well can't give this one a like! You seem to have been struggling with it for so long - lets hope your techie can sort it out for you.

10 Oct, 2022


Thanks Shirley, Julia, Lincs. and Stera.
I have at last got the picture problem sorted out!
So I will be able to do pictures with blogs once more!

12 Oct, 2022


Hooray ... looking forward to seeing your lovely garden in full Technicolour once more!!

12 Oct, 2022


That is good Rose, the last thing one wants is for us to not be able to post during the winter, its what helps keep me going when I can't be outside xx

12 Oct, 2022


Same here Sue!
Thanks Shirley!

12 Oct, 2022


Well done are on board again!

12 Oct, 2022


Thanks Julia!

15 Oct, 2022

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