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The garden just waking up!


I thought I would take a leaf out of Shirley’s book and have a walk round the gardens.
I was surprised to see how much is showing now!

This viburnham looks quite healthy !

I hadn’t been in the front garden for a while and was pleased to see the Hellebores!
I have so much to sort out in this part of the garden!
It eventually will be a woodland area and should have finished it last year, but an accident and poly myalgia rheumatic stopped me.
I bought a huge sack of bark which is still in the garage!
New years resolution is to get this area finished!
Well..that’s the plan! lol

Just a glimpse of a few snowdrops!

Miniature daffs just surfacing!
I think the squirrel is looking after them! Haha!


This large Pieris is doing well too!

This Rhody has lots of buds this year.

Unfortunately this Rhody has been eaten but shouldn’t affect this years flowers.
I walked all the way from front to back, although still very cold, I am pleased I did!
I can’t wait to get started!
Take care everyone and stay warm!

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lovely little treats Rose , love that squirrel too. Also done barked garden , loved woodland areas , very natural and peaceful

20 Jan, 2023


Have you moved near the equator Rose lol Your garden is lovely.
Mine is covered in ice and I think everything is dead.

20 Jan, 2023


same here Hywel - sick of the frost , 2 free days and cannot do anything all frozen solid

20 Jan, 2023


It's always a joy to see things waking up, Rose. Our flowering honeysuckle was the only shrub showing signs of life, now the frost as got all the little blooms. Sorry, bees.

21 Jan, 2023


Lovely to see your garden coming to life Rose.

21 Jan, 2023


You had a bad year Rose but it has not affected your garden, okay some jobs didn't get done but I know from experience that although it bothers us when we're unable to do some things, our gardens can actually cope without us, we just like to think they can't, lol...Its a good feeling to see the flowers appearing in our gardens, I enjoyed my wander around with you...xx

21 Jan, 2023


I enjoyed our winter walk around your lovely garden, Rose. Your hellebores are looking so attractive too, I've only one in bloom currently. It feels like your garden has jumped to the next season already! I've some snowdrops in bud, only only has flowered! I seem to have one of many, but, hopefully see more open from bud soon!
No sign of any aconites popping through the soil yet. It's my first time trying aconites. My garden looks miserable...the frost has definitely wizened a few things here and there...roll on February and into Springtime.

21 Jan, 2023


Rose that viburnum is covered in flowers - are they scented? Your hellebores look so lovely and are also full of flowers. Like Kate, ours are a bit half hearted at the moment and nowhere near as nice as they were last year. Your dear little snowdrops are so sweet and such a joy to see.
The jobs WILL get done on all those springlike days that lie ahead of us.

21 Jan, 2023


Thanks Paulmaria and Hywel.
I think it's because we are right on the coast Hywel, that we miss all of the worst weather. Plus it is quite sheltered in the main garden.
Yes it is Ange and I am sure you will start to see more life in your garden soon.
Thank you Siris.
Thanks Sue! ( Lincs.)
You are so right about thinking the garden can't cope without me!
I hope you are much better now!
I agree Kate, spring can't come soon enough for me!
I am glad you enjoyed your little walk! I think us gardeners don't have a lot of patience, do we, when we are waiting for the better weather.'s not scented Chris, such a shame!
But the Sarcococca has a lovely perfume.
You are so right, the jobs will get done!! It was nice in the early part of winter enjoying being inside and reading which I love to do, but now I am itching to get outside! xx

21 Jan, 2023

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