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Has anyone had problems answering blogs ?
I pressed “send” on a blog and it took over 10 minutes to go through.
I decided to press send again as I was getting impatient and quite a while later 2 went through!
I then clicked on edit…needless to say I had to wait again!
When I finally got through to edit, both of them disappeared and had to start all over again!!
So maddening!!!
Needless to say, I may as well have a cuppa while I am waiting for this to go through! lol

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I've been having trouble logging on at all. I keep getting a message saying 'Bad Gateway'
I reported it to Dave (Shedman) but then the problem disappeared, but now it has come back again.
When I logged in just now (it's the middle of the night, almost 2.30 a.m.) it worked straight away but I don't know how long this message will take to get sent. We shall see soon :D

21 Sep, 2023


And it went on in about 5 seconds !
Has the problem disappeared ? It did about a week ago but then came back.
Now the site seems to be working fine again.

By the way your blog is there three times rose.

21 Sep, 2023


Thanks Hywel! How ridiculous is that! I was exactly the same yesterday and once last week saying " Bad gateway"!
It took ten minutes to get through then I had to log in. When I logged in, it said I was already logged in!

21 Sep, 2023


i had problems from yesterday not getting onto the site, then not being able to post answers. Seems to have recovered as this time got in straight away and response loaded quickly.

21 Sep, 2023


Rose, all seems to be working well now, long may it continue to do so!

22 Sep, 2023

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