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Photos found at last!!


After quite a number of weeks, I have finally got my chrome book sorted out so that I can now put flowers on.
These are all what are still in flower now, but after todays heavy rain and really strong winds, I am not sure how much longer they will last.

Physostegia Virginia “White crown of snow”
This has continually flowered all summer.

One of my favourite plants, the Alsromerias and are still flowering!
I will have to move it further back when it eventually stops flowering as it towers over some of the others!
When I planned my border early spring, I was so pleased with myself as they were all in the right place but didn’t always turn out as I had planned.
My garden plants seem to have a mind of their own! lol

This was one mistake as the phlox was supposed to be white! I don’t know about you, but orange, yellow and purple just don’t go with pink!
So this is going to be moved to another part of the garden.
I have also dug up my huge Achillea " Gold Plate" and the Crocosmia is the next to go as they just towered over all the border and have to find another place for them too!
Not sure where yet!

These are not the same as yours Julia , but can’t believe how they have grown this time!

A few of my roses are still flowering.

One of my favourites is the Bonica.

This was always Rick’s favourite, Graham Thomas.

Do any of you know why my passion flower doesn’t come out in full flower? Just the bottom cup only.
This is just one a a few that has flowered.

The first time I have grown the Canna and am quite pleased with it, although the snails also seem to love it!
I hope you have all enjoyed the little tour round my garden.
Keep dry and warm!

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You have such a lot of lovely colour, Rose. I find placing plants a real challenge and mostly get it wrong with sizes etc. and it's not helped when the plants are mislabelled! That seems to have happened a lot in this garden, so annoying. Good luck with finding places for your 'rogues'.

20 Oct, 2023


beautiful garden and very inspiring flowers . The weather has been much warmer than usual - only a couple of cold nights . looks like a june Garden

20 Oct, 2023


well worth the wait to see your photos. the garden is looking great.

20 Oct, 2023


Great to see so much colour Rose!

21 Oct, 2023


Thanks Ange, I will find a place eventually as I am not like you and have to keep them! lol
Thanks Paul. After yesterdays torrential rain and severe gails, they are all still standing this morning!
Thank you Seaburn.
Thanks Julia. I just hope the photos will continue to transfer from my camera into my chrome book.
It's amazing how plants seem to withstand all weathers and just shrug it off and keep flowering.
Thank you Sheila.

21 Oct, 2023


Lovely bright blog Rose. Really enjoyed the tour of your garden:-)

21 Oct, 2023


Thank you Feverfew.

21 Oct, 2023


I'm pleased you've got your photos sorted, nice to see them. You're doing the same as me - moving things around. You think they're in the right place but when they grow you find they are not.

21 Oct, 2023


Lots of lovely colour still in your very pretty garden Rose. Your alstroemerias look so attractive and I love your Canna which is a big success. I was less successful when I tried to grow them!!
Thanks Rose.

21 Oct, 2023


Thanks Hywel! You would think I would know by now after all the years of gardening!
Thanks Chris. The Canna was a second try as I put it in the flower garden one year meaning to keep it watered and forgot.
It is now in the bog garden with the tall Lobelia which always likes to be kept moist . xxx

22 Oct, 2023


Your garden is still looking so colourful, such a variety of blooms too. It feel like you're still in late summer, Rose.
I've not much left in flower at all.
Alstromeria always remind me of a dear couple I knew several years ago. They had some wonderful plants and inspired me so much.
You've such pretty roses too, all looking abundantly blooming!
Congratulations on the canna, it looks a striking colour!

22 Oct, 2023


Well done for sorting your photos, Rose, and it's lovely to see just how much colour you still have to admire in the garden. Did I tell you that I now have 3 Alstroemeria plants, they are still small and in pots so I think I shall not plant them out until the Spring in case the slugs and snails devour them!

22 Oct, 2023


Thanks Kate. It's amazing how plants just go on and on despite what the weather throws at them!
I am pleased you got the Alstromerias Shirley.
Good idea keeping them in pots incase there are any severe frosts too.
My alstromerias have never been eaten at all.
Good luck with them.

23 Oct, 2023


Thanks Rose, I shall move the potted plants, those new Alstroemerias, my Hostas, cuttings of Salvias etc. to the shelter of the vine soon. Should the weather turn really cold and frosty some can go in the unheated greenhouse.

23 Oct, 2023


I'm so pleased you managed to sort your chrome book out Rose, that sounds like a real pain to me. You've some beauties still flowering in your garden especially the roses. Apart from Compassion, mine have finished now, even Graham Thomas.
I do love the red Hydrangea, I bet the blooms last well into winter Rose.
I don't know why your passionflower is doing that. Where have you got it growing? It's not insects do you think?
That Canna is a stunning colour, no wonder you're pleased with it, you busy bee..:))

23 Oct, 2023


Thanks Janey! I don't know why the passion flower is doing that and it is growing from a pot across the trellis of my raised bed. It's definitely not insects as the buds open like this. I thought at first it was not getting enough sun but the top of the trellis gets the sun and a lot of them are at the top.
A mystery!
The flower of Graham Thomas is the last one! One lonely flower!

24 Oct, 2023


Still plenty of colour in the garden Rose looking nice, I also like alstroemeria's, I have a few variety's but the longest flowering one is always indian summer the same as yours, I have split the clump a few times and ended up with more plants. Already moved my crocosmia, split them down a bit and gave my daughter some of the corms as like you they were overtaking the other bits of the garden, think they are one of the few plants the snails don't like. Next job is to cut back the roses but make sure I have a few plasters ready cos I always bleed the moment I go near them :) :)

25 Oct, 2023


Thanks Davey, I had to smile when you said about the roses!
I have that battle with them everytime I dead head them.
The last time, the thorns attached themselves to my arm and couldn't get free for quite a while, so ended up bruised and bleeding.
I wouldn't mind but I have thick long gloves which go up my arm, but the roses found the rest of my arm to attach themselves too! lol
I hope you are coping a bit better now!
It doesn't get any easier , does it and not looking forward to Christmas!

26 Oct, 2023


Thanks Rose, three months now and still so strange without Kim around, put her ashes at her favourite place in the woods where take the dog for a walk, go and have a chat with her every day, quite lucky it is of the beaten track otherwise there might be reports of a strange man talking to himself in the local woods :) :), likewise as with you not looking forward to christmas, told the girls that they are welcome to come around for Christmas dinner as I really don't want to be around big extended family groups this year, think just want to see this year out and look forward hopefully to next spring

26 Oct, 2023


I have half of Rick's ashes in an urn in my bedroom and the other half went out to see as being a retired fisherman, he loved the sea.
I also have pictures of him and both of us round the house and often talk to him especially if I am going to watch something I know he would like.
Perhaps this happens to us all! It just feels so natural to talk to him so I wouldn't worry about anyone hearing you!

27 Oct, 2023

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